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Dog Barf Diet And Raw Food Information Including Holistic Pet Health Care
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Raw Food & Holistic Health
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Save Up To 50% At PetCareRx
Raw 4 Dogs: Bravo Blend Raw Dog Food (Florida Delivery)
USDA Human Grade, Inspected & Approved variety raw blends that are delivered in Florida in pre-packaged, pre-ground mixes. You name the meat you want to feed your dogs, and they probably have it for you as pet food already prepared fresh and ready for delivery. Buffalo, Venison, Rabbit, Duck & Pork Bones. Also, Ostrich & Kangaroo. YUM DOGGY!
Serving Miami/Dade Boca Raton Martin County Palm Beach County Naples. Florida

San Francisco Raw Feeders For Dog Owners
"If you live in or near the city of San Francisco, feed raw foods to your pets, & would like to purchase high quality meat ingredients at near wholesale prices, please join us! It´s easy to become a member. Every month we purchase a wide variety of human-grade, antibiotic/hormone-free, grass-fed/pastured meat, bones, pastured eggs for our members.
San Francisco Bay Area. California

Pet Medicine Chest For Canines
A phenomenal company in American that creates herbal medicine, natural vitamins & minerals & food for pets that emphasis holistic remedies to problems & diseases dogs commonly face. I buy my dog products here and have enjoyed them all! Before you buy their dog health remedies, you can read all the great articles & free email newsletters they offer.
Worldwide Delivery. California

TimberWolf Organics: Pet Foods The Way Nature Intended
Many people who take a serious interest in pet nutrition have made a decision to feed their dogs a diet that their genes dictate they truly require, that of a carnivore. Timberwolf Organics´ WILD AND NATURAL™ formulas closely approximates the diet of a wolf & delivers a complete nutrient profile for your dog. It makes the perfect Wolf Dog Food™.
Nationwide. Florida

Steve´s Real Food For Pets: Frozen & Freeze Dried Pet Foods
"We are the First & #1 selling raw dog & cat food in the USA! We do not make kibble or canned foods; we are dedicated to and truly believe in natural raw whole food nutrition. The natural diet of dogs and cats is raw foods." They have some real good looking pet foods with all natural ingredients. Frozen Chicken & Salmon for canines & alot more raw.
Nationwide. Oregon

Jane Anderson´s Raw Food For Dogs Learning Site
"Top breeders, caring owners, & educated vets are getting back to feeding basics for dogs. There´s undeniable proof that commercial dog diets have caused serious damage to dogs around the world. While many people always knew that it was common sense to feed a natural diet to their dogs, a major re-education trend continues towards raw food."

Oma´s Pride® -- A Complete Line Of Pre-prepared Raw Food
Perfect for both dogs and cats. Miller Foods Inc. brings you Oma´s Pride® -- a complete line of pre-prepared raw food products made expressly for those feeding raw diets to their pets. With our fresh-frozen ground meat/bone products, you provide the love, while we provide: human grade 100% USDA inspected and APPROVED meat, bone and organ meats.
Nationwide. Connecticut

Aunt Jeni´s Bones Anf Raw Feeding Pictorial Page
OK, so why are we back here at Aunt Jeni´s website again? Cuz, she has a great page that shows some of the home foods she has creatively wipped together for her dogs. She gives you some good ideas to make feeding your canine carnivores fun and delicious for your furry 4 legged friends.

BONSAH: Billinghurst Optimal Nutrition For Animal Health
"The mission of BONSAH is to promote the adoption of healthy feeding practices for our companion animals. BONSAH promotes evolutionary nutrition as the gold standard diet for any animal. BONSAH offers qualified help and education for those feeding a raw diet to their companion animals, as well as those interested in beginning to do so."

Yahoo Groups Forum: Northern CA BARF Feeding
"Northern CA Bunch of Area Raw Feeders(B.A.R.F.). This group is a resource for those in the areas surrounding Redding, CA who are interested in feeding the BARF diet. Members may join by invitation only. At this time this will be a listing of resources for purchasing the raw ingredients. We may evolve into a co-op if there is enough interest."
Northern Ca.. California

Barf World, Inc. Find A Dog Raw Food Distributor
I should have had this resource link at page top. OK, if you need to locate a Southern California bones and raw feeding pickup and or delivery location, check on this page. It also has a USA locator as well. BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food & also stands for Bones And Raw Food.
Southern Ca. California

Dogs & Cats: Holistic Veterinary & Optimum Pet Nutrition
Just a massive website dedicated to maintaining and improving your pets health through natural, holistic means. Shirley also includes many articles and dog products that would be considered Alternative Therapies & Healing in Veterinary Medicine. Learn about optimum diets for dogs, Alternative cancer therapy for animals & Canine Dental Hygiene +.

PMK Organics: Healthy Foods For Dogs And Cats
"The Key to nutrition for healthy, happy cats & dogs is raw food. PMK is devoted to giving you the information, products & services necessary for feeding your carnivores the way Mother Nature designed." Pat has some real good and insightful nutrition experience and advice for all us dog lovers. Start here to learn more about dog diets & nutrition.

Raw, Organic Food For Healthier Dogs & Cats. BARF Pet Food
"NDN was created to provide products & services that help provide companion animals with a varied diet consistent with their biological need for fresh wholesome food. NDN uses 100% USDA inspected meats, 100% certified organic vegetables & 100% FDA inspected fish. Foods are made with fresh organic vegetables & hormone-free grade A meats. Go RAW.
North Carolina

Natural Rearing And Alternative, Holistic Health For Dogs
This is a comprehensive natural product listing of herbal, homeopathic, glandular, Bach flower remedies, books, and supplements utilized by for caring animal owners in the health maintenance of their dogs & cats. They sell for pets: Fading Puppy Remedy, Tridex Homeopathic Remedies, Homepathic and Herbal Remedies.

The Tooth Fairy: "Anesthesia-Free" Teeth Cleaning For Pets
"Dogs or cats, we take extra care in removing tartar and plaque, then polish their teeth to make them shine. We use only natural products. Massage and music calm your pet while their teeth are made to be kissably clean." Good testimonials page.
Los Angeles LA. California

Visit the Whole Dog Store
Your Source For All Ways Natural Pet Products ... Wholesome Alternatives for your Pet"s Lifestyle and Fancy! Dog food/Pet food brands they market that are natural include: HealtyPetNet´s Life´s Abundance Foods, The Honest Kitchen Foods, Oma´a Pride Freeze Dried Raw Food, Wysong Organic Dog Foods Foods, & Doggie Delicacies Treats & Cookies.

Pet Tasties Gourmet Pet Dining - The Healthy Choice
A 4-star Pet Restaurant serving 5-star Pet Tasties Healthy Gourmet Meals for Dogs & Cats. Meals are avaialble in Orlando, Toronto, New York! The Pet Tasties gourmet meals are a must for your area as seen on CNN, CBS & soon on Montel & Ambush Makeover. The doggie diner has TV at dog level, basket of toys & chilled bottled water is a "Must See".
Fulton. Georgia

Always Healthy People And Pets Health Tips
We focus on nutrition, safety and emotional wellness. We post warnings on products that can harm dogs and puppies. Natural, holistic, alternative medicines like herbs and homeopathy save money and eliminate stressful vet visits. Basic keys to vitality and long life work for dogs, cats, birds, horses and ALL animals.
Searcy. Arkansas

Canine Acupressure Massage Certification
Nationionwide Animal Acupressure Massage certification. Basic Dog Massage DVD and Canine Acupressure Book. Easy to follow. Your dog will thank you! Denver, CO. Canine and Equine Massage appointments. Dogma Inc.
Denver. Colorado

A Holistic Approach to Relationship-based Training
A Minneapolis area private dog and puppy trainer specializing in enhancing your relationship with your dog using TTouch and other positive reinforcement methods. We also offer pre-puppy consultation.
Minneapolis. Minnesota

Dog Food From Life´s Abundance
Premium, all-natural dog food & supplements formulated by holistic veternarian Dr. Jane Bicks. Premium Health Food for Dogs that feature All natural, high antioxidant food with chicken meal & 2 additional high quality animal proteins plus carrots, apples & more. NO By-products, NO Corn, Wheat or Dairy, NO Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors +.
Kauai. Hawaii

Simi Valley: Chiropractic Care For Dogs In LA & Ventura
"Yes, animals need chiropractic too! Since 1996, Dr. Derr has worked with dogs/horses using manual techniques & in 1990 was trained in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (V.O.M.). V.O.M. allows pet owners to see where the misalignments are, actually watch the healing process, and ultimately give their pet the chance to live a more enjoyable life."
Simi Valley LA/Ventura Area. California

Orange County Mobile Pet Food Delivery (Excellent)
Highly recommended folks. They have some 30 plus brands of dogs foods, cat litter & cat supplies. What makes me bonkers about Furry Foods Orange County Pet Foods Home Delivery Service is the many top quality MEAT brands they have selected to distribute. "Over 20 years of experience feeding MEAT diets in zoos, circuses, wildlife & greyhound parks."
Orange County. California

Premium Dog Food By Life´s Abundance
Premium dog food formulated by a holistic veterinarian using all natural quality ingredients. No by-products, corn, wheat or artificial anything. The chicken is from selected quality chicken meal derived from human-grade processing plants. Minerals are chelated for maximum absorption & probiotics & beet pulp included for a healthy digestive tract.
US. New Jersey

Whole Herbs Superstore
Whole Herbs featuring Herbs for Pets by Animal Essentials, the Animal Apawthecary! At discounted prices! And much for the the Pet owners too!

The Pet Food Wagon
Free Home Delivery of Nature´s Vareity, Eagle Pack, Precise, and Solid Gold in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area.

Old Mother Hubbard
Leading Manufacturers of pet food, Specializing in baked dog biscuits and, and the Wellness® brand of dog foods, gourmet treats, and cat foods. Offering an innovative and healthy range of products to enhance your pets well being
usa. Massachusetts

Old Mother Hubbard
Leading Manufacturers of pet food, Specializing in baked dog biscuits and, and the Wellness® brand of dog foods, gourmet treats, and cat foods. Offering an innovative and healthy range of products to enhance your pets well being.

How To Extend Your Dogs and Cats Lifespan, Naturally!
A U.S. Government Patented Natural Food Supplement that will extend the lifespan of dogs and cats. Diseases that our dogs and cats have developed can now be reversed and eliminated and the cause of these diseases can be removed from the body of our dogs and cats.
USA. California

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Dog Barf Diet And Raw Food Information Including Holistic Pet Health Care
This page lists resources for learning more about the following topics: 1) The Barf Diet & wellness dog food and 2) pet medicine and holistic healthcare. All resources included are consistent with these two topics and are therefore most interested in improving our pets health through natural approaches. Since I believe so strongly in the benefits of feeding our dogs raw meaty bones (Barf Diet) as the majority of their food source, I have decided to include a large number of important sources of information and holistic healthcare dog books on the subject. Topics also include: an introduction to canine raw feeding, FAQ’s, suppliers that sell various “game” meats, as well as established internet forums and clubs to exchange information.

Maximizing the life duration and happiness of my dogs has been a priority ever since I adopted them both. I can confidently say that the three fundamental explanations to my dogs health and happiness have to be feeding them a natural raw diet, and requiring them to consume herbal remedies for health challenges instead of traditional allopathic pet medicine. And lastly, providing them with therapeutic massage regularly has equally gone a long way towards optimum pet health. I typically include raw meaty bones, raw tripe, well-blended fruits and vegetables, as well as eggs and yogurt for their tasting pleasure. There are many other sources of raw food that your dogs will benefit from including fish from time to time. And again, herbal formulations have been equally helpful and something you may want to research further.

Since much of a dogs nutritional needs are contained in raw meaty bones, I have found my dogs needs for further vitamin and mineral supplementation a reinforcement that has been significantly curtailed. If after studying up on Barf raw feeding for your dogs and feeling less than impressed, I challenge you to simply try it for just a month before you give the idea the ole’ heave-ho (with your veterenarian’s OK). Seriously, if your dogs start reinventing lawn gymnastics because they’re so crazy happy and energetic, don’t blame me--I’m just the messenger. I am also asking authors of holistic books specifically geared towards dogs, to include their website link and a concise synopsis about the book. This list has been compiled by, Poopbutler, an Orange County Pooper Scooper Service.
Directory Of Pooper Scoopers Sorted By State
Alabama Pooper Scooper | Alaska Dog Poop Scoopers | Arizona Pet Poop Pick Up | Arkansas Doggie Poo Pickup | California Pooper Scooper | Colorado Poop Scoops | Connecticut Dog Poop Pickup Service | Delaware Pooper Scooper | Florida Pooper Scooping Services | Georgia Dog Waste Clean Up | Hawaii Pooper-Scooper | Idaho Dog Scoopers | Illinois Pet Waste Removal | Indiana Poop Removal Business | Iowa Poop Scooping Service | Kansas Dog Poop Scoop | Kentucky Dog Poop Disposal | Louisiana Canine Waste Cleaning | Maine Dog Poop Removal | Maryland Pooper Scooper Business | Massachusetts Pet Pooper Scooper | Michigan Pooper-Scooper Services | Minnesota Pet Poop Scooping Business | Mississippi Dog Doo Disposal | Missouri Dog Poo Cleaning Company | Montana Scoop Poop Services | Nebraska Pooper Scoopers | Nevada Dog Poop Scoopers | New Hampshire Pet Poop Pick Up | New Jersey Dog Poop Cleanup | New Mexico Doggie Poo Pickup | New York Dog Waste Scooping | North Carolina Poop Scoops | North Dakota Dog Waste Clean Up | Ohio Poop Removal Business | Oklahoma Pet Waste Removal | Oregon Dog Poop Scoop | Pennsylvania Canine Poop Disposal | Rhode Island Pooper Scooper Business | South Carolina Pet Waste Removal | South Dakota Pooper Scooper | Tennessee Dog Poo Cleaning Company | Texas Pooper Scooper | Utah Scoop Poop Services | Vermont Pooper Scoopers | Virginia Pet Poop Pick Up | Washington Poop Removal Business | Washington DC Pooper Scoopers | West Virginia Pet Poop Scooping | Wisconsin Canine Pooh Disposal | Wyoming Poop Scooper | International Pooper Scoopers | Pet Community: Dogs Horses Cats Alpacas Snakes Aquarium Birds + | Massage In Orange County | Orange County Pooper Scooper | Dog Walking In Orange County | Pooper Scooper In Orange County  
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