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Dog Information & Education
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Save Up To 50% At PetCareRx
Free Dog Advice | e-Dog Advice
Need advice or help for your dog? Here you can get some of the best answers available to solve your doggie dilemma!
INDIA. Outside the USA

Dog Lovers - Songs for Dogs
In praise of the dog, man´s best friend... dog stories, dog poems, and dog verses for dog lovers.
New York

Dog Aggression
Professional dog training tips and articles to help trained your dogs. We provide free dog training articles and dog training advice on solving your dogs annoying behaviors like dog aggression, dog barking and dog biting
United States. Hawaii

Here you can find most of information you need about your cat or your dog. Information will not be as detailed as in some veterinary handbook but mostly what you should know about your animal. It is mentioned to be used as a guide through breeds.
Croatia. Outside the USA

Dog Health Resources and Much More
Honest profiles and reviews of dog professionals, toys, carriers, clothing, artists and much more.
UK. Outside the USA

Pet Dating Online
Online dating service for animal friend. Petdating online is for all animals and people.A site where you can find a true love dating partner with respect for pets.Free Chat live, dating forum, upload of you & your pet photos on your profile and animal album. Membership is free!
Denmark. Outside the USA
At Dog Owner, We are constantly sniffing out the best deals for dog owners on the net, visit - a site dog lovers
england. Outside the USA

Standard Poodles USA
Everything you need and want to know about Standard Poodles!
Camden. Georgia
Everything you need to know about Pugs. Pug Pictures, Pug Videos, Pug Facts, Pug Products, Pug Classifieds, Pug Forum and more...
Outside the USA

Information About Pitbull Terriers, The Oldest Dog Breed.
Information about pitbull terriers, the oldest dog breed. Pitbull - APBT - Pitbull history, pitbull pictures, aggression, temperament and appearance. Pitbull books, pitbull champions, pitbull equipment, pitbull articles
Canada. Outside the USA

Pomeranian Complete Information Center
Free and complete information on everything you need to know regarding one of the most lovable toy dogs: the Pomeranian. Stats, training, healthcare, grooming, feeding and more. Fun interactive Pom page with reader submitted dog names, pictures and games.

Dog Arthritis Cures & Treatments
Having a 12 year old German Shepherd that has come down with arthritis, I decided to make this website to help inform pet owners on the treatment options that they have to help their pets overcome and live happily with arthritis. Our pet´s become just as close as our shouldn´t we help them in any way that we can?
USA. Texas

Dog Grooming Tips & Email Newsletter
Free Dog Grooming Tips - Articles - Email Newsletter. It is not a cliché when they say that dog is man’s best friend. You can be the most miserable person in the world whom everyone hates but you are still the best in your dog’s esteem. There are many benefits to dog ownership. Dog owners have fewer health problems and are often happier.
Norway. Outside the USA

Dog Rescues And Information, Proving Medical Care For Dogs
We´re located on Vancouver Island, B.C. and work hard to provide care for animals in need. We´ve worked with the SPCA to provide surgery to dogs with eye problems, and hope to help more animals in the future.
Canada. Outside the USA

Dog Ear Yeast Infections, Dog Ear Infections, Dog Yeast Infe
A great online resource to help owners of dogs who are suffering from dog ear yeast infections. Find informative treatments,tips, articles, and books to help your dog overcome his infection and stay healthy.
USA. Illinois

Dog Ear Yeast Infections | Dog Ear Infections
A great online resource to help owners of dogs who are suffering from dog ear yeast infections. Find informative treatments, tips, articles, and books to help your dog overcome his infection and stay healthy.
US. Illinois

Online Dog Information Website
An online resource of valuable information on pet dogs and different breeds of dogs at Find all the tips and tricks to train your pet dog to keep your house clean in your absence. Please visit and learn more about your pet dog.
India. Outside the USA

Cool Dogs And Puppy Information
We have articles about dogs and a lively discussion forum. Come, be a member and enjoy reading topics that interests you. You can submit your own articles for other visitors to read. Gain valuable knowledge about your favorite pet dogs and puppies.
US. Texas

Just Dogs With Sherri In Orange County, CA
A new educational and fun dog blog. As a professional trainer and photographer I have alot of experience to share. I will discuss your dogs, my dogs and the simple joy of living with dogs in a humorous and educational manner.
Orange County. California

German Shepherd, Boxer, Doberman And Other Pet Dogs
Breed information, Training, Behavior Issues, Diet & Adoption tips for all Pet Dogs. This site also offers a membership course that will help you turn your dog into the most obedient pet. Subscribe to the Free Course and you will get lots of free tips on training your dog.
LA. California

Pomeranian, Maltese, Toy Poodle And Other Toy Dogs
Breed information, Housebreaking, Training, Behavior Issues, Diet & Adoption tips for all Toy Dogs. This site also offers a membership course that will help you turn your dog into the most obedient pet. Subscribe to the Free Course and you will get lots of free tips on training your dog.
LA. California

Dog Flatulence And Canaine Flatulence Information
Dog flatulence, canine flatulence prevention and information. If your dog has a flatulence problem or excess wind then our site may just be what your looking for. Helo to reduce your dog´s flatulence today.
England. Outside the USA

Mybuddydog - Breed Directory And A Lot More
Dog breed directory with photographs and detailed information on over 180 dog breeds. Thousands of dog names, famous dogs including TV, movie, dogs owned by presidents, dogs owned by celebrities. Also funny videos, up to date dog news, information on taking care of puppies, dog health, poisons that can harm your dog and much more.
North Carolina

The Puppy Dog Place, Where Puppies Are Our Passion.
A fun and informative guide to puppy care to help you raise a happy, healthy puppy! Lots of FREE tips, advice and information on choosing a puppy, puppy adoption, puppy names, puppy shots, training, feeding, housebreaking, grooming, health and much more. You can also sign up for our FREE monthly ezine and get a personal reply to any question.
USA. Oklahoma

Pet Massage Therapy Services for a FAMILY HEALING RETREAT CENTER-AHAWE. Pet massage & natural healing may improve blood flow and circulation, improve their immune system, help with arthritis, sore muscles, tight neck and shoulders, separation anxiety, behavioral issues, bathroom accidents, heart conditions...etc.
ORANGE. California

Happy Dog Secrets - Dog Health Care And Dog Nutrition
Discover the secrets to having a HAPPY and HEALTHY dog. Get your FREE special report on dog health care and nutrition now to receive FREE bonuses! Happy Dog Secrets is dedicated to helping and educating dog owners on our best friends’ unique needs so they can remain active, healthy and happy for a long, long time to come.

Unite Against Animal Neglect Stop Animal Neglect
Stop animal abuse and neglect. Help us lobby to change the existing laws. With your help we can make a difference. Join Today. Everyday we post news clips and photo stories regarding animals in need. Abuse is on the rise.

Write A Blog For Your Pet And Make Friends With Other Owners
This site lets you blog about your pet´s everyday fun activities, in the same time letting you make friends and compete with other pet owners who has a happier pet. Take your pet to exciting venues, buy your pet delicious food, make new friends for your pet and make your pet as happy as it can possibly get. That is what this site is about.

Amazing Secrets Of 27 Year Old Dogs
Breakthrough report with dog diet information that will increase your dog´s life. If you are serious about having a happy and healthy dog that can live a longer life, then this is the most important report you will read today!Free bonuses.

Your Online Community For Purebred Dogs!
We provide breed information, photo gallery, photo puzzles, Discussion Forums, Dog related articles, Weekly Poll, Featured Breed of the Month, Featured Breeders, Classified Ads, Puppies For Sale, Dogs For Rescue, Dog Wanted Ad, Dog Merchandise For Sale & much more. Join our Community Today!

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Dog Information And General Canine Educational Resources
This is a good dog directory to start your preliminary research on dogs and pet related education. If you didn’t find it in our dog specific products page, you’ll probably find it here. Loosely listed resources include information germane to dog ownership including popular subjects such as pet grooming and dog training. Veterinarian, grooming and pet sitting schools are also some of the listed resources. Comprehensive topics include breed photos and descriptions, dog newsletters and ezines, and general canine healthcare and education sources. This is a general reference resource page that includes essentially any subject or article that may benefit the dog owners and their canine pets alike. As such, I am actively looking to post and link to dog specific articles that are educational in nature and purpose. Targeted readers include both current dog owners as well people researching all aspects of becoming a future dog owner.

Topics of interest include: choosing the appropriate breed, dog behavior and training, general canine healthcare and other educational dog topics that owners can learn from. Have a great article you’ve written on say, traveling with your dog? Or how about an article that outlines what a person should look for in a dog when looking to adopt their next “diamond in the rough” at their local humane society or dog rescue? We’re wagging our tales & drooling all over the place in anticipation of discovering all kinds of articles to reference here that are specifically geared towards how dog owners and their best friends can achieve blissful coexistence together.
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