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Pooper Scooper News
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Save Up To 50% At PetCareRx
Debbie Lawless´s Company Premier Pet Care Services News
Published May 7, 2006, Kurt Kuban of Hometown Newspapers catches up with poo-fessional poop master herself-Debbie Lawless. According to Pat, the idea sprang out of the fact that they wanted to create a company in which they could involve their 16-year-old son, Cristian, who is autistic.
See Article. Michigan

The Doggies Doo Pet Waste Removal In The News
Reported by Kimberly Harper and Beth Bottis in East Bay Newspapers, October 27, 2005. Dawn and Derek Essery of Tiverton, profeesional business owners of a newer residential dog poop cleaning company, operate in and around Aquidneck Island and beyond. They discuss the myriad of reasons why their client base enjoys their niche pet care service.
See Article. Rhode Island

10 Pet Businesses to Start Today
October 18, 2005 writeup in by James Stephenson. This cool article runs of 10 of the hottest service and product oriented pet care business one should investigate further if considering taking the´s a dog eat dog world out there! Doo your research and seek out the facts before you leap.
See Article. California

Silverberg´s In-Home Pet Care & Yard Cleaning Biz
Originally written in the La Crosse Tribune. Apr 10, 1998. The staff writer here discusses Nancy Silverberg´s matriculation from in home pet sitting sitting services in the Twin Cities area to also providing Spring cleanings for residential clients overcome with the "brown & round" stuff lurking in their backyards left behind in the snow by fido.
See Article. Minnesota

Several Different Dog Pooper-Scooper Companies Mentioned
Jean Starr of The Northwest Indiana News talks shop with a few pooper scoopers in the state of Indiana. The trade organization Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists is referenced as well as Joyce Tyrpak who operates Smoke Tree K9 Lawn Service, K9 Poop Control and Dirty Little Secret Pet Waste Removal Services.
See Article. Indiana

Doo Dah’ Dave Of Iowa Gives A Scoop To A Reporter
This is a very good article written in the written by Tom Saul April 03, 2006. Dave Linville of Colona, Ill., who operates Doo Dah Dave´s Pet Waste Removal", gives the low down on his company´s DOOings since its inception 2 years earlier. His TV commercial are discussed, some of the antics on his daily route and more.
See Article. Iowa

´Mr. Scoop´ Dog Waste Removal Service To Hold Fund-Raisers
Reported in Aug. 28, 2006. The owner of a dog waste removal service will camp outside That Fish Place/That Pet Place the week of Sept. 25 to raise funds for an animal rescue charity. Fred Nell -- "Mr. Scoop" -- is planning a number of family-oriented activities for the week, including a hot dog eating contest with a $500 prize.
See Article. Pennsylvania

Poo-fessional Jennifer Hanrahan Chats About Her "Business"
Jennifer Hanrahan receives a solid writeup about her pet care service oriented business by Ed Dzitko of the Republican-American E-Edition. Other Connecticut poop scoopers that are listed include: Doody Free, Doggie Doo Not, Doggie Doo Pick-up, Happy Scoopers, Doody Calls, Bowser´s Bomb Banisher and I Gotta Go. All searchable at
See Article. Connecticut

Two Local Women Decide To Make "Business" Their Business
Mar. 7, 2006 publication of the Roanoke Times written by Andrew Kantor. "Their work is dirty, & that´s just the way they like it. Since the beginning of the year, both Katie Halstead & Anne Woolwine have started "pet-waste management" services, otherwise known as pooper scoopers. Halstead´s (Dooty Diva) & Woolwine´s (Poops on Us) are motivated.
See Article. Virginia

"Entre-manures" Turn Piles Of Doo-Doo Into Piles Of Dough article dated Jan. 18, 2006, written by Sam Boykin. Grady Moorer of and Dan Williams of discuss the tricks of their trade and "dooing" the business of dog "business." Leslie Ewing of Pet Pals Scoop also gets a word in edgewise & relates some of the battles the pet poop cleaning industry is challenged with.
See Article. California

Laura Morales Of All Dog Yard Cleanup Interviewed
Douglas Allen-Taylor of catches up with Morales to talk about her entra-poo-neur pet care service as reported way back in 1998. "The athletic-looking mother of two started her dog cleanup business five years ago after seeing an article about a similar operation in Oregon." She actually started back in 1993.
See Article. California

Commander Doodie Pooper Scooper Service News
Aug. 7, 1999 issue of the Plano Star Courier by Staff Writer Daniel Kerr. Commander Doodie hopes to turn canine landmines into gold. To Roxanne Fuentes, a day at the office means a day snoopin for landmines-dog poo, that is. As co-owner of Commander Doodie, Plano´s first dog waste management service, Fuentes has found dog waste is as good as gold.
See Article. Texas

Dirty Work Pet Waste Removal Of Atlanta In The News
The Atlanta Journal and Constitution interviews Dirty Work owners Cara B. & Erin E. Staff writer Tinah Saunders takes care of the interview chores while these 2 concentrate on doggy duty. Using $2,000 in personal savings, Cara and partner Erin E. opened the Buckhead-based company in July 1998 and now service yards in 15 counties in metro Atlanta.
See Article. Georgia

Michelle Uribe And Her Company Dog-Gone Doo-Doo Interviewed
Amy Leap of The Chronicle Newspaper does a writeup on this professional dog pooper scooper on July 15, 2005. Urive discusses the intimate details of her newly formed pet waste removal servicing Easton, Bethlehem, and various areas in Northampton County as well.
See Article. Pennsylvania

Pet Waste Brand Taking Off Down South
A Fox News reporter talks with one of the most cutting edge dog waste removal firms in the United States, DoodyCalls Of Virginia. Owner and Cheif Excrement Officer, Jacob D´Aniello fields questions and educates the general public about this growing, niche pet care service.
See Article. Virginia

Dogs by Day, Ltd. Of Illinois In The News
Leslie Mann Of The Chicago Tribune interviews Donna Kotler & Shelley Mikkelson of Dogs by Day, Ltd. Pet Waste Removal Service on November 4, 2005. The duo started their business in 2002 after Mikkelson shelved her job in human resources to be home with her son, now 4. Aside from a few ads in newspapers, their business has grown by word of mouth .
See Article. Illinois

Nat Truitt of Doo Care Poop Scooping Interviewed
Liberty Suburban Chicago Newspapers "does the doo" here and interviews poop masta himself, Nat Truitt of Doo Care Poop Scooping In Chicago. Truitt, an accomplished businessman, discusses his ideas and love for poop with staff writer Wilson Brown. Truitt said his plan is to have offices open up in Naperville/Hinsdale by the end.
See Article. Illinois

Janie Foydl Of California´s Doodie Duty Interviewed
This is an article we like. Great story (and not an uncommon one) that sees a diligent, corporate America career woman turn entrepeneur happily prosper in her own pet care business. " Foydl notes the importance of the time she will now be able to devote to her family, instead of punching someone else’s clock."
See Article. California

Roxanne Fuentes & Her Commander Doodie Co. News
When your company´s name is "Commander Doodie", it definetly paints an "interesting" mental image. And that´s how Roxanne Fuentes, the company´s founder and chief executive poop scooper, likes it. Ms. Fuentes travels to North Dallas, Carrollton, Lewisville, Frisco, Allen and Plano, Richardson and Collin County to scoop dog poop .
See Article. Texas

Double Doodie Scooper Service & Mary Kairewich Interviewed
Published April 8th, 2005 in the Standard-Speaker paper and written by Ed Conrad. Hazleton company, Double Doodie Poop Scooping Services, is now providing a service of cleaning up "doggy doo" from your property including yards, pens and kennels.
See Article. Pennsylvania

News on Kevin Mahoney & His Company Happy Tails, Inc.
An enormous amount of reading available from the Happy Tails, Inc New Jersey based website. No less than 5 articles posted that cover the poop scooping adventures Mahoney has had since his pooper scooper company inception. Interestingly, he was previously employeed as a pro pooper scooper before launching his own dog waste cleaning biz.
See Article. New Jersey

K-9 Clean UpDog Waste Removal Services Of MIchigan News
By Kristi Gutowski, Heritage Newspapers. "Curtis & Cheryll Wezner have a scoop when it comes to the doggy business. In fact, their scoop is the one that most dog owners don’t like to touch. It usually involves the backyard & a shovel. The Wezners, along with their 17-year-old son, soon will be picking up what Fido left behind in your back yard."
See Article. Michigan

Earning Dough From Doo Doo Is Excrementally Successful
Gretchen Gibb and her company Pile Patrol Of Wisconsin is interviewed in the June 28, 2005 of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Good, clean article that serves a look into some of the various home based businesses that Gibb initially "flopped" at before becoming a professional poo maven in the Milwaukee market. She drives about 1,000 miles a week!
See Article. Wisconsin

Poop-Patrol Dog Waste Management Service News
When things start to pile Al Gauthier´s Poop-Patrol Canine Cleanup Company of Toronto who can put a smile on almost any over-busyed dog owner. "When I started, I had two clients. Now I have close to 50." There are people to clean houses, mow lawns, do your laundry. This is the next step in a busy life."
See Article. Outside the USA

K-9 Poop Patrol & Allan Debrow In The News
Jim Collar of Post-Crescent East August 25th, 2006 has a writeup here about a newer service that rids man of what Fido leaves behind (dog poo). While Dreblow´s will go through lawns and pick up what left behind. Rates vary depending on the number of dogs and the frequency of his visits.
See Article. Wisconsin

Business Is Picking Up For ´Pooh Dooty´ Pooper-scooper News
November 23, 2002, Kymm Mann of the Appeal-Democrat interviews Glenn Diggs of Pooh Dooty. "There are more than 400 other pooper-scooper services nationwide, according to Diggs, who says the idea apparently caught on in the mid-´70s. From there, it was a bunch of pooh puns and anecdotes that helped inspire him."
See Article. California

Brock Buccola´s California Based The Poop Troop Interviewed
Nov 19, 2004. Written by Diana Sholley in The Daily Bulletin City News. "The aroma filling his nostrils these days is the sweet smell of success. Buccola is the owner of The Poop Troop, a pet waste removal service established more than a year ago." Customers comment, "Our time is worth the money it costs, she said. "We have our yard back!"
See Article. California

Stacey Heuberger & Dave Hammer´s Pooper Scoopers News
Pooper Scoopers Pet Waste Removal of Ohio is interviewed by Russ Kent of the Gannett News Service. Pooper Scoopers Pet Waste Removal makes the less than pleasant chore of cleaning up smelly landmines left by your favorite pooch a no brainer for the affordable price they charge. They do the dirty deed for you and clean up after both dogs & cats.
See Article. Ohio

Jim Lyons & His Poop Scoopin Co. When Doody Calls Interviewe
Dave Truman of Ohio´s News-Herald Lyons about his new professional poop scooping endeavours in Ohio. Jon Pettine of On Doody also gets a call and discusses the specifics of how he came upon starting a dog waste removal business as well.
See Article. Ohio

Mark S. Walker & Scoop Doggie Dog Pet Waste Removal Service
Published in the The Reflector, Battle Ground, WA. & authored by Heidi Wallenborn. Scoop Doggie Dog serves up freedom from dog dirty duty....and necessary evil of dog ownership we would all just assume not doo! In addition to all the residential homes his company cleans up for, pooper scooper service for apartments & condominiums is available too.
See Article. Oregon

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The Latest Press Coverage And Relevant “Poop” In The Pooper Scooper Industry
Current And past pooper scooper relevant news coverage is available for your reading here. Some of this coverage concerns my own pooper scooper business ( However, much of what you’ll read here is actually a concise synopsis of articles that have ran in the past on *other* dog waste removal firms servicing the rest of the country. Some of these companies have been performing dedicated service to their client base in their respective market for well over a decade. Wow is right. And to think that only moments ago you never even knew this professional service was even available. I can personally assure you that this service *does* indeed exist and is well on its way to becoming as ubiquitous as the professional gardener. Get a closer look through the eyes of each news reporter on what life is like to focus all your attention on keeping #2 your #1 priority. Yeah, it’s a smelly job but someone’s got to do it. My hat is off to all my dog waste removal colleagues. Nice work guys. Keep spreading the good news because nobody can “doo the do” quite like you guys do.  
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