Off-Leash Dog Parks, Trails & Beaches In Orange County, Los Angeles & Other California Counties

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Dog Parks Trails & Beaches
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Griffith Park Dog Park In LA, CA.
Although I have not been to this park, I have spent plenty of time in and around the Griffith Observatory, hiking the trails around it and at the LA Zoo. If you have as well, then you know how this area is a little paradise for views to both the north and south of LA. This off-leash dog park opens at 5:30 A.M. and closes at 10:30 P.M. WOW!
Griffith Park Los Angeles Southern Ca.. California

Areas That Allow Dogs on Leash Within Santa Monica Mountains
Hey, we´re back in the Santa Monica Mountains for some doggie playtime. Why again? Because it is a very large area that will keep you and your dogs occupied for years to come. Not to mention "dog tired." This list includes several on leash dog hiking areas: Malibu Bluffs, Charmlee Natural Area, dogs allowed in Temescal Canyon Park and more.
Santa Monica Mountains In Los Angeles County & Ventura County. California

Leo Carillo State Beach: On Leash Dogs Allowed
Although you won´t find this website mention dogs being permitted, they are in fact allowed on leash and under control. It´s a pretty amazing place for you and your dogs.
The park is located 28 miles northwest of Santa Monica on the Pacific Coast, Malibu. California

Palm Springs Dog Park - Off-Leash
"Palm Springs Dog Park has grass, trees, awnings, a smaller fenced off area for small dogs, picnic benches & trash bins, pooper scoopers, 11 antique fire hydrants & dual-drinking fountains made to accommodate both the low-to-the-ground pooches & their owners. Clean up after their pet and see that your dogs behave in an appropriate manner to dogs."
222 Civic Drive North Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-322-8362. California

Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park
Ya know, if memory serves me, this 1,980 acre regional park in San Dimas Southern Ca. permits dogs to have their owners on leash. ;) Give them a call at the phone # provided so I don´t feel like a fool for sending you and your dogs down there only to find out they are not allowed. I´m pretty sure it´s a dog friendly park.
120 Via Verde Park Road San Dimas, CA 91773 (909) 599-8411San Bernardino County. California

Arcadia Off-Leash Dog Park In Los Angeles County, Ca.
Note: this dog park is unique in the sense that it only allows large dogs to attend on odd numbered days of the month. Small dogs can visit and play on even numbered days of the month. How you like them apples? Never been here before. Breakout the Greyhounds and get some sprinting in for me!
Located At Eisenhower Park On The Corner Of Second Avenue And Colorado Place, Arcadia. California

Schabarum Regional Park In Rowland Heights Allows Dogs
You know the obvious stuff at a regional park that allows dogs includes the ubiquitous language.."Dogs are allowed at the park & on the hiking trails. Pets must be leashed & people need to clean up after their pet." Seriously. skip the off leash dog park for your next serious weekend adventure with doggie in tow, & head to a huge, beautiful park.
17250 E. Colima Road Rowland Heights, 626-854-5560. California

Laurel Canyon Park Off Leash Dog Park In Studio City, Ca.
Darn, I can´t remember if this is the park that is just off Mulholland Dr., the entrance is real scenic and you drive your car down say a 100 feet to an incredible, open green belt full of dogs(?) If it isn´t, I mean seriously...we´re in the Santa Monica hills again...could there be a more beautiful, dog friendly place in all of LA! Grab the pup.
8260 Mulholland Drive Studio City (818) 769-4415. California

San Bernardino National Forest Allows Dogs
Use their telephone number to call ahead and check with the ranger to ascertain specifically if there exist any areas where dogs are not permitted. Just to play it safe. I´m to understand that not only are these mountains a great place for dog-friendly hikes, but apparently we can use the campgrounds with our dogs as well. Again, call them first.
1824 S. Commercenter Circle San Bernardino, 909-382-2600. California

Palm Desert Dog Parks In CA.
2 parks here that you can learn a little bit about at this site. 1 called Civic Center Park, & the other is the Joe Mann Park. "The dog parks are opened during normal park hours (Dawn to 11:00 p.m.). The Civic Center Dog Park is 3/4 acre & has a separate area for small dogs. The Joe Mann Dog Park is 1/3 acre & has no separate area for small dogs."
Palm Desert Riverside County. California

San Dimas Canyon Nature Center - On Leash Dogs Allowed
"This 1,000 plus acre park offers a variety of nature trails. Located near the Angeles National Forest, this park offers visitors a variety of nature trails that traverse over one thousand acres of chaparral and riparian vegetation. There is also a natural history museum and a zoo.
1628 N. Sycamore Canyon Road San Dimas, 909-599-7512. California

Poway Dog Park: Off Leash In San Diego County
"Poway Dog Park is an award-winning 1.75 acre fenced-in, lighted, off-leash area for dogs within the City of Poway´s Community Park. Poway Park is open from sunrise to sunset daily. Lights in the dog park off-leash area extend evening hours to 9:30 p.m." This has to be one of San Diego´s most popular off-leash dog parks due to all the events.
13094 Civic Center Drive San Diego County. California

Off-Leash Santa Maria Dog Park In Santa Barbara County
"Winners Of Off-leash Freedom (W.O.O.F.), has gained approval from the Santa Barbara County Parks Commission for an off-leash dog park at Waller Park. The park is being developed without leash restraint in a clean, healthy, and safe environment. The dog park will be situated on approximately three acres of unused open space in Waller Park." Yeah!
Santa Maria Santa Barbara County. California

Dog Parks in California
Leave it to to discover some of those hard to find dog parks in California. Although few parks on the list have websites, the sheer number represented will keep both you and your dogs salivating for awhile. Get the hiking boots on and hit the trails, beach and dog parks!
Southern Central & Northern Ca.. California

Lake Perris State Recreation Area Allows Leashed Dogs
Riverside´s Lake Perris is a pretty fun place to be. Specially if you and your dogs like to play with the soccer ball or hang at the campgrounds. Remember that dogs are not allowed in the lake or within 100 feet of the water. However, they are allowed on miles of trails including the bike trail that loops around the lake (fast & fun). Leashed.
Lakeview Located 11 Miles South Of Riverside Via Highway 60 Or Interstate 215.. California

Dog Fun Directory: The Original Dog Park Directory
An incredible resource when it comes to locating and learning details about dog parks, trails and beaches not found on other websites. The Bloodhounds of research will want to sniff out this website if you a dog park/trail/beach aficianado. Dog Fun lists all kinds of pet friendly places you can take your pets without concern in California.
All Of Ca.. California

Wilson Park: Off-Leash For Dogs Allowed (Bakersfield)
Although not specifically designed for dogs originally, Wilson Park makes for a great place to meet and greet other dogs and throw the frisbee around to you canine companions. The leash free zone is loacted next to the residential street and is a fenced in area. The surface is grass and looks pretty healthy to boot.
Wilson Road and Benton Street Bakersfield Kern County. California

Kroll Park Permits Off Leash Dogs
The following information is quoted from their website. "4.39 acres. Picnic tables and grills, covered shelter, playground equipment, **a leash free zone for dogs**, and security lights. It is located East of California State University Bakersfield. No restrooms folks."
Kroll Way and Montalvo Drive Bakersfield Kern County. California

University Park Is A Leash Free Zone For Dogs
"11 + acres. The fenced in area is off leash for dogs & is roughly 2 acres +. There are picnic tables & grills, a covered shelter, security lights, leash free zone for dogs of course, & playground equipment. No restrooms." The way the fenced in area is setup, it is perfect for dogs that are more sporting & want to play ball or chase down frisbees.
University Avenue and Camden Street Bakersfield Kern County. California

Box Springs Mountain Reserve Allows Leashed Dogs
"This 1,155 acre park offers hiking and equestrian trails. The park is located 5 miles east of Riverside off Highway 60 and Pigeon Pass Road. Dogs must be leashed and please clean up after them."
Pigeon Pass Road Riverside. California

Riverside Rancho Jurupa Park Allows Leashed Dogs
Leave it to to find another nice looking pet friendly park that allows dogs in the Riverside, Ca. area. All dogs must be leashed, but it´s worth it to check out the 10 miles worth of hiking trails your dogs will drool over.
Crestmore Road Riverside 909-684-7032. California

Dog Parks In Southern California Counties
The Dog Fun Directory helping us dog lovers out with more choice listings of parks that don´t have websites. No matter, their parks listed in Ca. have plenty of information so that you and your dogs can find the parks without any further info other than waht is listed on The Dog Fun Directory.
Southern Ca.. California

San Diego City Dog Parks
Wow, this website has no less than 13 parks listed that allow dogs, some on leash and others off leash. Be sure to check out the Rancho Bernardo Community Park in SD whcih just opened in 2005. Other notables include Balboa Park (grab the dog now), Mission Bay (a must), Torrey Highlands Park and others.
San Diego City. California

Orpheus Dog Park In Encinitas, San Diego County
"Today, the park is a mecca for local owners and visitors alike, providing one of the liveliest social environments in sleepy Encinitas for humans... And of course, their dogs." Since 1995, Orpheus park has become a big hit with dog owners for leash free fun and frolic. Only thing I don´t know if dog owners are still limited to the times listed(?)
Encinitas San Diego. California

Butterfield Park Dog Park
This .8 acre fenced off-leash dog area is located in Butterfield Park. The dog park is well shaded with benches, a picnic table and a doggie drinking fountain. Very good looking park for both dogs and humans. The grounds are well maintained and are grass which is a nice bonus. I believe you have access to the restrooms in the designated dog area.
Corona Riverside County Southern Ca.. California

Nipomo Off-Leash Dog Recreational Area, Inc.
Excellent website that is very helpful to those in Northern Ca. who are interested in attending dog parks and furthering their expansion. Be sure to click on the link called "Nearby Off-Leash Areas." That link takes you to 9 other dog parks that are off leash permitted in the area.
Nipomo San Luis Obispo. California

San Luis Obispo Dog Park Off-Leash Recreation Area
"It´s in the back of "El Chorro Regional Park", the park across the street from Cuesta College which is midway between Morro Bay & San Luis Obispo on Highway 1 about 4 miles Northwest of SLO.." It´s incredible just how much public effort, community commitment, & personal funds go into a dog park. After 8 years, this dog park became a reality.
San Luis Obispo. California

Oceanside Dog Park In San Diego County
Ya know, I was starting to think I was going crazy. OK, not really. I was wondering if there actually was a dog park in Oceanside, and now I realize that this website is a place to learn about how their initiatives are going for several possible venues. "3 sites are up for approval, Lions Club, Marlado Highlands and as well as one other location.
Oceanside San Diego County. California

César Chávez Park Off-Leash Dog - San Francisco Bay Area
This is another one of those must see, must go dog parks in Northern California. A huge area for all you off-leash doggies that need a full 17 acres of room to chase the frisbee. Great place to "get lost" with your dogs so to speak. Some areas of the park are leash free, while others require the dogs to be leashed. Throw the dog on the moped & go.
Berkeley Marina San Francisco Bay Area. California

Hap Magee Ranch Canine Corral Dog Park In Danville
This a recent addition to the recreation areas of Danville city in 2004, and a welcome one to canine lovers. The website mentions that just recently they have constructed a separate area for doggies under the weight of 20 pounds. OK you Pugs, you know where to go! :) Hours are dusk to dawn and the website gives detailed directions.
Danville Contra Costa County. California

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Off-Leash Dog Parks, Hiking Trails And Pet Friendly Beaches In Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego +
Pet friendly dog parks, where the signs all read the same glorious words: Pets Welcome! Hurray! OK, it’s the “dog days” of summer and your wondering where to take your favorite fury non-human friend to avoid sweating on your new carpet at home any further. No problem. How about the great outdoors for your dogs? Plenty of fun filled days to be had playing fetch with Rover on the pet friendly beaches and dog parks of Orange County and Los Angeles. Hey, the Northern California dog parks and dog beaches are equally beautiful too. My dogs aren’t fussy, if it’s a dog park or pet friendly beach, they’re there man. I’ve listed some of our favorite dog parks and even hiking trails that are more than just casually accepting of our dogs, but actually throw out the ole welcome matt and leave milk bones too. A little dog humor.

Seriously, take a look here and see if you find a new secret hideout for you and your dogs to enjoy soaking some rays at. We’ve additionally listed other dog permitted places that are typically outside venues such as campgrounds and sporting events. So break out the Frisbee and flyball paraphernalia and grab the family because it’s time to have some fun! Oh, don’t forget the dogs, their the life of the party. Be sure to do a little research before you go and make sure that you have a leash with you and in use where appropriate. And hey, don’t hoard all the great places you’ve found that are accepting of our canine pals. Shoot me an email and let me know where all the hidden haunts you and Fido frequent. Or, just include them here, Add Url
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