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Help Save Dog Rescue Los Angeles
The Bill Foundation has many, many different adoption events going on each month and year. Like other dog adoption facilities, they bring many of their dogs to prescheduled places like Petcos and Petsmart stores to show off their current beautiful pets available. Be advised that this org is always looking for short term fostering dog care too.
Beverly Hills Los Angeles County. California

Los Angeles Boxer Rescue And Dog Adoption
Stephanie Lacy "And make your next pet a recycled one. If your heart is set on a purebred, you should know that at least 25% of the shelter animals here in LA are purebreds. In addition, there are breed rescues for every breed. These rescues are also wonderful sources of information about breeds as well as about individual dogs for adoption."
Encino LA. California

Boykin Spaniel Rescue & Dog Adoption
"Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc. (BSR, Inc.) is an org. dedicated to rehoming unwanted or neglected purebred Boykin Spaniels. Each Boykin placed by BSR receives veterinary care and a temperament evaluation prior to placement in an adoptive home as well as being spayed or neutered." They have a few of these unique dogs available now for adoption.
Hermosa Beach. California

The Brittany Foundation Is An All-breed Dog Rescue
The Brittany Foundation is an all-breed dog rescue located in the Los Angeles area of Canoga Park. They have all kinds of precious dogs available for adoption to good homes in LA and beyond including: Chihuahuas, Laradors, Pit Bulls, Pomeranians, Chow Chows located in LA and more. Looking for a particular purebred puppy? Ask if they have em!
Agua Dulce. California

Bull Terrier Rescue Of Southern California
Ah, the look of this dog breed just cracks me up. :) The Bull Terrier dog breed are real fun, family clowns and definetly can lift your spirits when down. Check out the Bull Terriers they have rescued and have photographed for yer viewing pleasure. You can definetly find your next best friend here & view the dogs at their get togethers b4 hand.
SoCal. California

Canine Crusaders Helps Find Homes For Homeless Dogs
Canine Crusaders is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless dogs in the Los Angeles area. They have some very very high quality, well taken care of dogs on their website. Dog breeds for adoption and photos I see include American Pit Bull, Akitas, Saint Bernards, Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds and others.
Redondo Beach LA. California

Long Beach, LA Canine Rescue Coalition
"Canine Rescue Coalition, Inc. is dedicated to rescuing dogs, restoring them to health, and finding them loving, permanent homes. We do not have one shelter location. Our dogs are in various boarding kennels and foster homes throughout Southern California." Looks like they have several huge breed dogs like Mastiffs.
Long Beach Los Angeles County. California

Palmdale, LA Area Pet Rescue And Adoption
They have all kinds of dogs, cats & kittens just waiting for you to come by and love them. Take a peek at their photos on the website and get yourself down there or call them for an adoption if you feel the Lord move you to. They are in dire need of donations to be allocated towards "Marty´s" medical bills & other great dogs with uplifting stories.
Palmdale LA. California

Burbank, Los Angeles Chihuahua Rescue & Dog Adoption
"Chihuahua Rescue, we Rescue Chihuahuas- 5,000 dogs saved to date. As seen in People, Animal Planet, Inside Edition, and other media sources more. Chihuahua Rescue." This is a LA never kill, santuary for dogs that searches for homes for hundreds of abonded, abused and neglected puppies and dogs in LA. Tons of Chihuahua and awesome work here!
Burbank LA. California

Guide To Selecting, Owning, And Raising A Small Breed Dog.
Guide to selecting, owning, and raising a small breed dog. Five ways to find a dog for adoption. Site also include types of small breed dogs, training, behavior, grooming, supplies, books, gifts, calendars, pet travel and more.

Pomona Tibetan Kennels - Chow Dog Rescue, Inc.
Rescuing Chows & Chow Mix puppies & adult dogs since 1994. "Tibetan Kennels a NO KILL chow sanctuary. No dog in our kennel will EVER be put to sleep unless he or she is suffering due to a medical condition or age. Dogs with behavioral problems will stay with us until they die of natural causes." Some great rust & black colored Chows available.
Pomona Los Angeles County. California

Southland Collie Rescue Of Pasadena, Los Angeles County
"(SCR)is located in the LA, CA area & coordinates for several Collie Rescues in the SoCal. All of our Collie Rescues find homes for purebred Collies & when possible, Collie mixes from shelters, from people who have taken in strays, & from owners who can´t care for the dogs any longer. We foster our rescued Collies in private homes in the LA area."
Pasadena LA. California

Orange County Cuddle A K9 Dog Rescue & Adoption
Probably one of the best places in Orange County, California to search for brabd new, hot off the press puppies. This dog rescue org has a big heart for puppies that are birthed in dog punds and will rescue them as funds allow. They often rescue the puppies mothers as well. Purebred and mix dog breeds. Great work guys!
Orange County (OC). California

Great Dane Rescue of Riverside County , & Club Of San Diego
First off, I agree with the website in that it is important to consider the enumerated 5 point considerations about the Great Dane dog breed. If all those are taken into consideration and aern´t a problem, definetly call these folks and discuss what they have to offer as far as rescued adult Great Danes & puppies.
Riverside County San Diego County. California

Echo Park Animal Alliance & Dog Adoption
"The Echo Park Animal Alliance is reliant upon a local fostering network to provide temporary homes for the abandoned animals that we rescue & re-home. The increasing number of animals in desperate need of rescuing or assistance throughout Echo Park has become a growing concern.
Echo Parl LA. California

Doberman Pinscher Rescue And Dog Adoption Shelter In CA
"As many as 90 adult Doberman Pinschers are waiting for homes at this no-kill sanctuary. Saving a dog from our sanctuary is likened to rescuing 1 from an animal shelter with the advantages of: temperament is generally better known; 2) the dog is free of serious disease and 3) the dog has a safe place to return to if the adoption isn´t beneficial."
Fillmore. California

MArina Del Rey, Los Angeles County Forte Animal Rescue
" Forte Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to finding solutions for the problem of pet overpopulation through its educational activities, adoption efforts, and outreach program. ANY amount granted to us would be absolutely appreciated since Forte Animal Rescue survives solely on donations."
Marina Del Rey. California

Southern California Keeshond Rescue, Inc.
"The primary purpose of Southern California Keeshond Rescue, Inc. is to rescue homeless Keeshond dogs, provide the dogs with safe, temporary foster care, & find new permanent homes for them with responsible, qualified owners. In addition to Keeshonds for adoption, they do have some good suggestions & background about this dog breed on the website.
SoCal. California

Sun Valley Friends For Pets Foundation Weimarner Rescue
Please read through this concise list of well written reasons to adopt an adult dog. I couldn´t agree more!!! Way to go Diane! This Weimarner Rescue is very active in the community and often times brings 8 to 20 dogs with them for show and tell at various outdoor locations. A great way to meet your next canine pal. Thanks for yer donations guys.
Sun Valley. California

Abondoned Terrier Rescue And Adoption In SoCal
"We are a So. Calif. non-profit rescue group. We are looking for experienced terrier owners who are interested in adopting abandoned & homeless purebred Wire Fox Terriers, Welsh Terriers, Lakeland Terriers, & Airedale Terriers. These are hilarious, passionate dog breeds. They´ve got some good ones with descriptions & photos. Terrier lovers wanted.
SoCal. California

Southern California Fox Terrier Dog Rescue And Adoption
They have a great Airedale/Bull Terrier mix with great markings available named Tigger. Check him out. This dog rescue organization has several rescued Smooth Fox Terriers as well as the Wire coated Fox Terriers available to good homes. Don´t overlook the very playful Jack Russel Terriers they have that are incredible athletes & fun for agility.
Menifee Inland Empire. California

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Rescue-Southern California
"Our goal is to place unwanted, abandoned & lost Rhodesian Ridgebacks into safe & loving homes. Once a dog has been accepted into the rescue program it is evaluated & matched to a prescreened home whose family & living environment matches the dogs needs & personality." They have some real "lookers" I see on the site, but only a few at any one time.
SoCal. California

Temecula Valley, CA Cocker Spaniel Dog Rescue & Adoption
Although this is not a large operation rescue group for Cocker Spaniels, they find, care and love for them just so YOU can one day. Call or email Anita with your Cocker Spaniel wish list and see if you can find just the prefect family canine companion. Not to mention, save a life in the process. They´ll keep you smiling for years to come.
Temecula Riverside County. California

Glendale Humane Society Dog Adoption In Los Angeles
This dog & cat rescue company in Glendale, California must be doing something right. Read through all the happy canine and feline companions that have been found and relationships fostered through their diligence. Way to go guys! Keep the donations coming folks. They take on alot of dogs & cats and are always in need of supplies. Hueey up..adopt!
Glendale LA. California

Littlerock Gold Haven Golden Retriever Rescue
"Gold Haven Golden Retriever Rescue is dedicated to rescuing abused, abandoned or displaced Goldens & placing them into loving permanent homes. Obedience training with your new golden in either a group or private class, with a certified instructor, is a requirement in all of our adoption contracts. Serving primarily the So. Ca. & surrounding areas.

Greater Los Angeles County Golden Retriever Rescue
PLEASE read through their excellent page called "10 Reasons NOT to get a Golden Retriever." It´s a great way to not only differentiate this breed from others behavior, but a guide to knowing if this dog is right for you, they make a great family dog. They´ve got plenty of great Golden Retrievers here. Take a look at cutie "Pip."
La Canada LA Metro. California

Great Pyrenees Rescue Of Southern California
We are NOT a shelter. We rescue from the Los Angeles City & County shelters, & we accept Great Pyrenees owner turn-ins who are need of rehoming for whatever reason to save them from even a temporary stay at a shelter. Transport when applicable is not included. Our utmost goal is to adopt humans who will provide the perfect "forever" home.
SoCal. California

Gentle Giants Dog Rescue & Adoption In California
I just can´t say enough about this dog rescue´s impact on the dog adoption scene with respect to larger breeds. In the market for a large to huge dog breed in CA., look no further. I´ve spent tons of time on this website, and so will you. The owners are saving some incredible breeds just so you can come by the ranch and pick out your favorite.

Hearts for Hounds: Little Dog Rescue For All Breeds & Mixes
Plenty of fun, small pups and adult dogs you can find from this Whittier based dog rescue organization in Southern California. They have pretty good photos and info where possible. They routinely participate in showing the dogs they currently have on hand in Newport Beach, Long Beach and other cities. Feel free to donate blankets and crates.
Whittier LA. California

Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Alliance Of Southern California
"The Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Alliance of So.Cal. is a group of independent Yorkie Rescuers, Fosters and Transporters who have come together with one common goal; the successful rescue, foster and placement of Yorkie Rescues into safe and loving ´forever homes´." Shesh, why buy one of these popular dogs from a breeder, when you can rescue one!
SoCal. California

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Find A Dog Humane Society, Animal Shelters Or A Dog Adoption Facility In Orange County & Los Angeles +
Dog Adoption. For the love of God, PLEASE consider ADOPTING a dog before you consider paying a breeder $500+. The idea of adopting a dog from a animal shelter, humane society or specific dog breed rescue organization is a concern that is near to my heart that I pray others will also become passionate about. I have nothing at all against responsible, reputable dog breeders. They obviously market a valuable service. If I simply can’t convince you to adopt a dog from an Orange County animal shelter or elsewhere, well then I reluctantly can refer you to the Dog Breeders Page. More importantly, if you had any idea of the euthanasia rates (% killed) at some of the animal shelters in the Los Angeles and Orange County dog kennels, I think you would think more positively about finding your next best friend at “the dog pound.”

I want to remind you that there are some very specific dog breed rescues that you may be interested in as well which are represented here. For example, many greyhounds are surrendered after they are no longer used at racetracks. Those dogs graciously find their way to greyhound rescue groups that are very familiar with that particular breed. Through the tenacious and diligent work of these type of breed specific rescue groups, many of the dogs are thankfully adopted into new homes and receive the love they deserve. So again, if you are looking for a specific dog breed you have two avenues to find it. Go to the many shelters and humane societies that are here in the Southern California area, or use this page and other resources to research whether the dog breed you desire has a local “rescue” organization set up near you. Me? I whole-heartedly have by far found the most fun in simply visiting different animal rescue shelters with a real open mind and intuitively feeling if there is a certain dog I simply can’t leave without. It can be a lot of fun. It does however help reinforce your decision on a dog choice when you have researched your desired breed and are familiar with the behavior typically associated with that particular breed.

The specific duties and objective of ALL these dog shelters and rescue organizations is the same--TO FIND A LOVING HOME FOR THESE DOGS AND CATS. As far as costs of dog adoption, they’re very nominal and are often well below $100 and occasionally include a free visit to the veterinarian. Lastly, please do not think that these shelter dogs are “problem dogs”. The opposite is actually typically the case. Although the reasons for giving up a pet are as varied as the amount of dog breeds, I think it’s imperative you understand that a VERY large portion of them are surrendered because their owners can no longer afford them or take them with them when they move. As example, I adopted my Retriever from a family that was worried “Tabby’s” new home in Denver would be much too cold for her. I’m smiling. Their lose, my gain. As strange as it sounds, the sad truth is THE MAJORITY of dog owners give up their dogs and cats because they are moving to a place where they can not take them, or due to new financial restraints, can no longer monetarily afford them. Terror dogs? I’m sure every shelter has a few. They’re far out numbered by beautiful, loving dogs that are waiting for you to come and throw them a ball. “Won’t you come play with us?” How often do you get the opportunity to save a living, breathing Life? Make a difference-.PLEASE. An animal doesn’t have a fighting chance if you don’t go to the shelters and at least look. Hey, that’s all these pups are asking for- A SECOND CHANCE. "Until there are none, rescue one."
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