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Pooper Scooper News
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Professional Poop Scooper Has The Poop On Pet Habits
Kelly St. John of The San Francisco Chronicle penned this dog waste removal service article on Jan 19, 2001. "Think your job stinks? George Gadda can top it - he´s a professional dog waste removal specialist. Gadda owns Tidy Turf, a North Bay pet waste removal company. He has grown his one-man operation into a thriving biz with a full client load.
See Article. California

Companies Scooping Up $$ As Pet Care Franchises Expand
Oct 6, 2006 article (The Associated Press). Today, dog doo scooping now garners a % of the petcare services industry, with growth a 10% rate in recently and into a $2.7B industry, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Ass. Baby boomers with elastic income have helped make the services sector the fastest growing part of the industry.
See Article. Virginia

K9 Pollution Solutions of Auckland, New Zealand News
Business to Business, Aug 2005. There are actually several insightful articles & concise synopsis´ about this dog waste cleanup company on there website top read through. This particle article discusses how receptive local officials have been to this companies plans to clean dog excrement from public city areas with the use of special equipment.
Auckland New Zealand. Outside the USA

Jamie Gray & His Pooper Scooper Co. Men On Doody News
I believe this article is several years old. Penned by Staff Writer Susan Orr. Jamie & Jennifer discuss the initial challenges they had with the "business" at onset and some of the funny hurdles that overcame as they moved forward and learned how to handle the public lack of awareness and use of a professional pooper scooper service.
See Article. South Carolina

Loren Hoppens & His Pooper-Scooper Service Of Tucson News
Published on July 10, 2003 by Jimmie Boegle in the Tucson Weekly. "Hoppens, a Wisconsin native who´s called Tucson home since 1976, started the pet-cleanup/odor-removal business more than two years ago. "I like the dogs, and all the pets. I also pick up after cats, potbellied pigs, a miniature donkey and horses. I pick it up and haul it away."
See Article. Arizona

PAws Express Poop Scooping Of Florida News
Tammie Wersinger of the Orlando Sentinel talks with Kate Leas & Chris Clisson about their recently started dog poop scooping company. Actually, the couple starting out offering several different mobile pet care services and recently added their well received pooper scooper services.
See Article. Florida

Chicago Canine Waste Management Have Doggie, We’ll Doo
Written by Beth Burmahl in 1994 of the Jefferson Park Times. This is a very helpful article that dates back when the professional dog pooper scooper service industry was just starting to take deeper root in the pet care services sector. Owner, Diane Rossi discusses the success of the venture and the firms humble beginnings in Chicago.
See Article. Illinois

The Doggy Doo Wagon Pet Waste Removal Of Canada
This article appeared in The Star Newspaper July 16, 2003 and was written by Sandra Steilo. Arlene Whalen and Julie Vandenberg are the owners of this Nanaimo pet waste removal service. They discuss how they arrived at the "business" idea to pickup after dogs and just how much their collective take of the dog doo is delivered to the dump each week.
Canada (See Article). Outside the USA

K-9 Kleanup Dog Waste Removal & Owner Cheryll Wezner News
April 19, 2004. Writren by Jim Schaffer of The Free Press. K-9 Kleanup is a Downriver located professional pooper-scooper company owned and operated by the Wezner family in Michigan state.
See Article. Michigan

Allan Dreblow, Owner Of Poop Patrol Wisconsin Interviewed
May 3, 2006. Jeff Bollier completes an interview writeup in The Northwestern Paper. Dreblow said he used his UWo degree in finance and business to write his business plan, develop a contract for customers and set the prices for services he provides (including dog walking a pet food delivery.)
See Article. Wisconsin

The Poop on Professional Scoopers With Pile Patrol, LLC.
Fetch Magazine, June 2005. "For Gibb, who started her service in Aug. of 03, "I like going from house to house, although it’s always a yard, it’s like always having a different environment, she said. There’s plenty of travel time for those in the poop industry. The average visit is under 15 min. a house, cleaning up to 50 clients a day in Spring."
See Article. Wisconsin

Cheresee Rehart Of Yard Guard On Doody Charity
On Sept. 28, 2006 Deputy Sheriff Matt Williams & his partner, DiOGi of Florida, were shot to death as they chased a suspect into woods in northwest Lakeland. The owner of Yard Guard on Doody professional pooper scooper service rallies her community by launching a campaign to raise money for K-9 bullet-proof vests in honor of DiOGi (with results!)
See Article. Florida

Sean Connolly´s Christchurch Pooper Scooper News
Nov 11th, 2006. While most people recoil from the messy business of picking up dog turds, Connolly loves his new take on life and his new professional dog poop cleaning company. He now has about 40 clients in his 1st year, earning him almost as much as his last job did. Dog Butler Services is among a slew of newer pet care biz´ that have emerged.
New Zealand. Outside the USA

Lee Bowling, Of On Doody Pet Waste Removal Service News
Nov 8th, 2006. Bowling came back from about a month-long trip through Miss., Tennessee & North Carolina and discovered one of his high school friends, wanted to sell ON DOODY Dog Waste Removal. Bowling bought the 6 year old company for a price between $30,000 & $50,000, he said, and quickly earned what he paid for it with 70% year over year growth.
See Article. Tennessee

Albuquerque´s Debbie Frazier Off Poop Busters News
Written Nov. 21, 2006 of in The Albuquerque Tribune. Frazier has been in the poop scopin business for 22 years in Albuquerque & Rio Rancho. She estimates she earns around $130K yearly as she travels from house to house cleaning back yards free of dog poop. Joe Montoya of Animal Waste Services & Tim Stone of LA´s Scoop Masters share their thoughts.
See Article. New Mexico

Professional Canine Poop Cleaners Of Chicago News
This is a Dec, 06 article written by Meredith Landry in Crain´s Chicago Business paper. Article notes that there are no less than 20 dog waste removal outfits in the Chicagoland area. Some of the pooper scoopers include: Poop B´Gone & Nat Truitt of Doo Care in Glen Ellyn. as well as Mike Soifer´s K-9 Poop Patrol in Cook, DuPage & Lake County.
See Article. Illinois

Starting A Pet-Waste Removal Service Business
By Eileen Figure Sandlin, written 12/28/06 in, Inc. This article, although simplifying what is really possible when pursuing this industry with tenacity and long term goals, presents the possibilities of a semi-full time venture into the poop mines. Still recommended for a quick read and to wet yer whistle.
See Article. California

Mary Ellen Levy Of When Doody Calls In The News
By Tammy McKillip of The Independent. Written 1/17/2007. "The Port Monmouth founder of When Doody Calls, a pet waste management company, says she smiles every time someone asks her to talk about the business she started roughly eight years ago when she realized that poop-scooping could be profitable."
See Article. New Jersey

Poop – Be – Gone President And C.E.O, Ken Reinhard News
This is a small article that appeared on the Colorado news, station 11. It discussed the dog poop scooping company named Poop – Be – Gone, owned by Ken Reinhard. The article discusses how his clients feel the service to be a blessing to their homes.
See Article. Colorado

Stinkies Pet Waste Removal Wins Nat.Turd Herding Contest
Taking on dozens of other professional pooper scooper companies from around the country at the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists 4th Annual Pooper Scooper Convention in Las Vegas, NV, owner Shon Hatfield of Stinkies Pet Waste Removal in Kansas City scoops up the coveted Golden Shovel Award for quickest Turd Herder of 2007.
See Article. Kansas

Randy Hamilton Of All Dogs Doo LLC (Licensed Pooper Scooper)
Written in the online version of The Shrevenport Times Of Louisiana on February 12, 2007 by Jane Bokun. Article discusses why Randy chose to be a professional pooper-scooper owner/operator and outlines some of his past employment that led him up to self-employment. Dog waste cleaning services are performed in and around Bossier City, LA.
See Article. Louisiana

Dallas-based Pet Butler Rakes In Cash
January 23, 2007, by Pegasus Newswire. A well written article here providing a concise synopsis of the most recent 2006 year milestones Pet Butler has acheived. The editor found particular interest in one of the most important milestones denoted "December 2006 – Pet Butler achieves revenue of $2 million."
Dallas++. Texas

Pet Butler Exceeds Goals With 60th Franchise Launch
March 16, 2007 DALLAS – Pet Butler, the nation’s leading pet waste cleanup service, announced today that it has opened its 60th franchise. The company now offers service in 17 states, making it the fastest-growing professional poop-scooping company in the nation.
See Article. Texas

Elite Pet Service Of Tampa Bay Area Scoops On Into The News
Published April 14, 2007 By Jodie Tillman of the St. Petersburg Times. In the year that Elite Pet Service has been in biz, he has found about 50 customers for the waste removal. (Elite also offers dog-walking and pet-sitting services.) Chris Brooks and his wife enjoy their new "business" as well as all the dogs they have befriended along the way!

Mutt Mounds Of Virginia Owner Jim Miles Interviewed
Date published: 4/19/2007 in and written by Andrea Christie. In late February, Miles, of Remington, opened his own company, called Mutt Mounds Dog Waste Removal Service. The company serves customers within a 30-mile radius of Remington, such as Fredericksburg and Stafford County and Culpeper County.
Fredericksburg. Virginia

Merideth Rettinger & Tour Of Doody Pet Waste Removal Company
By Alex Paul of the Gazette-Times. Tour of Doody operates in both Linn & Benton counties, but so far, clients are only in Albany, Brownsville & Corvallis. A native of Grand Island, Neb., Rettinger said she never dreamed of owning a waste removal business. The phone # for Tour of Doody is 971-0090, & the company has a Web site at

Susan Fischer, Owner Of Poo Patrol Of North Carolina
By Anne Fitten Glenn, CITIZEN-TIMES CORRESPONDENT, pub. April 23, 2007. “Some people aren’t able to clean up after their pets. In some cases, this is their soul mate or only companion. I want to help them,” Fischer said. She´ll also clean out litter boxes as well, particularly for pregnant women, who risk contracting toxoplasmosis from cat feces.
North Carolina

"Scooper Trooperz" Pet Waste Removal Service In California
Marcel Honoré, The Desert Sun May 10, 2007. Alfonso Peña, a Time Warner Cable service installer, teamed with College of the Desert student Oscar Silva a few weeks ago to launch "Scooper Trooperz" pet waste removal service. For a monthly fee, the Trooperz will visit homes either once or twice a week and take care of business.
La Quinta / Palm Springs / Coachella Valley Area. California

Brandon Roth Of Scooper Trooper Pet Waste Removal Interview
May 14, 07. In poop, Roth saw a way to make a pile of money. He first targeted health clubs, where he found dog owners "whose lives are very busy, and they´re willing to pay" a pro else to delandmine the house backyard. Then, he contacted apartment complexes. Roth has a 5 year plan to get ´er dung & an endless supply of gross domestic product.

Chip Booth Of South Carolina´s Poopie Trooper Interviewed
February 22, 2007 by Jim Faber. Booth and his new pup "Trooper" cruise the island, Bluffton and Sun City Hilton Head in a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor painted in a black and white police cruiser trim, with company slogans and the website in place of police insignia on his unique service vehicle used on his route.
South Carolina

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The Latest Press Coverage And Relevant “Poop” In The Pooper Scooper Industry
Current And past pooper scooper relevant news coverage is available for your reading here. Some of this coverage concerns my own pooper scooper business ( However, much of what you’ll read here is actually a concise synopsis of articles that have ran in the past on *other* dog waste removal firms servicing the rest of the country. Some of these companies have been performing dedicated service to their client base in their respective market for well over a decade. Wow is right. And to think that only moments ago you never even knew this professional service was even available. I can personally assure you that this service *does* indeed exist and is well on its way to becoming as ubiquitous as the professional gardener. Get a closer look through the eyes of each news reporter on what life is like to focus all your attention on keeping #2 your #1 priority. Yeah, it’s a smelly job but someone’s got to do it. My hat is off to all my dog waste removal colleagues. Nice work guys. Keep spreading the good news because nobody can “doo the do” quite like you guys do.  
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