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Sun-Rae Akita Breeder
Anna & Robert Sanchez have been enthusiastically involved in Akita breeding, rescue & various related clubs since 1983. Akiko´s Sky Rider of Pride is a multi Best in Show winner, Best in Speciality show winner and Akita Breed winner at Westminister two years in a row. He is also a National Speciality Stud Dog winner. Akita photos are depicted.
Yucaipa San Bernardino County Southern Ca. California

Affordable Adorable Affectionate Labrador Retriever Breeder
Norm & Pauline Holt are committed to their breeding services to the point that they make it their ONLY business. All their Labrador puppies and adult dogs in their care are always trained and treated as if they were a part of the family. Fantastic dogs and even better temperments can be expected by anyone interested in buying a Labrador Retriever.
Ontario San Bernardino County. California

von Schwartz - Quality German Shepherds
"Our #1 goal at von Schwartz GSD is to FURTHER & IMPROVE the GSD breed, our breedings are aimed to produce the total GSD balancing ideal working ability, character, health & structure. Following the strict guidles of the SV in our breeding program - BEFORE our dogs are bred they are shown, titled, & breed surveyed. Imported from Germany & Hungary.
San Bernardino. California

Beda Bulldogs Breeder Of Southern California
Beve and Dave are now breeders of 14 past and current Bulldog champions. They are active members of the Pacific Coast Bulldog Club, Bulldog Club of America, & BCA Division III in an effort to stay informed and further their education concerning the breed. Website mentions British Bulldog stud services and shows photos of their pups for sale.
Morongo Valley San Bernardino County. California

Sterling & Omega Flat-Coated Retrievers
Website serves as a good educational source on the company´s efforts to educate & inform dog fanciers about their ethical breeding, training, showing and hunting of Flat-Coated Retrievers since the year 1972. Their company is actually to powerhouse breeders that combined their knowledge & understanding of the breed to form one breeding facility.
Ontario San Bernardino County. California

Springhaven Kennels AKC Newfoundland Dog Breeder
Joanne Givens provides some real pretty photos of her most recent AKC Newfoundland puppies. Newfoundland dogs are also affectionately called "Newf(s)" "Jeff is retired now and with no job to go to everyday we can both devote all our time to the Newfs, who have become our full time passion!" Hip and elbow certified dogs.
Lake Hughes Los Angeles County. California

Shantel Shelties & Aussies Breeding
Althought they do not intend on any upcoming puppy litters for the year 2005, please keep in touch with them if interested in 2006. Past litters and adult dogs are photographed. Their breeding stock of dogs are OFA certified clear of congenital defects, hip dysplasia and other abnormalities of concern. Great pet memorial of their 1st Sheltie!
Victorville San Bernardino. California

Chasen English Toy Spaniel Breeder
The Chasen dog breeding company has taken 20 English Toy Spaniels to championships in there enthusiastic 30 years of owning, breeding & handling these fun pups. Dale and Marj have been dedicated to this well mannered family dog and have made numerous contributions to several different English Toy Spaniel fancier groups. Great history description.
San Diego Southern Ca. California

Adelhertz German Shepherds Breeding
Breeder of fine German Shepherds that are both beautiful & functional family pets. Competition---Schutzhund, Agility, Obedience, Tracking, & Herding are the focused tasks & characteristics of a dog bred at Adelhertz. Great videos, explanations on the drawbacks of buying from pet shops, & puppy socilaization. Puppies are from German bloodlines.
Ramona San Diego. California

Ridgerunner Mastiffs - Breeder
Kelly Cooper, O.H.A. & Mike Cullen serve up some good looking Stud services through their champion Mastiffs. Website shows previous Mastiffs they have bred, several of which have won National Specialty Awards. Mastiff photos and a bit about the Ridgerunner kennels is discussed.
Valley Center San Diego. California

The Neapolitan Mastiff Home Page
Dr. Barry Reder has got one of the best online resources I´ve scene on the Neapolitan Mastiff dog brred. Some pretty amazing examples shown he has produced in 250 pound of muscle caliber! "Sargent Payne" is produced by this dog breeder. His puppies and adults have passed M.S.U. thyroid function exam, O.F.A. hip x-rays with a "good" rating +.
Oceanside San Diego. California

O´Bobtor´s Borzoi Breeder In Southern Ca.
Company has just recently had some Borzoi pups you may want to inquire about with the breeder. The O´Bobtor´s Borzoi website shows many of the breeder´s previous award winning dogs and related pedigrees.
Lakeside San Diego. California

Sinclair Pons Naturally Reared Polish Lowland Sheepdogs
"The Polski Owczarek Nizinny (PON) also known as the Polish Lowland Sheepdog is considered a Rare Breed in the United States." The website has many photos of the breed raised in Southern California. Puppies are offered for sale and they occasionally have adults as well. They have a welping page on the site of these eager to please dogs.
Hesperia San Bernardino County. California

Yellow Brick Roads Cairn Terrier Breeder
Suzee Bidegain describes "These little characters will keep up with the most active owner, yet can be a comfortable companion for a less active lifestyle." 20 acres of amazing kennel is where Suzee socializes & provides plenty of love for her Cairn Terrier family additions for sale. Dogs are bred for companionship & show. Championship bloodlines.
Jamul San Diego. California

California American Water Spaniel Breeder
Linda Ford states that Water Spaniels are an exceptional breed for hunting, sporting and companionship and she is dead on. If you´ve never seen this dog´s coat in person, it´s worth the price of admission. Amazing hunting dog in my opinion & a very likeable temperment for families. She has been breeding AWS dogs since 88. Don´t overlook this breed!
Fallbrook San Diego. California

Tiara Standard Poodle Breeding In Southern Ca.
To say Julie Borst-Reed is a Poodle aficianado would be an understatement. Breeding Champion Standard Poodles since 1976, she has now accrued more than 50 AKC championships in both agility and obedience. Read her "Puppy Comes Home" article, it is superb(!) and can be applied in many respects to various other dog breeds. Great photo gallery.
La Jolla San Diego. California

Taycins Kennels Standard/North American Australian Shepherd
A 3 generation family business of breeding, this family has been raising AKC & ASCA Registered show quality dogs since 1972. This kennel has produced a number of Best In Show in recent years. They occasionally breed both Miniature Aussies as well as the Standard North American type. Aussies are both enthusiastic dogs as well as great companions.
Los Alamos Santa Barbara. California

Danika Dobermann Dog Breeder
Good website for learning researching further the Dobermann breed before a future puchase. Britt Reed has some nice looking Schutzhund dogs as well as others for sale that would be appropriate for law enforcement work. Prospective buyers need to be serious about dealing with this breeder & illustrate a specific need & intended use of a Danika dog.
Bakersfield Kern County. California

Lawson Labradors & Associates
Jason and Shawna Lawson are Central California breeders that endeavour to enhance their English descent Labradors. Labradors are all AKC Registered, OFA certified & the dogs are current on CERF eye exams. Puppies are for sale occasionally and are updated on the site and inquires are welcome by phone. Labrador puppy photos & upcoming litters.
Bakersfield Kern County Southern Ca. California

Sierra Mini Aussies (Breeder In Central California)
Sierra kennels home-breeds Mini Aussies in a variety of coat colors and initally established their kennel in 1995. Before anything else, Sierra Kennels makes certain that their Aussies have had ample socialization before they are ever sold to the public. While their dogs make for excellent family pets, many are used in show, agility and flyball.
Bakersfield Kern County. California

Harley Labradors Bred In The U.S.A.
Harley Kennels specializes in breeding Chocolate & Black Labrador puppies. As a long time owner of a black Lab, I agree with their following statement "Labradors make great family pets and are wonderful companions." Well socialized puppies that spend time growing in their early months with other pets, children and adults. Photos & breeder history.

Vueline APBT Kennels American Pit Bull Terrier Breeder
Website discusses the Pit Bull standard, show photos with recent competing dogs they´ve entered, awards won, and current puppy litters. Stud services through "I Am A Rogue" nationally recognized dog are available and puppy pedigree list provided.
Sacramento County. California

Silverado Weimaraner Breeder Of Northern California
Dozens of champion Weimaraner dogs have been proudly bred by this couple over the past 12 years. Company has many references you can check before you buy one of their Weimaraner puppies or adults. They´ll invite you to their kennel & provide ongoing support and expertise after your acquisition of just the right puppy for you. Site has photos.
Santa Rosa Sonoma County. California

Windrift Keeshond Dog Breeder In Northern Ca.
"I have bred over 200 Keeshond champions and 14 Best In Show winners during the last 30 years." Keeshond puppies are typically available and purchased from a waiting list, but give her a call as she does produce 2 or 3 litters a year. Website includes photos, champion stud dog services, show dogs, pedigrees and more.
Santa Rosa Sonoma County. California

Blazers German Pinscher Breeding In Southern Ca.
This is a great site for learning about German Pinschers; long on breed appropriate info & short on hype. Worth a call if you feel this is the breed for you. Dianna Jones, "I´ve been breeding German Pinschers longer than anyone else in the U.S. & am the only founding member of the German Pinscher Club of America still active with the breed."

Foxfire Golden Retrievers Breeding
Linda Giorgi, "Breeding Stock - Our golden retrievers are physically sound & certified free of hip dysphasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals- tested by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation, as well as cardiac cleared by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. We breed for natural hunting ability, as well as their other outstanding qualities."
Petaluma Sonoma County. California

J.R.´s American Bulldog Breeder
The Richman family have some pretty exciting photos of their Bulldogs in training action on the website. "We strive to produce agile, muscular, healthy AmBulls with excellent structure. All breedings are with OFA or PennHip certified dogs with complimentary structure & proper temperament." Dogs are bred to be both territorial, yet people friendly.
Santa Rosa Sonoma County. California

Covy-Tucker Hill Kennels Breeders Of German Shepherds
Covy-Tucker Hill Kennels was founded in 1971 by Cappy Pottle and Gloria F. Birch. They sell GSD puppies for pet, family companion, or top show quality. They also market their dog training skills, have boarding facilities available for your dogs and possess a Champion OFA Stud Service. Since 1971, this team has raised over 200 GSD champions.
Cotati Sonoma County. California

Skansen Kennel Schauzer Breeder Of Northern California
It´s safe to say, that many people make this Schnauzer dog breeder their first and last stop when it comes to buying a possible future champiom. Sylvia has an outstanding website choke full of info & an even better breeding track record of show success - over 1000 champion Schnauzers of various size - Giant, Standard & Minature. Established 1950.
Sebastopol Sonoma County. California

Bright Star Irish Setter & Gordon Setter Breeder
Established 1971, Matt and Wendy Czarnecki have been breeding Irish Setters as ideal hunting & family companions with an emphasis on superb temperament. Additionally, they can be contacted for their proven champion dog stud service, handling and professional dog training. Irish and Gordon Setter puppies available typically each year. Dog photos.
Petaluma Sonoma County. California

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Many Dog Breeds Available By Local Dog Breeders in Orange County Los Angeles (LA) San Diego Riverside +
Dog Breeds and Dog Breeders. This is a resourceful database to assist you in your quest to find that perfect dog breed to bring home with you. Included are dogs for sale from breeders offering puppies, adult dogs, as well as canine stud services where available. Most of the links you’ll find her are fairly good representations of professional show dog breeders as well as hobby operators in the Orange County, Los Angeles and surrounding California counties. Dog breeders from other states may also be included for research purposes. One Caveat: DO YOUR RESEARCH. And please do not ultimately choose a particular breed due to its physical appearance. This is by far the most common mistake.

Equally as important is the dog breeder in which you choose to obtain your new canine pal from. Just like the research that was required to find the perfect, compatible dog breed to match your personal interests, I further suggest to do your due diligence in interviewing the dog breeders you may be considering. Reputable dog breeders will usually be more than enthusiastic to tell you all about their particular dogs: the breed itself, provide descriptions & documentation of the dogs parents/bloodline, extensive dog pictures, references to other dog owners where they have placed their pups, and any and all pet health records. Consider this just a start when researching dogs for sale.

Some last thoughts. *Please* don’t forget that we are blessed with an abundance of local dog rescues and shelters that have some BEAUTIFUL dogs which love more than anything to come home and be a part of your family. People really need to think of these sources of dog adoption as a *first* choice in many cases as opposed to a last resource. Never felt like a hero? You WILL if and when you find a compatible dog or cat to adopt and light up your life. I’ve adopted two dogs myself and they have really benefited my life beyond words. As usual, use your discretion when also researching and getting to know your “pound puppies” and rescue/shelter dogs.
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