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Pooper Scooper News
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Pro Pooper Scooper Of Oregon On TV
This is a May 16th, 07 video that was ran on TV and published at the Fox Channel 12 News website. Shauna Parsons is a newcaster that "fills in" for the owner of a local Oregon poop scooping company called Pro Pooper Scooper.
See Article. Oregon

Bob´s Pooper Scooper And Owner Chuck Miller In The News
Mike Trask of The Las Vegas Sun interviews the owner of Bob´s Pooper Scooper and his unique cleaning business for hundreds of pups. He scoops dog poop along a route he created that extends from North Las Vegas to Southern Highlands. Miller has more than 100 customers, including a few homeowners ass., where he checks the sidewalks and open spaces.
See Article. Nevada

Scooping Poop Pays Off For Lisa Hook & Her Backyard Butler
A report. 6/30/07. Today, Hook, who is sole proprietor of the business, has about 50 clients across the county and her services are growing in demand. "It´s something absolutely nobody wants to do. ... People spend tons of money on their pets, and this is really an inexpensive service."
York. Pennsylvania

Mardi Cameron Discusses Her New Dog Waste Removal Service
It may sound like a crazy - bordering on disgusting - idea, but pet-waste-removal services are popping up all over Canada and the U.S. as people get busier, and look for ways to add minutes to their days. Cameron hopes Nova Scotia takes to the idea and thinks it´s a small price for pet owners to pay to wipe their hands clean of doody duty.
Halifax - Nova Scotia, Canada. Outside the USA

Pooper Scoopers Pet Waste Removal Service & Patty Halstead
Halstead makes a living picking up pet waste throughout the Kanawha Valley. She opened her biz, Pooper Scoopers Pet Waste Removal Service, in Dec. of last year. Her service specializes in removing waste from both homes and commercial properties. Her clients currently consist of homeowners and a nursing home that houses a dog for its residents.
West Virginia

Hound Mounds On NBC 5 - Pet Waste Causes Health Concern
Per the North Texas Council of Governments, dogs leave behind 450 tons of waste every day. Pet waste is a health hazard that washes into local lakes, but the problem is easy to fix. For those who are too busy or squeamish, some businesses are dedicated to picking up waste. "We dispose of it in plastic bags," said Geoffrey Bodle of Hound Mounds.

Pet Butler Reaches Milestone, Picking Up 40 Millionth Pile
Aug. 9, 07 - Pet Butler, the nation’s leading pet waste cleanup service, has reached another milestone as it continues its rapid nationwide expansion. Just yesterday, its Technicians cleaned up their 40 millionth pile of dog poop. With nearly 80 franchises in 20 states, Pet Butler is not only the largest poop-scoop biz, but the fastest growing too.

Bowser´s Bomb Banishers & Owner Bobby Doyle In The News
By ANN-MARIE SOMMA, The Hartford Courant. Doyle started Bowser´s Bomb Banishers in 1999, after he was laid off from an aeronautical engineering job. But the idea came to him years earlier. He always dreaded coming home from work and having to pick up after his dogs. He wished he could pay someone to do it for him.
Niantic to Waterbury. Connecticut

Butler 4 Pets And Owner Maureen Butler In The News
08/29/2007 Naples Sun Times article written by Carla Meekins. Being a lifelong animal lover, but burnt out by dealing with demanding clients, Butler said, "I´d rather take poo from animals than folks," and aptly named her new biz Butler4Pets. Butler will clean your yard weekly of pet waste, double-bag it, deodorize it & place it in your trash bin.
Naples Collier County. Florida

Dawn Regehr And Her Company Scooper Danes K-9 Waste Removal
ArizonA Daily Star. Published: 08.30.2007. By Joyce Bertschy. After a brainstorming session, she came up with the idea to become a "pooper scooper." Regehr thinks it´s healthier for the dogs to have their waste picked up on a regular basis. "It´s not the most glamorous job in the world, but I feel like I´m doing something useful," said Regehr.
Tucson. Arizona

Hound Mounds Pooper Scoopers Get The "poop Outta Your Lives"
Hounds Mounds is a "pet waste cleanup and disposal service" out of Texas and Oklahoma who will proudly "SCOOP YOUR POOP!" Aside from offering a slew of fecal euphemisms—poopie piles, dog logs, land mines, or hounds mounds—their website also sells T-shirts in two colors. These are professionals ladies and gentleman.

Hound Mounds - Some Like It Woof
Prepare for life’s (and Rover’s) little messes with a call to Hound Mounds (877-766-7911). The poop scoop and disposal service removes pet waste from your yard so it can be full of fresh-smelling grass once again. And not so full of, well, it.

Poop Van Scoop Of Colorado Interviewed
This is a Colorado Biz MAgazine article written by Mike Taylor on 2/15/07. Poop Van Scoop has been in business for 30 years, yet very little is known about their company becasue they do not have a website. Owners Disa And Bill give a few accounts about their past experiences in the poop mines over the years.
See Article. Colorado

Kostas Ioannidis & His Poop Scooping Company Scoopy Doos
"Astoundingly, no. For three years, Ioannidis has driven around the Charleston area looking for — sniffing out, if you will — new customers for his dog waste removal service, Scoopy Doos. The idea for the business came from a friend who thought it might be a lucrative venture." Thanks for dooing the dirty work for us!
South Carolina

Doggy´s Doo Pooper Scooper Service News
The Crowley family of Marion, Iowa recetnly has thrown their shovel into the poop pile to speak. The article appeared in The Gazette, an Eastern Iowa online web portal. Business practices and persoanl experiences over the last year in the pet waste cleanup business are discussed.
Se Article. Iowa

Scoop-N-Doo Pooper Scooper Service Owner Interviewed
November 4, 2007, written by Kate O\´Donnell. Dave Jacks has operated Scoop-N-Doo since 1995 in Missouri State as an owner/operator. Article discusses how Jacks came up with the idea when very few in the USA were providing this service. Further thoughts include what he likes most and worst about operating his pet waste removal business.
Columbia. Missouri

DoodyBusters Of Texas Interviewed
October 28, 2007 By Lee Anderson- published in the Times Record News. DoodyBusters offers yard cleaning, and a litter box service is available for people with cats. The service comes to a home twice a week, he said, and every time they scoop the box, it is replaced with one that has been disinfected.
Wichita Falls. Texas

John Stuntebeck Of Doggy-Doo Pet Waste Removal Interview
ohn Stuntebeck, owner of Doggy-Doo Pet Waste Removal in Marshall, picks up the waste at Dane County ´s dog parks and composts it at his farm. His business also picks up waste from about 250 homes, a couple of dog day-care centers, some cat owners and the occasional gerbil and guinea pig. "One time I actually picked up rabbit waste, " he said.
Madison Area. Wisconsin Brian Woodard Of Dighton Interviewed
For a nominal fee Woodard, 48, will visit your home & carefully collect all the doggie doo that has collected on the lawn. The idea for his unusual venture came to Woodard, a retired FedEx delivery driver, a couple of years ago when — after having spent 10 yrs as a stay-at-home dad to his 3 kids — he decided it was time to reenter the workforce.

Runa Lemminn, The Owner Of Scoopy´s Dog Waste Removal
She started her business with a low-cost marketing campaign & $100 in materials: bags, disinfectant, gloves, gardening shoes, paper towels & scooping devices. In just 6 months, Lemminn serves 30 clients & cleans 4 days a week, 3 to 5 hours a day. For a basic yard, she´ll charge a client with one dog $10 a week for 1x/week cleaning.
Bakersfield. California

Scoopy´s Dog Waste Removal Of Bakersfield
February 18, 2008. BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Well, it´s a dirty job but someone has to do it, as one local business is dedicated to picking up animal waste. Scoopy´s Dog Waste Removal has been in business for a year and is growing by leaps and mounds. The owner got the idea from the Internet on the top 10 hottest pet jobs.
Bakersfield. California

Association Of Professional Animal Waste Specialists Race
Feb 26, 08, By RAYMUND FLANDEZ & STEPHANIE CHEN. ATLANTA: Dog poop is nothing to sniff at- a huge growth in the business has prompted the explosion of pro pooper scoopers in the US & many are competing to be Top Dog at the 5th annual convention of the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists, scoopers faced off to see who was quickest.
Atlanta. Georgia

Les Scoops Pet Waste Removal Services Interview
Les Scoops Pet Waste Removal Services has recently opened in Federal Way. The company, owned by Vicki Thatcher, specializes in removal of pet waste from residential and commercial sites. The company offers weekly, biweekly and monthly services as well as one time cleanups.
Federal Way . Washington

Doo Care Pooper Scooper Service Coming To Las Vegas
April 21, 08, BY ERIN GUERNSEY. Pet owners can outsource the pooper-scooper when Tucson, Ariz.-based Doo Care arrives in Las Vegas next year. Doo Care offers a variety of affordable pet waste removal options for customers and franchise opportunities for the business crowd. Doo Care believes that Las Vegas´ market size will allow for 4 franchisees.
Las Vegas. Nevada

Ron John Poo-B-Gone Company Poop Scooping Interview
Apr 11, 08, By Josh Noel. Once just an oddity or punch line, the "scooping industry," as its owners like to call it, is a fast growing segment of a pet industry that seems immune to a slowing economy. Franchises are expanding, entremanures are hiring staffs they never imagined needing and people like Ron Johnson are making more money every year.

Pet Pickup Of Michigan Mentioned In News
March 28, 2008, BY STEPHENIE KOEHN. "Aah, Spring ... When the winter´s snow cover melts to reveal grass that will soon be green again and - if you have a dog- a winter´s worth of the, er, deposits left for spring cleanup. To the rescue comes Pet Pickup, an animal waste-removal business serving Livingston, Washtenaw & 3 other neighboring counties.."
Ann Arbor. Michigan

Shawn Lomnitz & Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service
April 03, 08, by Linda Angelo. GENSEE COUNTY, Michigan -- Here´s the scoop on your pet´s poop: It can disappear. Pet owners are ridding themselves of the messy chore by hiring companies to pick up and haul away their animal´s messes. Companies like Scoopy Doo owners Shawn Lomnitz & Rich Barlow who have grown from 7 clients in 1998 to 300 in 2008.

Happy Dog Yard, LLC. & Brad Erickson In The News
Apr 7, 08. "It´s a job most every dog owner dislikes. And if you dread the clean up duties, you can call someone to take over for you. Mike Gary loves his dogs, but it´s the mess they leave in the yard he´ll pass on. But Mike doesn´t deal with the doggie doo. He leaves that job to Pro Pooper Scooper Brad Erickson, owner of Happy Dog Yard lIC.
La Crosse/La Crescent. Wisconsin

John Usher & His Company Pooper Scooper Service Interviewed
"I know a lot of people don´t actually clean up after their dogs," said Usher, who ran a similar business in Idaho before moving to Fergus Falls in Jan. "I got to thinking about it and it sounded like a good idea." Usher´s Pooper Scooper Service in ID was just getting off the ground before his move to Fergus Falls. He looks forward with optimism.
Fergus Falls. Minnesota

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The Latest Press Coverage And Relevant “Poop” In The Pooper Scooper Industry
Current And past pooper scooper relevant news coverage is available for your reading here. Some of this coverage concerns my own pooper scooper business ( However, much of what you’ll read here is actually a concise synopsis of articles that have ran in the past on *other* dog waste removal firms servicing the rest of the country. Some of these companies have been performing dedicated service to their client base in their respective market for well over a decade. Wow is right. And to think that only moments ago you never even knew this professional service was even available. I can personally assure you that this service *does* indeed exist and is well on its way to becoming as ubiquitous as the professional gardener. Get a closer look through the eyes of each news reporter on what life is like to focus all your attention on keeping #2 your #1 priority. Yeah, it’s a smelly job but someone’s got to do it. My hat is off to all my dog waste removal colleagues. Nice work guys. Keep spreading the good news because nobody can “doo the do” quite like you guys do.  
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