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Dog Breeders And Purebreds
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Poodles & Select Poo Mixes
This company offers purebred Toy Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltepoo puppies, and Cockapoos. As with any breeder, please ask to see the puppies parents and discuss the intentions of the breeder, purpose of the dogs they raise and references you may call. Many dog photos.
Stockton San Joaquin County. California

Twin Pines Kennel Miniature Australian Shepherds
David & Karen Kipp breed their Miniature Australian Shepherds in the heart of Ca. for superior Temperament, Health & Beauty. Check out the beautiful blue eyed puppies in the photo gallery. "Our champion dogs have had their eyes certified clear by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist (CERF) & hips x-rayed (OFA) to be free of hip dysplasia.
Grass Valley Nevada County. California

Zwinger Vom Valkyre German Shepherds
Rebecca M. Rodgers has a great puppy gallery. "Valkyre does not have separate "working" or "show" lines. Today, as always, all Conformation winners, Obedience dogs, Schutzhund dogs, SAR, Police Service, Herding, Agility, and Therapy dogs come from the SAME litters. Each breeding is carefully planned and researched to produce the utmost potential."
Roseville Placer County. California

Belgairn Labrador Retrievers Dog Breeding
Ron & Jennifer Kelley have plenty of cute Labrador pup pictures as well as their associated pedigrees. Their breeding is family oriented with pets treated as part of the family as they are raised on their small hobby kennel near Napa Valley. The Lab breeding program conforms to International Labrador Standard. Certified for hip & elbow soundess +.
Middletown Lake County. California

Diamond P Labradors (Breeding)
Patti Jo Scott´s Lab puppies are bred for trainability, & a natural desire to retrieve. Stud service through their males is available as well as semen for artificial insemination. Ask about their Dams and breeding programs. All of their Labrador Retrievers are dogs that are OFA and CERF rated. They´ve produced accomplished search & rescue dogs.
Walnut Grove Sacramento County. California

Donnerberg Rottweilers - Dog Breeder
Beautiful German Rottweilers with sound temperament, structure - with a focus also on strong working ability. All Rottweilers are currently in training for German titles. Dogs exceling in the field and for conformation purposes. AKC and USRC registered kennel. Hip and health guarantee for pups sold and strict adherence to code of ethics. Pictures.
Live Oak Sutter County. California

Larum APBT Kennels American Pit Bull Terriers
Cheryl L. Larum has been breeding her champion American Pit Bull Terriers in the same manner for over 28 years now. "Numerous Larum-bred dogs have excelled in performance in several fields of competition such as confirmation, agility, obedience, and now weight pulling." Website lists dozens of current & previous Pit Bull champions. UKC registered.
Reno. Nevada

Beaucerons du Chateau Rocher
"At Beaucerons du Chateau Rocher the Beauceron is a passion, not a business or livelihood." Beauceron dogs from some of the top bloodlines in Europe and the USA. "Jude was World Champion for the second time at the Exposition Canina Mundial 1999." The unique breed is VERY rare not only in America, but also the rest of the world. Puppies, history +.
Woodlake Tulare County. California

RockyRose - Border Terriers Labradors & Cavalier Spaniels
Very busy Californian dog breeder that raises the following dogs: Labrador Retrievers, Border Terriers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She breeds the 4 various color types of the Cavalier, which are typically 12 to 13 inches in height and 13 to 18 pounds of loving personality. Website includes photos and dog breed synopsis.
Grass Valley Nevada County. California

Cracar Siberian Breeding
Mrs. Petersen & the Whaley´s, "With extremely selective breeding of our adults, we have found that we still can produce "quality" without producing "quantity". Averaging 1-2 litters a year. We strive to maintain a breeding program that produces dogs that conform to the guidelines outlined in the AKC standard for the Siberian Husky."
Phelan San Francisco. California

Burlywood Collies Breeder
Established 1981, Melinda & Duane Sunnarborg have been breeding Collies with intent, passion and careful consideration to continually improve the standard Collie. Averaging 1 puppy litter a year, Burlywood´s dogs are all homebred, handled and socialized like part of the family, and have extensive health screening before ever sold. Collie photos.
Livermore San Francisco Bay Alameda County. California

California-Carolina Dogs Connection Of Solano County
This is a very interesting website about a very rare and equally unknown dog breed- the Carolina dog. Susan B. Anthony is the breeder and claims to be the finest Carolina dog breeder around. Quite honestly, you´re lucky if you can find any other breeder other than Susan. Awards, discussion of the kennel, photos, and Carolina dog history (great).
Vallejo San Francisco Bay Area. California

Baytown Kennels American Pit Bull Terriers
Shawn Jones owns and operates as the breeder of this San Francisco Bay area kennel. Some very unique pictures of muscular Pit Bulls on this site. Nationally ranked, Grand Champion bred dogs - "where form follows function."
Vallejo Solano County. California

GreatShire Kennels
"We are a family run kennel & have been breeding excellent quality, AKC dogs, since 1988." This company has their hands full breeding several different dogs: Basset Hounds, Boston Terriers, Chihuahuas & Miniature Pinschers. Health, breed perfection & temperament beyond reproach is the focus. Stud services, sires- DNA certified & puppies guaranteed.
Phelan San Francisco. California

QuailRidge Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
Don´t miss out on the Dog Health & Training Section of this website. VERY informative for prospective dog owners. Top notch website, with great looking Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy litters, photos and pedigrees. Private boarding available, stud services - champion bloodlines.
Paso Robles San Luis Obispo County. California

Zim Family American Cocker Spaniel Breeder
Check out a few tips on owning a Cocker Spaniel, and find out how they raise and socialize Cockers in a family environment. A whole host of valuable Cocker Spaniel specific information like: photos of puppy litters, how to pick the perfect puppy, dog care, & frequently asked questions. Zim dog breeding website also describes breeding pursuits.
Grover Beach San Bluis Obispo County. California

Mountainpride Collies
Chris Ferguson spend a great deal of time with home socialization of her Collies so that when someone buys one of her Collie puppies the dog already has a head start in basic obedience. Breeding responsibly since 1982. The dogs she sells are guaranteed for proper temperament and health.
Aromas Monterey County. California

Stonepine Australian Shepherd Breeding
Nannette L. Newbury has many award winning dogs depicted in detail on her website. Several recent nationally awarded Australian Shepherds to boot. She has been involved in this breed since 1972. "Stonepine Australian Shepherds is the home of the 1997 USASA National Specialty Most Versatile Aussie, Bodie Ch. Peachcreeks Simply Sterling."
Salinas Monterey County. California

B.O.S.S. Boxers (Dog Breeding)
This breeder of Boxer dogs has been professionally raising the breed for over 10 years now in Santa Cruz, Ca. I enjoy the very well executed description of this dog breed, and encourage those considering a Boxer puppy purchase to read through the website. Champions are listed with photos.
Santa Cruz County. California

Heatherly Miniature Aussie Breeder
Heatherly Kennels is very involved in the dog world. In addition to breeding Miniature Australian Shepherds & the Standard size, they also offer several pet care services. Canine and feline services at the kennel include: affordable dog & cat boarding, puppy & adult dog training, & group socializations. Ask them about their agility training.
San Martin Santa Clara County. California

Makoto Ni Akita Breeder
Ed and Melissa Young has just taken BISS CH Brisco x Sun-Rae Deck´n the Ring O´ Holly to Championship level. Breeding their Akita dogs for quality, not quantity, they typically have no more than 1 puppy litter each year (if that). Temperament is Makoto Ni´s foremost objective. That said, all characteristics are met to raise a well balanced dog.
Alto Loma San Mateo County. California

Powerhouse Kennels American Pit Bull Terrier Breeder
Dogs are available at stud to approved bitches. From what I have gained from the website, this looks to be a top notch breeder of Pit Bulls on the West Coast. As with any other breeder, ask plenty of questions and also to see the puppies parents. Titled dogs bred by Powerhouse Kennels are posted on the site and there are plenty of them pictured.
Greenfield Monterey County. California

Jasme Bichon Frise Breeder
Although the website hasn´t been updated in awhile, there continue to be some nice resources here on the Bichon Frise dog breed for those looking for puppies for sale. Company is AKC registered and they breed specifically to improve the Bichon Frise as a whole. This is a very cheerful dog & temperament continues to be paramount with Janice´s pups.
Danville Contra Costa County. California

Cole´s Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier Breeder
Cole´s Wheatens raised with children & loving every minute of it, Full Health Guarantee, hypo-Allergenic, Non-shedding, OFA, Eyes Certifications, Shots updated. Mother & father available. Raising wheatens for about 9 years, I have never had one complaint or any health problems whatsoever. AKC Registered. Shipping available. Puppies Available.
Martinez San Francisco Bay Area Contra Cost County. California

Springold Kennel Flat-Coated Retrievers & Golden Retriever
"All of our dogs are guaranteed against hip dysplasia (OFA), canine eye registry foundation (CERF) and cancer for a period of 3 years. This guarantee covers replacement of the dog, from either a current litter or a future litter of puppies. Over 30 years worth of customers refer others to us as a Breeder of Excellence."
Concord Contra Costa County. California

Waterbaby Kennels Portuguese Waterdog breeder
Larry & Denise Peters have in my opinion a nice looking Portuguese Waterdog breeding program. Consider that with every puppy: All puppies receive a CERF w/ certificate, current shots up to date, microchipped, crate trained, loved and socialized daily, and all puppies come with an AKC certified pedigree chart. Recent puppy litters listed.
Danville Contra Costa County. California

De La Tierra Alta Kennel Pyrenean Mastiff
Wow, some real beautiful dogs from this Ca. breeder. Folks, you simply don´t see this breed often enough (particularly in California) which was near extinction. Please read through the site and spend time thoroughly discussing the needs of this Mastiff breed with De La Tierra Alta Kennels. Outstanding Pyrenean Mastiff photos (a must see).
Lake Hughes Los Angeles County. California

Tanza Basenji Dog Breeder
Pat Fragassi & Ted Judd have 1 of the best dog websites & information resources dedicated to Basenjis on the net. "Tanza Basenjis feel that a functional Basenji can/should compete in the show ring, proving they have the correct conformation according to the Standard & also can compete on the Lure Field. Basenjis can compete in Obedience & Agility.
Pleasanton Alameda County. California

Vibrantly Pomeranian Breeder Northern Ca.
Pomeranian Finch´s One Hot Mama "Raven" just won her first major! Vivian raises her Pomeranian puppies with a focus on good temperament, thick harsh coats and good movement. All her dogs are socialized with both small and large dogs. She also brings 10 years of experience for those in need of grooming, boarding, conditioning & dog handling.
Dublin Alameda County. California

Canon Creek Ranch Anatolian Shepherd Breeder
Terry & Linda Wold have chosen a very unique dog breed after carefully considering what would be the best canine to protect their livestock. After thorough research, they made a move on an Anatolian Shepherd due to their intelligence, good size, calmness, low maintenance & instinctual ability to identify potential threats. They now breed the dogs.
Korbel Humboldt County. California

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Many Dog Breeds Available By Local Dog Breeders in Orange County Los Angeles (LA) San Diego Riverside +
Dog Breeds and Dog Breeders. This is a resourceful database to assist you in your quest to find that perfect dog breed to bring home with you. Included are dogs for sale from breeders offering puppies, adult dogs, as well as canine stud services where available. Most of the links you’ll find her are fairly good representations of professional show dog breeders as well as hobby operators in the Orange County, Los Angeles and surrounding California counties. Dog breeders from other states may also be included for research purposes. One Caveat: DO YOUR RESEARCH. And please do not ultimately choose a particular breed due to its physical appearance. This is by far the most common mistake.

Equally as important is the dog breeder in which you choose to obtain your new canine pal from. Just like the research that was required to find the perfect, compatible dog breed to match your personal interests, I further suggest to do your due diligence in interviewing the dog breeders you may be considering. Reputable dog breeders will usually be more than enthusiastic to tell you all about their particular dogs: the breed itself, provide descriptions & documentation of the dogs parents/bloodline, extensive dog pictures, references to other dog owners where they have placed their pups, and any and all pet health records. Consider this just a start when researching dogs for sale.

Some last thoughts. *Please* don’t forget that we are blessed with an abundance of local dog rescues and shelters that have some BEAUTIFUL dogs which love more than anything to come home and be a part of your family. People really need to think of these sources of dog adoption as a *first* choice in many cases as opposed to a last resource. Never felt like a hero? You WILL if and when you find a compatible dog or cat to adopt and light up your life. I’ve adopted two dogs myself and they have really benefited my life beyond words. As usual, use your discretion when also researching and getting to know your “pound puppies” and rescue/shelter dogs.
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