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Adamz Service K9 Waste Cleanup For Dog Owners In Lincoln, Nebraska
Company Details
Lincoln & Nearby Communities

Over 1000 dogs served every week.

Quality - Since 1999 Adamz K9 Waste Cleanup has proven to be the premiere scooping service in the Lincoln area. Specializing in one thing... guaranteed customer satisfaction in the dog waste cleanup and removal business. Deceased birds, mice, bats, snakes, etc, are automatically removed when discovered in customers yards. Please visit the testimonials page.

Cheap - Most yards only $5-$10 per cleaning (once or twice weekly). Also offering on-call service after spring or before your party.

Reliable - Adamz K9 is committed to working year-round on schedule in the rain and with snow on the ground.

This BBB member is locally founded, owned and operated.
Omaha Pooper Scooper Pet Waste Removal
Company Details
Counties Serviced:
Douglas County, Sarpy County and Pottawattamie County, Nebraska

Cities Serviced:
Bellevue Omaha Papillion Bennington Ralson LaVista Springfield Carter Lake Florence Council Bluffs Lake Manawa And Florence, Nebraska

We are a local, family operated, waste management team. We work hard to maintain an honest and respectful relationship with our customers. Our goal is to make your life easier by providing a hassle-free cat and dog pooper scooper service.

Our mission is to treat customers with such respect and integrity that our services will make the pet maintenance process fun, exciting, and most importantly successful for everyone. Clean Feet is dedicated to making life easier for pet owners by providing hassle-free pet waste removal services. From litter boxes to yards, Clean Feet Pet Clean Up will handle your “pooper scooper” needs. We believe the fulfillment of this mission ultimately requires satisfaction for our customers, a worthwhile profit for the company and the opportunity for our employees to earn decent and fair compensation for their work.

Cleaning up after your cat and dog can be a stinky job, let Clean Feet do it. A routine “pooper scooper” service is necessary in order to maintain a healthy home for you, your family and your animals. Our service is a tool, a means to an end; not a brand name or a mold-breaker, but a service that can be used by anyone with animals and kids.
Green Expectations K9 Waste Removal Services For Lincoln, Nebraska Dog Owners
Company Details
Lincoln, Nebraska And Surrounding Cities

Great Expectations features a year-round service. Let's face it ... most of us get tired of picking up after our dogs. It's a job nobody wants to do but needs to be done! Remember, the average dog will poop 21 times a week. If you take the number of weeks you have not cleaned your yard multiplied by 21, that gives you how many piles of dog poop are waiting for you and your family in your yard. After 6 weeks of not picking up, that is a whopping 126 piles of dog poop to be picked up!

Key benefits you can expect are: no more nasty smells from your lawn, a clean yard, no more second job waiting for you when you get home from work, reduction of the chances of your dog tracking dog poop into your house, reduction of the chance of diseases for you and your pet and we will provide a fast, reliable and professional service. Discover how we can make K9 waste removal easy for you this year. Give us a call at (402) 617-2187 or Go Online Here to get a FREE quote...
Doo-B-Gone Pooper Scooper Business: Omaha Greater Metro Dog Waste Management
Company Details
Omaha Greater Metro

"The idea of having a pooper-scooper may seem foreign to most here in the metro area, but our services provide you with convenience and freedom from a tedious and revolting chore. Pooper-scooper services are growing in popularity around the country and in the Omaha metro area. The unfortunate side of owning a pet is that pet waste has to be dealt with; it just doesn´t have to be dealt with by you."

Providing pet care pooper scooper service to the entire Douglas County, Nebraska. Also, please call if you require dog poop disposal in areas just outside the following cities: Omaha Bennington Boys Town Boystown Elkhorn Leshara Millard Highlands Ralston Valley and the city of Waterloo.
Pet Waste Removal Solutions For Dog And Cat Owners In Omaha, Nebraska
Company Details
Omaha, NE

Bonded, insured, family owned and operated since 2011. We offer professional, reliable and discreet pet waste removal services. Our staff provides quick and thorough clean up and will dispose of pet waste at a off site location. Busy professionals, individuals with mobility issues and moms on the go will enjoy the benefits of having more time to do the important things.

We aren't finicky about feces! We will clean and disinfect your litter box too! Our service starts at $40 a month, and at the client's request we will also let your furry friend(s) out for a potty break at no additional cost. No pile is too big or too small and we work all year round. Upon departure, our pet friendly staff will secure your gate and make sure your pets are in a safe location.
KRIS' K-9 KLEAN-UP Services In Greater Omaha Areas And Council Bluffs
Company Details
Kris And His Pet Waste Disposal Team Provides Services To: Greater Omaha Areas And Council Bluffs, Nebraska

We offer the same service that our residential customers receive to The Nebraska Humane Society, multifamily complexes, apartment buildings, Elder care homes, Alzheimer care homes, group homes, neighborhood parks and association common areas.

We also offer a commercial property litter/trash control which consists of litter and trash removal on a regularly scheduled basis for the parking lots and property of banks, offices, restaurants and parks.

Our lawn fertilization service consists of a 5 step application program which is both environmentally safe and dog friendly. Pricing is based on square footage of your yard.
Litter Box Sanitization & Refill In The Omaha Metro Area Never Buy Litter Again
Company Details
Metro Omaha, Nebraska

We are a family owned company that provides weekly sanitization and refill of litter boxes. We provide the litter boxes and litter for a small monthly fee. We use an all natural litter that we personally use for our two eleven year old feline family members. We provide a couple litter boxes and throughout the week just put the lid on the messy litter box and set out a new one, then once a week set the dirty litter boxes outside in a designated area and we will be there to sanitize and refill the boxes. We dispose of the litter at an offsite location. So overall there is no need for you to buy litter ever again and no need to scoop or change the litter ever again! This makes more time for your family to enjoy the less messy things in life!
Poop Scoop n' Care: Omaha, Nebraska K-9 Poop Scooping Services By Russell (402-670-4437)
Company Details
Omaha Metro, NE Cities Dog Waste Cleanup

Since 2009, Russell of Poop Scoop n' Care has been at it diligently and tenaciously cleaning up after clients dogs one yard at a time. Not only are dogs cleaned up after, but also your favorite feline friends are not forgotten. For backyard dog waste, careful attention is given to landscape, flowerbeds and yards are scoured for dog poop collection. Feline services including cleaning & filtering and cleaning & replacement of litter with removal and proper disposal of waste. Special requests outside the Omaha area can be booked on their routes - time permitting. Because clients have been with the company for multiple years, many have come to trust the team with their pets and also have secured routine dog walking as well as light grooming and pet training as additional services. This all has come about as a result of satisfied current clients as well as continued customer referrals. The business and services has grown year over year each year by leaps and bounds and would enjoy caring for your pets as well soon!
Canine Waste Removal Company For Residential And Commercial Property Owners In Douglas County
Company Details
Douglas County

"We pick up where your dog left off! We take pride in taking care of your lawn so you don´t have to! Canine Waste Removal Co. provides service to over 300 customers in the Omaha area. They will clean your yard or pet friendly commercial property of dog waste weekly and dispose of it in a safe and healthy manner.

Poop scooping services in Omaha Bennington Boys Town Boystown Waterloo Valley and Ralston. Millard Leshara Elkhorn
Claws Paws Dog Waste Removal Company Serving Omaha And Surrounding Area, Nebraska
Company Details
Douglas and Sarpy County Areas, Nebraska

We currently service residential customers in the Douglas and Sarpy County areas, CLAWS PAWS and MORE provides professional pet waste removal for both dogs anc cat litter boxes at prices you can afford. We provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services, depending on your needs. We also offer One Time Cleanings as well as services for Apartments, Home Owners Associations and Pet Events.

You and your pets health is our main concern. Dog waste can be a major health hazard to you, your family and pets if left unattended. It is known to cause contamination to groundwater and soil, not to mention all of the contaminants from parasites. (read more) With CLAWS PAWS and MORE as your Animal Waste Solution, you will be happy and feel safe letting your friends, loved ones and pets enjoy your yard. We make sure there is no contamination between yards by sanitizing our tools and shoes between each cleaning.

With today's lifestyles you may not have the spare time that you used to have to keep your yard clean on a consistent basis. Let us take this unpleasant job off your chore list! We make it a point to clean your yard as if it were our own.
Grasshopper Lawn Care & K9 Waste Removal Poop Scooping Waste Removal For Lincoln, NE
Company Details
Lincoln Nebraska And Surrounding Cities

Grasshopper Lawn Care & K9 Waste Removal was founded on the highest standards of customer service excellence, a tradition we extend to each and every new client we work with.
* Mowing
* K9 Waste Removal
* Lawn Aeration
* Fertilization and Weed Control
* Fall/Spring Cleanup
* Snow Removal
We are the best in everything we do – and the reason why is surprisingly simple: we care. We care about our customers, we care about the quality of our service, and we care about the products we offer. The result: a reputation for excellence that remains unsurpassed by our competitors.
Monarch K-9 Waste Removal LLC Poop Scoop In Omaha, Lincoln And Council Bluffs, NE
Company Details
Dog waste cleaning and removal are available inthe following areas by Monarch K-9: Omaha, Lincoln, and Council Bluffs, Nebraska.

Monarch K-9 Waste Removal got its start back in 1997 with five clients and a Chevy Nova for its mobile poop mobile and moving office. Since then, our company has grown to over six hundred customers and five employees. We’ve been featured on the likes of CNN Radio and The Paul Harvey Show, as well as numerous TV broadcasts, radio shows and featured in many newspaper articles. With the great success achieved by Monarch K-9 Waste Removal, we ventured into another related pet specialty: Contain-A-Pet underground pet fencing. Our daily workload now consists of running 3 crews across Lincoln, Omaha and Council Bluffs. Out canine waste routine maintenance service is among the best inthe country and you'll enjoy knowing your pets are safe when installing an additional invisible fence monitor. We can always use another great client to add to our route...have your pups give us a call.
EntreMANURE K-9 Waste Removal & Yard Care In Omaha & Lincoln Metro, Poop Scooping & Landscaping
Company Details
Omaha & Lincoln NE

"We find, pick up, bag, remove & properly dispose of the waste off your property." Additionally, they will even remove any small deceased animals while they are caring for your yard at NO charge to you. Examples would be mice, rats, moles, birds, rabits etc. In addition to their dog poop scoop services they support various other yard care services as well. Call them for reliable lawn mowing care, bush hedging, granular fertilization and even snow removal.

Some of the cities they provide dog waste removal services include Omaha Metro, Bellevue, Bennington, Elkhorn, Gretna, La Vista, Millard, Papillion & Ralston, NE. Additionally, Lincoln Metro, NE. and Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Doggy Doo Detectives: Pet Waste Cleanup For Omaha Council Bluffs Millard Papillion Bellevue, NE
Company Details
Doggy Doo Detectives Supports Dog Owners In the Cleanup Of Their Backyards In The Following Nebraska Cities: Omaha Council Bluffs Millard Papillion Bellevue, NE

The Doggy Doo Detectives are friendly and dog lovers by nature. We always wear visible uniforms when servicing our customers so you and neighbors alike know we are there. We also leave a doggy treat or two when we leave to let you know we were there. We are more than happy to service your property with your pet (s) out as long as they are people friendly. We also do commercial property as well such as: Apartment Complexes, Large Condominiums, Pet Friendly dog Parks and Home Owners Associations in and around Omaha, NE. If you are dissatisfied with Doggy Doo Detectives service notify us and we will come back the same or next day to make sure our service meets to your 100% satisfaction.
Dog Waste Removal Business In Lincoln Nebraska Available (402) 641-4721
Company Details
Nebraska Pooper Scoopers Servicing Various Areas In The State Of Nebraska
If you own dogs, then you know dog poop happens. And I’m sure you would agree that picking up after your dog poop has got to be the worst aspect of owning a dog. I should know, I’ve owned several beautiful dogs over the last thirty three years. I’d like to suggest possibly one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself as a dog owner. Not to mention the obvious benefits that your dog’s and children’s play areas would receive. It’s simple. Hire a Nebraska Professional Pooper Scooper Service to take care of all your dog poop concerns. No, I am not kidding you. As a dog owner, you know how frustrating it can be to come home after a long week at the office and have your weekend backyard romp with the kids and dogs rudely interrupted by some hidden “canine calling cards”. That’s dog poop for you feline afecianados. Describing stepping in dog poop at your own home while trying to enjoy a pool party or afternoon barbecue as “uneventful”, would be a slight understatement. I strongly believe that the word “unnecessary” is more fitting now that we have the services of a couple hundred professional pooper scooper companies offering this unique service around the country where only a short time ago you simply couldn’t find anyone to contract to do the “dog dooty duty”.

Enter the professional pooper scooper in Nebraska. They take crap, (all day long) so YOU don’t have to! Literally. Professional dog poop pickup service companies go anywhere your dog “goes”. Matter of fact, as availability and public awareness of this unique pet service has grown, pooper scoopers are finding themselves regularly servicing larger “pet friendly” commercial properties in addition to their routine residential homes. Consequently, many of these dog waste removal services continue to branch out and are now even successfully securing contracts with larger corporate properties. Homeowners associations, property management companies, municipal parks, “dogs welcome” apartment complexes, as well as condos are but a few of the commercial size properties that are now securing and benefiting from these dog waste removal companies. Simply put, professional dog pooper scoopers will take their services anywhere a dog decides to make his messes. Worth noting, if you are a residential homeowner that cares for a cat, however finds cleaning up the cat litter box to be the least desirable aspect of feline ownership, no need to worry-help is on the way. For customer convenience and time savings, many professional pooper scoopers also offer cat litter box cleaning and exchange services along side their routine dog poop pickup services.
Nebraska Pooper Scoopers Servicing Various Areas In The State Of Nebraska
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