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K9 Clean Up and More: If You Got The Poop, We Got The Scoop!
Company Details
Hollis Hudson Machester Milford Amhert Bedford Derry Greenville Hampstead And Surrounding, NH

"If you got the poop, we got the scoop for dog and goose waste removal." A Registered and Insured business of New Hampshire. If the city you live in is not listed above, please call as we may be able to make some arrangements to visit your home if other pooper scoopers can not make it out to your neck of the woods. (603) 318-5861.

With 14 years of experience in working with contamination and disease in hospitals, they understand the process and the importance of cleaning up the waste properly. That is why they always sanitize all equipment between jobs, use shoe covers, latex gloves and all waste is double bagged. It's recommended that you schedule your dog waste removal service the day before your trash pick up; the least amount of time the waste sits the better, or they can haul it away for $2.00 per bag.
Turd Herders Professional Pooper Scooper & Dog Waste Removal Services Serving Southern NH
Company Details
Rockingham County, Merrimack County, Hillsborough County.

Amherst Atkinson Auburn Bedford Bow Chester Concord Danville Derry Dunbarton Epping Epsom Fremont Goffstown Hampstead Hampton Hollis Hooksett Hudson Litchfield Londonderry Manchester Merrimack Nashua Northwood Pelham Plaistow Salem Seabrook Suncook & Windham.

We are a professional pet dog pooper scooper and dog waste removal company in southern NH that believes customer service is the most important aspect of our business. Our job is not just to scoop your dog poop but to provide you and your family with a clean back yard and lawn to relax and play in. We do this by providing the service of scooping your dogs’ poop and removing this dog waste from your property. Not only do we keep your yard and lawn clean and free of dog poop by removing the dog waste, but our pooper scooper service also looks for potential hazards to your dogs in your yard and for any signs of poor health. How do we do this?

Unlike many other pooper scooper services we provide a report for every visit to your property. What’s in this report? We let you know what time we arrived and left, any environmental concerns within the yard, and any signs of health that can be seen in the dog poop. We have helped customers by letting them know to fix the whole their dog was digging under the fence, that there were poisonous plants within easy reach of their dog’s eager mouths, and by informing them of what is in their dog’s waste. Diarrhea is a common concern that we let customers know about but we have also found blood, which we call the owner while we are still in the yard to let them know, papers, and pieces of rubber and plastic, not to mention worms.

This service we believe has led to much faster treatment for dogs showing the first signs of distress as many customers were able to get their dogs right into their veterinary office! This makes not only for a healthier dog, but for a healthier wallet on our customers part by treating an issue before it develops into something more severe.
Slippery Turds Pooper Scooper Service In NH And Southern ME
Company Details
Service In NH And Southern ME

Contact Slippery Turds and we'll have a yard technician come to your home. A yard walk-through will be performed and all dog waste will be removed. A schedule for cleaning will be set up which meets the needs of the home owner. First initial visit will be billed at a rate found on the website, unless dog waste has been kept up with and there isn't a big accumulation. In instances where there isn't a big accumulation of dog waste, initial visit fee may be waived. For a one time only cleaning, fee for service is due on day of service. Customers are allowed a one time only cleaning service only once in a calendar year. All other cleanings are on a schedule of weekly, twice-weekly or twice monthly. Slippery Turds will come to your home on a weekly, twice weekly, twice monthly, or just for a one-time cleaning. We will remove all dog waste from your yard. Regular customers are billed on a monthly basis. For a one time cleaning, payment is due on day of service.
Dog’s World Waste Removal- A Pooper Scooper Business Proudly Serving The Seacoast of New Hampshire
Company Details
Counties in New Hampshire State That We Scoop Poop Include Both Strafford County And Rockingham County. Cities That Are Currently On Our Routes Include: Dover Durham Madbury Rollinsford Somersworth And Barrington.

Dog’s World Waste Removal is committed to saving busy dog owners time and money. We visit your residence or business weekly, twice a week, or for a one time cleanup. Our focus is on providing a friendly, reliable service. We service your property year round in all types of weather. People’s lives are constantly getting more hectic. With all the responsibilities you have, cleaning up dog waste should not be one of them! We want our dog owners to spend their time enjoying the benefits of dog ownership, not on the liabilities.

For most people removing dog waste doesn’t seem to be a glamorous job but for us it is an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, improve the environment, and improve the health of your pets, landscape, and family. Contact us today if you are tired of cleaning up dog waste!
Scoop Doctor, LLC Is A Full Service Dog/Pet Waste Removal Company In Southern New Hampshire
Company Details
Greater Southern New Hampshire Area Including: Nashua, Hollis, Merrimack, Bedford, And Hudson, NH.

"We believe in putting the customer and their pets first. Our commitment to excellence requires that every client is provided with outstanding, personalized service from one of our trained professional technicians. We understand that this is a messy business; therefore we take precautions to eliminate and minimize any potential health risks that could harm your furry little friend. Dog waste carries a variety of harmful bacteria including: E Coli, salmonella and giardia. Not only are these diseases harmful to you and your pet, dog waste is a known environmental pollutant.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we are focused on customizing our service to best fit your individual needs.Forgot to stop at the pet store? Why add to your already hectic day. Simply place an order on our website, and we will personally delivery your pets heartworm and flee medication, dog food, or treats to your doorstep during our visit."
Doggy Duty, LLC Dog Poop Scoops For Southern New Hampshire & Northern Massachusetts
Company Details
Southern New Hampshire & Northern Massachusetts

The three services that Doggy Duty, LLC has been offering over the years to NH and MA include dog poop cleaning for homes, cat litter box cleaning and also pet and house sitting for your dogs, cats and other animals. Dog walking routinely is a newer service they are trying to incorporate for clients that need it as their schedule permits. They service Southern New Hampshire, Northern Massachusetts, and the general Nashua vicinity. Please e-mail or call if you have any questions or special requests. Rates are listed on the site for all 3 pet care services and can be quickly booked or discussed by calling the team at 603-821-0121. The website also has a list of frequently asked questions.
Poop, Scoop & Away Dog Waste Removal Services: Greater Manchester Concord Southern NH & Seacoast
Company Details
Serving Greater Manchester, Concord, Southern NH & Seacoast Areas

Poop, Scoop & Away provides dog waste removal services to residential and commercial customers. We come to your home or place of business and do the dirty job of picking up and disposing of those foul "canine calling cards" for you. Enjoy your yard again without having to deal with the hassle of keeping it clean. Your best friend's "business" is our business.

We offer various frequencies of service for your individual preference. One-time cleanings also available. Let us do the dirty work for you. It's one thing you'll NEVER have to worry about again! All Seniors 60+ and assistance dogs receive a 10% discount off of regular service fees. Fully Insured AND 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Canine Custodians: When You´re Too Pooped To Scoop: Cheshire County Rockingham County Hillsborough
Company Details
Cheshire County Rockingham County Hillsborough County

Canine Custodians is a locally owned, serviced based business that specializes in the removal of dog waste from residential properties. We provide a very affordable, reliable, & pet friendly service in the area. By providing regular cleanups, we can help you insure that your family & pets always have a clean & healthy environment. Our focus is to provide each of our customers with a efficient, thorough, & reliable routine and special occassion dog poop maintenance service.

Scooping in far more than these cities too: Nashua Wilton Sharon Litchfield Hollis A poop removal in Goffstown, NH. Brentwood Candia Derry Newfields Plaistow Keene Marlow Roxbury Spofford Swanzey, New Hampshire.
Lakeside K-9, LLC. Pet Waste Removal Service In Lakes Region, Concord And Surrounding Areas
Company Details
Lakes Region, Concord And Surrounding Areas Dog Owners Services In New Hampshire

Lakeside K-9 Pet Waste Removal Service guarantees your family will have a healthy, clean yard to enjoy all year round. We provide dependable and affordable pet waste removal from residential and commercial properties within New Hampshire's beautiful Lakes Region, and Concord and it's surrounding areas, too. We take care of the chore no one in your house wants to take care of.

Scooping your pooch's poop is the most healthy and environmentally conscience thing we can do. Animal feces carry diseases and bacteria that can be harmful for us, our pets and our water ways. If pet waste is not properly disposed of, it can be carried by rain or snow runoff into our lovely lakes or into storm drains that often lead to rivers, streams and estuaries.The best way to keep ourselves, our pets and our planet healthy is to remove feces at least once a week.

Lakeside K-9 is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, and being a locally, family-owned and operated company, we're sure you'll be happy with our service. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
Dog-Gone-It Pet Waste Removal Service Southern N.H & Eastern Massachusetts (Merrimack Valley Area)
Company Details
Serving Southern N.H And Eastern Massachusetts (Merrimack Valley Area)

Solid pooper scooper business serving the Southern cities of New Hampshire state. Pet owners, tired of the headaches of getting out in the backyard after a spring thaw? Leave the unsightly (and down right smelly) mess to this company. It´s the easiest way to scoop poop. You no longer need to feel guilty about falling behind on this important chore. Dog-Gone-It dog poop removal is available to take over the task completely...once and for all. Irrespective if it is for a one time only cleaning or routine weekly service. They are there to support dog owners like you. They service many other cities too: Amherst Bedford Brookline Deering Goffstown Hillsboro Hudson Nashua New Boston +.
New Hampshire Pooper Scoopers Servicing Various Areas In The State Of New Hampshire
Have you been arguing over who’s turn it is to be on dog poop patrol this weekend? Irrespective of whether it be the freezing cold months of winter or the dog days of summer, you and your family no longer need to be responsible for picking up your dogs poop any longer. Yes, I know you love your dogs. But do you love cleaning up their dog poop when the thermometer mercury is about to burst? If you’re like me, you can think of a lot better ways to spend your free time than picking up after your dogs and cats. Well, thanks to New Hampshire professional pooper scoopers like those listed here, you no longer need to be concerned about cleaning up your pets weekly poop deposits. Put your “poop detectors” away and stroll confidently through your yard. How? Hire a professional pooper scooper in New Hampshire to take full responsibility for routinely visiting your home on a scheduled basis and removing all those smelly “canine calling cards” so you need not worry about it. Not to be left out, many of these dog waste removal services have been servicing cat litter boxes as well. No joke, they take care of all your pet poop problems.

This is THE premium service for those of us who have dogs and cats but find the necessary task of consistently cleaning up after them unpleasant and just down right yucky. There’s not a bigger let down when you want to take advantage of a quick wrestling match with the dogs before supper or settle into a impromptu game of wiffle ball with your challenging kids, only to find yourselves knee deep in dog poop. I speak from experience here. I grew up playing “dodge ball” and “pickle” in a lot of my friends backyards. The joke amongst us still today was that we spent a lot more attention and sweat on attempting not to “step in it” than we did on actually dodging the ball from hitting us. Believe me, and I think you would agree, there is nothing like having a asthetically clean, odor free lawn and garden that you are proud to invite your friends and family over to enjoy with you. Did I forget to mention all the time and arguments you’ll save yourself and family? Completely avoid this hassle altogether and contract one of these professional dog pooper scoopers if you ever want a fighting chance to make it out of the poop mines alive!
New Hampshire Pooper Scoopers Servicing Various Areas In The State Of New Hampshire
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