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ScoopaPoop Nanaimo: Dog Poop & Other Pet Waste Removal Services In City Of Nanaimo & Surrounding
Company Details
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
AREAS SERVICED: City of Nanaimo, Lantzville, Regional District of Nanaimo, Colvilletown, Cedar, Ladysmith

ScoopaPoop Nanaimo will come to your yard and scoop poop so you don't have to! Keep your yard free of dog poop and other pet waste with our weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pet waste removal service. We also offer one-time clean ups. Scoopapoop Nanaimo removes all waste from your yard and takes it off site to be disposed of in a safe manner.

ScoopaPoop serves the City of Nanaimo and surrounding areas on a year-round basis. ScoopaPoop's Poop Technicians are dog lovers who are experienced in finding all of those land mines - so you don't find one accidentally! We also know how important pet safety is, so we always shut the gate behind us. ScoopaPoop accepts cash and E-transfer for your convenience.

If you like the sound of not having to get close to poop again, click the link above to go to our website where you can find our phone number and email address. We can't wait to hear from you and start scoopin' that poo!
Poo-fessional Scoopers Pet Waste Solutions In Victoria Sidney Colwood And Langford , BC, Canada
Company Details
Victoria, Colwood, Langford Sidney & The Peninsula, BC, Canada

Busy lifestyle keeping you on the go? Not your favorite part of having a pet? The kids love the dog but - no way! There are plenty of good reasons to ... 'Let us do the dirty work'. Poo-fessional Scoopers is here to make your life a little bit easier. Poo-fessional Scoopers provides Professional Scooping and Pet Waste Removal Services for pet owners in the areas of Victoria, Colwood, Langford Sidney & The Peninsula, BC, Canada.

Select from our Yard Scooping Services for the dog(s) or Bucket Pickup for either the dog(s) or cat(s), eliminating canine & feline waste build up and providing for proper disposal of pet waste. One time poop scoop cleanups are also available to get you back on track. Poo-fessional Scoopers offers a reliable, affordable and convenient solution to your pet waste needs. Imagine being free of that chore! Help is just a call away, so call today. Phone (250) 386-POOP (7667) or check out our website, because Your Pet's Business ... is Our Business @
Doggy Doo Pet Waste Removal: Dog Poop Removal Services Greater Vancouver & The Lower Mainland, BC
Company Details
Doggy Doo provides professional level canine pooper scooper services to British Columbia, Canada. We support dog owners in The Greater Vancouver Regional District and/or Metro Vancouver, Canada. Prospective residential and commercial clients should contact our company for property owners residing in Surrey Vancouver Langley Burnaby New Westminster White Rock Richmond and North Delta.

Attention all dog owners!! Did you know that most municipalities in the GVRD have bylaws that prohibit the disposal of dog poop into your household garbage? Are you looking for a "greener" way to dispose of your dog's waste?

At Doggy Doo, our two main goals are:
1) To provide you and your family with a clean and healthy yard to enjoy.
2) To offer an environmentally sustainable way for dog owners to properly dispose of their dog's waste as per GVRD bylaws which prohibit the disposal of all forms of excrement into household garbage and municipal landfills. Unlike some of our competitors, we make sure to properly dispose of the dog poop we collect in an environmentally sustainable way by safely transporting it to a nearby GVRD sewage treatment plant.

Doggy Doo is committed to helping the environment. We only use natural, environmentally friendly cleaners and disinfectants to clean all of our equipment. Furthermore, we're the only company in the lower mainland that uses 100% "degradeable" bags (that will completely decompose in 2 years) to line our buckets. We're also the only company in Greater Vancouver that adds a customized deodorizer to all of our clients buckets that works to neutralize unpleasant odours. Please feel free to visit our website to learn more about our company and the professional services we offer. We look forward to serving you soon!"
Doodie Call - Calgary Pooper Scooper and Pet Waste Removal
Company Details
Doodie Call Provides Pet Waste Removal Services In The Following Cities Within Alberta, Canada: Calgary Edmonton Airdrie Okotoks As Well As Leduc.

Doodie Call is the best priced pooper scooper service in Calgary and Edmonton! We also leave your yard the cleanest because we don't purely rely on our tools!. If we need to use our hands, then we have no problem doing so! Don't worry about stepping in a minefield of Fido's business anymore! Our staff will take care of the dirty work, while you sit back and relax. Let Doodie Call be your pooper scooper's today!

We all love our pets, but most of us don't enjoy taking care of our pet's business!. Well, here at Doodie Call, Your Pet's "Business" is Our Business! While using our services, you can now spend your time doing the things that you LOVE, and not doing things that stink!
Doggie Detail: Dog Waste Pick-Up and Disposal Services for the BC Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley
Company Details
Doggie Detail Pet Waste Removal Poop Scoop Company Is A British Columbia, Canada Company Serving The Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland Area Including: Port Coquitlam, White Rock, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam
Chilliwack Abbotsford Aldergrove Langley Surrey Delta Mission.

Doggie Detail Pet Services provides professional pooper scooper and dog waste removal services to residents of the BC Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. If you're looking for an affordable and eco-friendly way to dispose of your dog waste, try Doggie Detail! We offer residential and commercial dog poop pick up service.

Since 2004, Doggie Detail Pet Services has been committed to providing reliable service to customers while caring for the environment. We dispose of dog waste in the most eco-responsible way possible (and, of course, in accordance with the bylaws held by most BC municipalities). Our strong business model has made us one of the leading dog waste removal companies in BC and we're pleased to offer the lowest rates in the Lower Mainland while delivering outstanding service!
Scoopy Doo's poop scoop service For Residents Of Both Quebec And Ontario, Canada
Company Details
Quebec And Ontario, Canada

Montreal, Quebec, Barrie, Ontario And Cobourg, Ontario With More Cities Coming On Board Soon

Scoopy Doo of Quebec and Ontario has three pet related services to help Canadians maintain a healthy environment for their pets: Back Yard Cleanups, 2. Cat Litter Box Cleanings and 3. Commercial Pet Waste Removal.

Scoopy Doo provides year-round dog waste removal service with a variety of options. The results are an enjoyable, clean yard, keeping your family and pets safe from diseases.Weekly, bi weekly and monthly scooping is available year-round for pet owners who would like the convenience of having their pet waste professionally cleaned up, and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. Prices listed.

Scoopy Doo provides a full litter box service, keeping your cat's litter box clean and fresh. We actually provide the litter so you never need to buy any! We exchange your box with a clean each visit. Prices listed.

We provide pet waste clean up solutions for condo developments, appartments complexes and parks. We support pet owners needs in larger communities by installing pet waste stations that we install and maintain at your location.
Pooper Scooper’s Niagara 905 246 2371 Niagara Serves St. Catharines, Niagara Falls +
Company Details
St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Niagara On The Lake, Fort Erie, Port Colborne, Welland, Fonthill, Beamsville, And Grimsby, Ontario, Canada.

Various forms of payment for dog pooper-scooper services that also includes Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. We give you a 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee. Pooper Scooper's Niagara guarantees Reliability, thorough service, and trust. Plenty of testimonials, and satisfied ongoing customers. Professionally trained, bonded and customer centered with an appreciation of of client communication and prompt responses to your questions and service needs. Cleaning up after you furry friends is an unpleasant task that every pet owner is required to different than maintaining your lawns. This is why the company has chosen to focus on not one, but BOTH of these chores so that homeowners with pets and yards need not concern themselves with EITHER of these duties again. Spring cleanups and ongoing services are options and all prices and plans are delineated on the website.
Ottawa Poop Patrol and Montreal Poop Patrol 819-918-1593 / 514-562-3066 Dog Poop Cleanup Business
Company Details
Ottawa and Montreal, Canada

Always accepting new bookings for Spring Time cleanups as well as routine, weekly poop scooping services for your pets. For routine services, if you as a pet owner don't need intensive weekly cleanings at your property, you can elect to hire them for every other week visits to your residential or commercial property. The company is very unique compared to nearly all other pet waste removal companies in North America. Ottawa/Montreal Poop Patrol offers an eco-friendly,bagless alternative to the baggie method of cleaning up after your dog. The feces will be composted and turned into a nitrogen rich fertilizer for ornamental plants (such as roses) By means of a composter which removes the harmful pathogens associated with the waste material. Controlling the amount of plastics being deposited into our landfill sites is the Poop Patrols main objective.
London Ontario Pooper Scooper Pet Waste Removal For Byron County & Lamberth County
Company Details
COUNTIES CURRENTLY SERVICED: Byron County And Lambeth County, Ontario, Canada


We are the only London Ontario based scooper service that always takes all of the bagged waste away. It only makes sense for us to take it away if you are looking for a dog waste removal service - yet our competitors (who have copied our pricing structure) will leave you with the bags until your next garbage day!

We offer residential and commercial yard cleaning including drop off containers, where we pick up the waste, or routine weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service (where your yard is scooped for you). Alternatively, if you are only looking for a one time Spring cleaning (after a winter or extended period of dog waste accumulation), we can also help you.

Rates start as low as $15 per week and customers are loving their clean yards. Find out why we are the best London, Ontario scooper service by contacting us first instead of being disappointed by inferior local dog waste removal companies.
Dog Waste Collection / Removal Service For busy Dog Owners In Wrexham, North Wales
Company Details
Wrexham, North Wales Dog Waste Collection Cleanup Business Services For Pet Owners

K9 Executive was founded in 2009 and already takes the leading position in Pet Waste Removal in North Wales. We service your property and remove dog poo, a job no owner likes. Dont spend money on pooper scoopers, let K9 Executive come to your house and clean and disinfect your pet waste. Help prevent pests and diseases in your back garden/patio. Our company employs highly trained specialists who are constantly improving methods of their work and whose knowledge in the field of dogs is unrivalled.

We place the clients and their needs as are main priority of our activity. This and only this allows us to hold the leading position in our field and gain the client’s trust and respect. Please visit our website to see a detail description and a price schedule of all the pet care services we offer clients in and around Wrexham, North Wales.
Pepe La Poop N Scoop Services Serving Greater Sudbury, North Bay & Sturgeon Falls
Company Details
Pepe La Poop N Scoop Services Serving Greater Sudbury, North Bay & Sturgeon Falls

Pepe La Poop N Scoop Service - Registered business since 2008. We are a dog waste removal business. Pricing starting as low as $12 per week. We offer this services to both residential and commercial clients. We scoop up after one dog to multiple dogs. We are here to make life easier for dog owners by cleaning up dog waste from your yard. So let us handle your dog's business and haul it away for you at no extra charge so you never to think or see it again..

We think about your dog(s) health so that's why we disinfect all our tools before and after each cleaning. We care about our customers and their pets. We are very reliable and trustworthy business that get's the job done. We are flexible and very easy to work with. We have weekly, bi-weekly(every 2 weeks) and twice in one week Plans. We also have One time Cleanings. Call now for a free estimate
Dog Waste Removal Service In Hamilton, Ancaster And The Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada
Company Details
Pet Poop Removal Cleaning Services For Hamilton, Ancaster, Lincoln And The Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

Reclaim your backyard by calling for immediate service at 289-799-3282 in Ontario, Canada. Our competitively prices dog poop cleanup services can be see at Dog Waste Removal Services not only provides your home, pets and family with a poop-free garden but eliminates those 'missteps' we all know too well! Schedule a free consultation for your home or business. Dog feces harbors a tremendous amount of potential diseases, not to mention the flies that gravitate to a freshly let pile of love from your furry family member. Don't take the risk-hire us, Ancaster & Niagara Falls number one dog removal service, today to ensure a safe, poop-free space for your family and friends to enjoy hassle-free.
Little Stinkers Canine Waste Removal Services Supporting Dog Owners Of Winnipeg, Canada
Company Details
Winnipeg, Canada Dog Doo Removal Services, Canada 231-1595 or (Cell) 802-3228

Little Stinkers Poo-fessionals will find the dog waste, scoop and double bag the dog poop from your yard, kennel, run, commercial or residential property. Our staff is thoroughly trained in the proper pick-up and disposal of dog waste. Little Stinkers Poo-fessionals will watch for any signs of illness, unusual digestion, blood, foreign objects or parasites (worms) in your dog’s waste. We report any unusual signs to the owners. All equipment and tools are disinfected before each job to ensure the safety of your family, pets and our environment.

Life with Little Stinkers means:
No more spring clean-up.
No more arguing who’s turn it is.
No more embarrassment when guests arrive.
No more wondering if the kids really picked it up.
No more going out in the cold or heat to clean the yard.
No more stepping in dog poop.
The Poop Scoop (08) 6416 3524 Animal Waste Poop Scooping Services For Perth, Australia
Company Details
Perth Pet Waste Clean-Up Services For Dogs

Please visit our website for the latest Gift Certificate offerings, cities serviced by our Dog Pooper Scoopers, frequently asked questions by our prospective customers, as well as a full disclosure of pet care pricing. The Poop Scoop is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, we have a high retention rate of our customers.

The Poop Scoop is a unique and innovative dog poop pick up service now available to dog owners in the Perth metropolitan area. Pet owners are just so busy these days they are quite simply too pooped to scoop! With the outsourcing of many everyday household tasks, now a common occurrence, it was just a natural progression from there that The Poop Scoop service was born. Call The Poop Scoop now to schedule your weekly or twice weekly service.

Dog poop is not only stinky and attracts flies but harbours bacteria and parasites eggs, if left laying around in backyards these nasties can remain in the ground, having the dogs poop removed on a regular basis ensures a healthier envioronment for families to live and play in. The Poop Scoop welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
DogGone Doodie Is Calgary's Premiere Pet Waste Removal Service
Company Details
(587) 436-4663. Calgary, Ontario Canada Dog Poop Scooping Service

At DogGone Doodie we strive to provide you and your pet(s) with a clean and healthy environment while offering the lowest possible pricing. Our commitment to excellence and our professional approach means “Your satisfaction is guaranteed!” Please take a quick peek at our website to see our rate schedule for removing dog waste in your front or backyard lawns. We provide both ongoing, prescheduled dog waste cleanup services as well as One Time Only and Spring Time Cleanups after heavy snowfall if your family has fallen behind.

Senior citizens (60+), customers with physical disabilities and customers with service dogs qualify for an additional 5% discount when a 3, 6, or 12 month package is purchased. Customer Referral Program – Refer a friend and if they sign up for one month of our Poop Scoop Clean Up & Removal service you will receive a $10.00 on your next invoice. We also offer further DISCOUNTS for those clients that prepay for our pet care services in advance by 3 to 12 months. Call and ask us about it or obtain further details from our website.
Eco-Friendly Pet Waste Removal Service In London Ontario, Canada
Company Details
London Ontario, Canada Dog Doo Cleaning Services

Be Doody Free In London, Ontario by calling 519.661.7758 and make an appointment for a technician to be out at your property ready to clean and leave your lawn looking and and smelling clean as a daisy. That's right - Cat or dog, any and all breeds that doo the deed - the poop crew at Doody Free is ready to take all your family's pet waste headaches away for good.

Go green with our innovative and eco-friendly dog waste removal service in London Ontario. Not only will you be doing yourself a service, you’ll be doing the environment one too! No more polyethylene bags going to the landfill and no more shoe casualties. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or monthly let Doodyfree keep your life…well, doody free. We’re not just any average poop scoopin’, lawn lootin’, or brown bootin’ business. We offer much more for your yard’s peace of mind. Prices are listed on the website for dog waste removal, however, if you have a unique property and desire a custom quote or own many pets...feel free to call. Commercial type properties such as apartments and condo complexes are also cleaned.

Cat litter box rotation services may also be something you may want to consider if your family continually falls behind on maintaining a fresh and tidy cat litter box. A huge bonus is that you'll never need to worry about buying kitty litter again as it will be supplied.

Earth-Friendly Bin Rentals
If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative for the disposal of your pet’s waste, but rather clean your own lawn then we also offer our Earth Friendly Bin Rentals. It’s a no hassle and earth friendly alternative to the generic way of discarding your pet’s waste; which dooms it to the landfill forever.

For a small monthly fee, DoodyFree will take care of supplying you with the proper bio-degradable bags (no extra fee) and the bin. Every week we will come to clean and sanitize your bin, replacing it with a fresh new bag and haul the old one away to be properly composted back into the earth.
K9 Pollution Solution Pet Waste Removal Services In Point Cook, Western Melbourne, Victoria
Company Details
Point Cook Pet Waste Removal Services In Western Melbourne Based in Point Cook Point Cook, Victoria 3030

Welcome to K9 Pollution Solution. We specialise in dog waste removal and gardening services. We are based in Point Cook, Melbourne, Victoria, and we service the Western Melbourne area. Give us a call, we will clean the doggy doody off your property, in a jiffy.

Lawn Mowing and Small Scale Landscaping Services. We are the best and cheapest in town!! Garden Change Over. Mulching and/or Planting. Garden/ Yard Weed Removal - A yard weed removal service - we are your one stop shop! Hedge Trimming, Prunning, Small Tree and/or Shrub removal. Pet Minding - For when you are away from home, our team can feed and walk your dog/s from your home.
Canine Caddy - The Professional Pooper Scooper Services In Edmonton, St. Albert & Sherwood Park
Company Details
Edmonton, St. Albert & Sherwood Park

Canine Caddy is a licensed professional pooper scooper in Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park that has been helping dog owners for over 17 years since starting up in 1994. We have helped over 5000 dog owners with the difficult and dirty task of cleaning up dog doo. Canine Caddy believes in strong customer commitment and punctual reliable service. Our services are 100% guaranteed and if by chance something was missed during our cleanings we will come back free of charge.

After 17 years of being in business we know what it takes to get the job done effectively and at an extremely affordable price. It may sound simple to pick up dog doo but at Canine Caddy we thoroughly walk out a client's yard in a tight grid pattern to ensure no doggie doo's are missed. Once a yard has thoroughly been cleared of all dog doo we then dispose of it ourselves. Yes Canine Caddy takes the dog doo away; we don't leave it there on site to fester until garbage day. We offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service every month of the year. Canine Caddy operates all year around, Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter and we service all of Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park.
K9 Doodie Squad Professional Pooper Scooper In Ontario, Canada
Company Details
Currently serving (in alphabetical order) Brampton, Caledon, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, and Vaughn, Ontario, Canada.

Whether your dog is big or small the prices will stay the same. We do work all year round, but in case of severe weather your cleaning might be postponed for a day or until we are able to get back out to work again. We offer Seniors and the physically disabled a 15% discount! Currently we are accepting new customers in the Region of Peel area for Daily and Weekly Plans. Spring Cleaning and monthly clean-ups can be serviced outside of this region. Please go to our Contact Us and request your service soon. Spring clean up is coming fast, so book your time in now. Please contact us for a quote for cleaning up your business landscaping. We have a great way to keep condominiums clear of poop, with almost no cost to you, the landlord.
Turd Wranglers Poop Scooping Chilliwack Sardis Greendale Rosedale Fairfield Agassiz Harrison Cultus
Company Details
British Columbia Pet Poop Pickup Business Services For Chilliwack Sardis Greendale Rosedale Fairfield Agassiz Harrison And Cultus

Pet waste is a growing social and environmental concern. We dispose of the pet waste we collect at the local sewage treatment plant, to uphold the city bylaws and prevent the spread of disease and the needless accumulation of millions and millions of plastic bags filled with pet waste that find their way to our land fills each year.

Wouldn't you love it if you never had to scoop your back yard again? Would you like to have an affordable ecologically friendly service take over this chore? Turd Wranglers are now available! New customers receive one week free Round Up or 2 weeks free bucket service! 604 794 0011. Is A London, Ontario Dog Poop Cleanup Service
Company Details
London, Ontario Pet Poop Business Services offers extra servicing in-between regular weekly scheduling to accommodate special events such as backyard parties. Contact us for more information on this as well as our twice weekly servicing options. We also offer the opportunity to receive free, weekly servicing through our referral program. It's quite simple: for each person you refer who pays for just one service visit, you receive a free weekly cleanup!

Our dog poop cleanup and removal service makes a great gift! Not a dog owner yourself but know someone who is? Why not give them a practical and useful gift which would free up their time and energy? They'll be thankful for such a thoughtful and beneficial gift. At we know you will impressed by your positive experience with us. Contact us today and see for yourself; you have nothing to loose except the dog poop from your yard!
Doody Clean Pet Waste Removal In The Kelowna, British Columbia Area Of Canada
Company Details
Kelowna, British Columbia Area Of Canada

Although the website may be under some improvement, do not allow that to put you off calling them for pet services. Phone them through the contact specifics at their website. Their dog poop scoop service is a very cheap addition to your household service menu at typically starts at around $40/month (however please call or visit website for most up to date rate schedule of pet services.
An initial first time cleaning fee may apply if there is an accumulation of pet waste on that visit.
Whoopsy Daisy Pet Waste Removal 01638 510076
Company Details
Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Cambridgeshire Essex Norfolk Mildenhall Lakenheath

"Yes, Business Is Picking Up!" We pick up business everyday! Whoopsy Daisy offer a complete Pet Waste Sanitation Service. No job too small! Simply call us on 01638 510076 or email us [click here] and we will set up the first meeting so we can get to know you and your dog/doggies. We will then get straight to work removing the dog poo, We will hygenically clean your garden and thoroughly dispose of all those nasty hound mounds!

Whoopsy Daisy are pleased to have tended and won the Magog Trust, Stapleford, Cambs contract. Magog are a woodland/pasture trust with beautiful areas of public access for picnics and walks. It's a very 'dog friendly' environment used by families so Whoopsy Daisy's service has been contracted under trial to keep the poo bins emptied, clean and disinfected.
Clean Yards Toronto Pet Waste Removal Services In Canada (416) 829 - 2905
Company Details
Canada: Toronto

Let Clean Yards's professional, thorough and dependable staff manage the time-consuming, unsanitary and gross burden of keeping your yard clear of dog waste. Reclaim your spare time and your yard for your family and your dog! If your family battles over who has to perform this particular chore, we will gladly take the responsibility!

Dog waste ruins the appearance of your property and when left to accumulate, will attract disease- carrying pests. It can offend your neighbours, endanger the health of your pets and family and render your yard unusable. Allow us to clean up after your pets and haul away the mess so you never have to deal with the poop chore again! If you are physically challenged, our service may enable you to have a companion dog that you would otherwise not be able to keep.
No More DOG POOP-Essex Poop Patrol Windsor and Essex County, Ontario, Canada
Company Details
Windsor And Essex County, Ontario, Canada Canine Pooper Scooper Services

We know what its like to love and hate having a dog. Our little Half-Pint left quite a lot of "little land mines" around the yard of our war time house on Turnhout Cres in Essex. We know exacty how embarrasing it is for anyone who could see through the chain link fence. Our poor neighbours! SORRY Rob and Janeen, Terry and Pam! And don't get me started about cutting the grass and finding the little surprises stuck to the wheels. Its hassle free you pick the day and time and the yard will be clean, no fuss, no worry. Some people say picking it up is just part of being a dog owner, we say "Enjoy your pet and leave the mess to us" Call the Essex Poop Patrol 519-800-7548 or 519-800-7548. Thanks for taking the time to read what we're all about.
The Dog Poop Cleaner Services In Dublin And North East (086 8683978)
Company Details
Dublin And North East

Lets face it nobody likes to pick up dog poo except me. For just 10 euro per visit I will clean up all your dog foul from your average back garden. Call me on 086 8683978 to get your garden cleaned up. You can also visit the website and see the services in detail as well as connect to use on Facebook and see further details about our client services. These niche pet care services are a very difficult type to secure as very few companies exist that have entered into this industry. We are here to help.
PooGone Ltd The UK’s Dependable Dog Waste Cleaning & Disposal In East Anglia
Company Details

PooGone takes the dirty side of keeping a dog away and lets you keep doing what you love, caring and spending time with them. 10% Discounts for disabled and OAP's. PooGone Is a Family Run Limited Company that cares for the health of you and your pets. We want our services to be available and affordable to everyone. We believe domestic properties should get the exact same cleaning services that we can provide to commercial sites, councils and public areas. For around the same price a window cleaner, or a dustbin cleaner charges, you can be guaranteed the areas your dog has used will be cleaned and suitably disinfected significantly reducing the risk of parasites and bacteria. PooGone is one of a handful of specialist dog waste companies in the UK and the only one in our area. WHY NOT LET PooGone DO THE DIRTY JOB FOR YOU? Everyone loves their dogs but hates clearing the waste.
Dog Dooty: Dog Waste Management Service- A Pooper Scooper Maintenance Service In Ontario, Canada
Company Details
Ontario Canada

The Dog Dooty company is a pooper-scooper service that has been successfully cleaning up after your canine companions for years. They service the following areas of Ontario, Canada: Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, Hamilton and Stoney Creek, Ca. When the "chips" are down and you don´t have the time or inclination to pickup after your dogs, give the Dog Dooty company a ring. What better way to gain more leisure time to spend with your family and pets.
Dog Waste Removal In Regina, Moosejaw Winnipeg And Brandon, Winnipeg Canada
Company Details
Winnipeg, CA. Pet Poop Pickup Services For Regina, Moosejaw Winnipeg And Brandon, Canada. Dog Pooper Scooper Services Are Available And Scheduled Year Around If Desired

The Poo Crew is a business dedicated to serving the community. We doo weekly and spring services for cleaning up your dogs (k9) contribution to your yard. With our NO poop attitude you will positively be satisfied with our quick and easy service. Not only doo we provide clean up of your dogs waste in Regina and area we offer this in Winnipeg and many surrounding communities. We may clean your cats litter box too! Or spruce up your lawn with our seed/fertilizer service.

Your dogs poop and we scoop, We specialize ONLY in the dog poop business, we choose this route so to make our customers our #1 priority in the #2 business but most of all for safety of family and pets, Lawn mowers and other tools can not be properly cleaned and a much greater chance to transport disease.
Dog Poo Collection Waste Removal In Thatcham, Berkshire + By Noses and Tails
Company Details
Thatcham, Berkshire And The Surrounding Areas

Whether you simply don't have time to keep up with your dogs weekly poo, you own several dogs and struggle keeping up with their poo productions or you just don't like picking up dog poo. Make your garden more hygienic for your children to play and keep your garden green with our poo picking service. We will take care of your whole garden's dog poo on a prearranged, routine or a last minute basis. You will never have to poo pick it again. Prices for all of their pet care services are listed on the website including dog poop removal, consistent dog walking, pet sitting and more. 07909 855272.
Scoops Dog Waste Removal: Professional Animal Waste Specialists Fareham, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Company Details
Fareham, Hampshire, United Kingdom Phone02392 379773 Mobile07823558948

Scoops come to your home to clean up all the waste that your pet leaves behind. We make pet ownership hassle free by eliminating your familys most unpopular chore. Get to know the Scoops Dog Waste Removal Services Company by visiting the website, see the price schedule for all types of single visits to multiple visits to clean up after your dogs. No need to feel embarrassed about falling behind at your home. Your lawn and garden can be returned to it prior beauty by securing the services. In business for multiple years and looking forward to adding new clients in and around Fareham, Hampshire, United Kingdom.
The Pooper Scooper: Serving Leicestershire & Surrounding
Company Details
Great Britain

We come to your residence (this can be when you are in, or perhaps at work) grid the area the dogs uses, Pooper Scoop the dog waste and dispose of it safely. Finally we wash down and disinfect the area leaving you a service slip. A phenomenal pet care service we are confident you will soon wonder how you ever lived without.

Some of the cities The Pooper Scoopers in Great Britain include Leicester and Loughborough. Other major towns include Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Coalville, Hinckley, Market Harborough, Melton Mowbray, Oadby and Wigston. Our poop scooping services are also available in many other cities beyond those listed here.
The Dog Waste Disposal Company Offering Dog Waste Disposal & Bins
Company Details
From the smallest Parish Council to the largest Metropolitan Borough, we will tailor a contract to suit your budget.

Tel/Fax: 01536 460669. Mobile: 07949 876385. Our superb Dog Waste Bins (seen above). Have been designed in conjunction with a major Local Authority and have many new features to make them as user friendly and hygenic as possible. Manufactured in heavy duty sheet steel we challenge you to find a better equivalent product at a lower price anywhere in the UK.

We provide a fully seemless service:
Supply, Lease, Installation, Repair, Emptying, Disposal.
Whatever your needs, CALL US FIRST, we can help.

Contracts of any term or size are available for both the lease and emptying of Dog Waste Bins. From the smallest Parish Council to the largest Metropolitan Borough, we will tailor a contract to suit your budget.
Dog Business Poop Management Services For Dog Owners In Auckland, New Zealand
Company Details
Auckland, New Zealand

I recognize that at times, people´s lives sometimes just gets so busy with work, family and other responsibilities, that picking up poo moves down the list of priorities. Therefore, in August 2012, I made the decision to offer Pet Waste Removal Services in Auckland, New Zealand. In doing so, I can provide a value-adding service which will give the animal owner peace of mind that their dog´s environment is clean and free of hazardous heaps; more time for family, hobbies and our beloved pets; feedback on the health of your dog´s business (i.e. consistency, diarrhea, weird or unusual objects). Dog Business is your professional solution to the effective collection and disposal of your Pet´s waste.
Acme Pooper Scoopers Dog Poo Pickup Services In Edmonton Spruce Grove And Stony Plain +
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Acme Pooper Scoopers Dog Poo Pickup Services In Edmonton Spruce Grove And Stony Plain Edmonton, Alberta Canada Dog Waste Management Services

Offering both dog waste removal services as well as cat litter box routine maintenance services. Our fast affordable service will come to your yard and clean up after your beloved best friends for less than you think. How many companies are taking care of your cats needs alongside their dog scooping services? We definetly have filled that need by offering both services to our current and prospective clients. We would love to have you onboard our route sheet tomorrow as well. Give us a call and we would be happy to explain everything with you. Rates are right on our website for standard yards.
No Time For Poop: Dog Waste REmoval Services In The Edmonton, Canada Area
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We are located out of Spruce Grove, Alberta. We service all of Edmonton, Leduc, St. Albert, Devon, Spruce Grove, Calmar, Sherwood Park, Adrossan, Fort Saskatchewan, Onoway, and Stony Plain.

We are unique in our poop scooping trade in the Edmonton and Area. We DO NOT require any contracts from our customers as this can be a hinderance. We are here to serve our customers without any pressure. Think about ALL the guidelines of a strict contract?? No One Wants to be LOCKED into a three month contract! Try Us Out!

Our service prides itself with clean, quick, and efficient cleanup of Dog Poop. We service residential yards no matter what size of yard or amount of dog poop. We want the BEST for you and your pets. Our service is very friendly and would love to meet with your dog(s). Take the time today to call us and experience our Excellent Dog Poop Cleanup Service.
Dog Waste Removal Service In Victoria BC (250) 704 9218
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British Columbia, Canada: Victoria (View Royal, Langford, Colwood, Metchosin, Highlands, Gordon Head & Saanich. )

Our business is to provide you with friendly and reliable, weekly pet waste clean-up service in all cities surrounding Victoria, BC. We remove the pet waste from your property and dispose of it at the City of Victoria landfill. We do so according to by-laws set by the city. Service days will depend on where in Victoria you live. Call us for updated schedule information. We offer one-time service for those who need a clean yards for move-in, move-out, rental properties, clean-ups before BBQs, back yard weddings, etc.

Regular removal of your pet's waste will allow you and your family to enjoy your yard and spend quality time outdoors. Weekly clean-ups keep the smell to a minimum, your neighbours will appreciate it. Rain water carries pet waste bacteria into sewers and waterways causing harm to delicate ecosystems and fish spawning grounds. We will leave a receipt in your mailbox each visit letting you know how many weeks of pre-paid service (or credits) you have remaining. We accept cash and credit cards through Paypal (online payment).
Calgary Poop Troop K9 Pooper Scooper Services Of Alberta, Canada
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Book services online or call/text 587.899.7667 and have any and all questions about the company and its services answered with a snappy reply by the pet care pros at Calgary Poop Troop. To start the service, there are no contracts to sign with the company nor are there any prepayments for use the ongoing services in Calgary. Gates when leaving your property are double checked from this locally owned and fully licensed business. They aim to meet and exceed your cleanlines needs as well as improve the value you place your own free time and the general health of your dogs at your home. When Spring time comes around and you find that you just don't have the where-with-all to even consider tip toeing into the backyard, hand over the the shovels to the pros!
THE POOP SQUAD, Ottawa Dog Waste Removal Since 1996
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Ottawa, Canada

Has your dog turned the yard into a minefield? Let The Poop Squad clean it for you; offering dog waste removal on a one time basis or regular weekly maintenance. Call today and reclaim your yard from the enemy! We service the entire Ottawa area. Our professional pet waste removal services can be secured by a simple phone call to our offices for those living in the following cities:

Ottawa Kanata Nepean Barrhaven Stittsville Richmond Munster Carp Dunrobin Manotick Gloucester, as well as the city of Orleans. Not just one of the oldest and most respected professional pooper scooper firms in all of Canada, but a company that places your yard's cleanliness as our greatest responsibility.
FOLLOWING FIDO - Pet Waste Removal Serves Pet Owners In & Around, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
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Guelph, Ontario, Canada

With FOLLOWING FIDO - Pet Waste Removal, you can free your mind of the whole ordeal. Let us
clean up after your dog and make your lawn a fun, clean, safe place to be. We let the joy of owning a dog stay a joy! Our goal is to clean your yard so you are 100% satisfied. A fully insured, 100% satisfaction guarantee company with affordable rates for everyone in Guelph, Ontario areas. Pet poop pickup services can be secured for weekly, twice a week, every other week, and one-time cleanings, the choice is yours. They allow your dog in the yard while they work. Offering Referral discounts and gift certificates for sale to your dog owning friends. Schedule a pickup at (519) 993-6565.
K9 Poo Crew Poop Scooping Clean Up In All Areas Of Kamloops, BC.
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K9 Poo Crew provides pet waste removal (poop scooping/clean up) to residential homes and commercial properties in all areas of Kamloops, British Columbia Canada

Nobody I know truly enjoys cleaning up after their pets. In the winter it is cold and everything freezes and in the summer the heat is baking everything including you. Here's how it works - We set you up on our route and drop by each week (or less often if you choose) to clean up the poop from your yard. There is no need for you to be home, as long as we have access to the yard. We will leave everything as it was, with the exception of removing all the poop!

One Time Service
We also offer one time cleanings. Whatever your reason may be, move ins/outs, special occasions (back yard weddings, family BBQs, etc, or spring clean up, we are happy to be of service and guarantee satisfaction!

Commercial Service
Commercial services are available for multi-family condos, apartment complexes, rescue foundations, guard dog protected properties, doggy daycares, kennels and more! Also, try our NEW Bucket Service.
Poop-Patrol - For A Poop Free Yard: The Backyard Cleanup Service For Dogs In Toronto, Ontario Canada
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Toronto, Ontario Canada

"There are people to clean houses, mow lawns, and housekeepers to do your laundry. A dog pooper scooper service is the next step in a busy life for a pet owner. Think about it. We already pay dog groomers, walkers, trainers, sitters and even Doggy Daycare. So why not professional poop scooping services? Most dog owners today would rather spend their precious few available hours enjoying the compay of their dog rather than pickuing up after them. This is the next step to further enjoying your dog. My customers love their dogs, and so do I!" Give them a call, they are completely prepared to routinely keep your backyard in tip top condition.
Scoop Squad - The End Of Dog Poop For Vancouver, British Columbia Dog Owners
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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada And Surrounding Cities

Dogs poop. Period. If you own a dog, there is a good chance that you have experienced the act of pooper-scooping; going out into your yard, with the express purpose of locating and handling feces. Rinse and repeat. Needless to say, it takes a unique individual to find enjoyment in dealing with pet waste.

The good news is: those days are over. Scoop Squad specializes in pet waste management, and will regularly visit your yard as often as you like, completely clean it of all pet waste, and also treat waste regions in order to prevent 'burning' and keep the lawn fresh and healthy. Scoop Squad uses completely environmentally friendly solutions, including biodegradable bags and environmentally safe treatments. Heck, even our uniforms are eco-friendly! Scoop Squad charges a small monthly fee for its services, which is conveniently processed via credit card. You can even sign up online!
The Poop Guys Pet Waste Removal, Serving Saskatoon & Area
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Saskatchewan SK

Poop scooping services for: Saskatoon City Martensville Warman Rosthern Osler Dalmeny Langham Gradora Asquith Vanscoy Delisle Abderdeen Vonda Pike Lake. Locally Owned & Operated, The Poop Guys have 4 years experience scooping the poop our 4 legged friends leave behind. We are currently Saskatoon's 1st & Only Online Pooper Scooper Service. Services extends to include many outlying towns. Customer satisfaction is #1. Whether you have one dog or 4 dogs we can visit you Weekly, Twice Weekly & also provide a One Off Spring Blitz service. We specialize in yards large and small but even if you live on an acreage no job is too big! We also provide a Kitty Litter & Critter Bedding Removal Service.
Scoopy-Poo Dog Waste Removal Service In The Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada
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Dog Pooper-Scooper Services For Halifax Regional Municipality Of Canada.

Scoopy-Poo is a dog waste removal service available to residential and commercial properties in and around the Halifax Regional Municipality. We are committed to providing a safe and sanitary living environment for you and your pets. Our site is currently under development but we are ready to pick up business, literally! Call today for service tomorrow! We look forward to adding you to the growing list of clients at Scoopy-Poo.

I am Mic Melanson, owner of Scoopy-Poo and avid dog lover. My family and I would love to have the opportunity to provide your household and your beloved pet with our convenient and friendly service. All the products we use are 100% biodegradable, from our bags to our disinfectants. We clean all of our tools/footwear before we enter your yard, to prevent against any cross contamination that may occur.
1888K9SCOOP Poop Scoops For Barrie Innisfil Orillia Thornton And Simcoe County Ontario Canada
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1888K9SCOOP Poop Scoops For Barrie Innisfil Orillia Thornton And Simcoe County Ontario, Canada. Call For Surrounding Area Services.

Every dog owners solution to dog poo pickup. 1888K9SCOOP offers professional pooper scooper services in Barrie, Innisfill , and Simcoe county. residential and commercial, Ministry of the Environment APPROVED dog waste removal and disposal. Stop dealing with dog poop, call us because, we do do that!
Lucky Paws UK Pet Waste Removal Yard Cleanup
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United Kingdom 0800 907 8207

We are your solution to a safe, clean, waste-free environment!  Let our dog waste removal service take care of the most unpleasant but necessary part of dog ownership. We welcome the opportunity to provide you and your pets with a clean and healthy yard to enjoy all year. There are many advantages to keeping your garden or yard clean. Dog waste compromises the appearance of your yard, attracts flies and other pests, can pollute ground water, may offend the neighbors, and can even endanger the health of your dogs and your family.

Dog waste will not help fertilize your yard, but will actually harm it - creating discoloring and killing many plants. Dog waste is unsafe around a home environment, as it may harbor many harmful bacteria and parasites. Dog waste removal services exist to make life more pleasant for dog owners by eliminating the most unpleasant aspects of dog ownership at a surprisingly low cost.
We come to your garden or yard at least once a week to clean up what your pets leave behind, and take this unwanted job off of your hands. We disinfect and deodorize our tools and shoes after we finish each yard to avoid cross-contamination. We double bag the waste and dispose of it properly.
The Pooper Scooper Dog Waste Disposal Services Of Canada - A Pet Poop Pickup Service
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OFFERING SERVICES IN: Aldergrove Langley Surrey White Rock N. Delta Burnaby
New Westminster Coquitlam Port Coquitlam Pitt Meadows Port Moody And Maple Ridge, Canada

Did you know that it is ILLEGAL to dispose of dog waste with your household garbage? For as little as $3 per week* we can provide dog owners with the ability to dispose of their pet waste in a LEGAL, AFFORDABLE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY manner. These services can help insure your family and pets always have a clean and healthy surrounding.

dog waste is a small family owned and operated Pet Waste Management Service. Since 1993 we have specialized in the removal and disposal of dog waste from residential homes as well as property management companies contracts, non profit groups, multi-family unit complexes, and parks during special events. We continue to help strata counsels and management corporations keep properties free of dog waste, and safe for residents.

After years of Dog Waste Management for our own dogs "yard muffins", we realized how much a service like ours was needed. Bylaws prohibiting disposal of Dog Feces thru curbside collection is only one reason that our services are in demand. There are a large amount of people that just don't have the time, aren't physically capable, or just don't have the inkling to do Dog Waste Pick Up. All these things combined assured us that other people would benefit from a service that caters to dog owners like ourselves.
Central Coast Pet Service 042 023 8314 Sittin' Paws Dog Poop Scoop Business
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Central Coast

Why needlessly dread the thought of your backyard and the 'surprises' waiting there? Dog poop is the bane of many an animal lover, particularly those who love the outdoors. Acidic and filled with nasty bacteria, dog poop can be a harbringer of parasites and diseases from worms to parvo. Even healthy dogs leave poop that causes unpleasant odours and grass burns. Keep your garden clean, lush and green for the whole family to enjoy, without worrying about those little landmines!
Sittin' Paws comes to your yard 1-3 times a week, Monday to Friday, picks up and bags your pooches poop before dropping it in your waste disposal bin. All equipment and bags are provided by Sittin' Paws. Prices include poop pick up for up to two dogs. Additional surcharges apply for houses with extra pooches. Got an event coming up? Family coming over? Choose an Emergency Visit for a once off pick up service.
Scooby's Dog Waste Removal Services British Columbia, Canada
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Scooby's Dog Waste Removal Services British Columbia, Canada: West Vancouver, North Vancouver Langley, Cloverdale Burnaby, Surrey, New Westminster, Delta, White Rock, Mission/Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows And Other Areas As well

LET SCOOBY’S DO THE DIRTY WORK! Love your dog but hate the waste? Wish someone would do the dirty job for you? You’re not alone! We have hundreds of customers who have us come by on a weekly basis to scoop their poop! Scooby’s relieves you of the time-consuming and gross burden of keeping your yard clean. Now, you can spend more time doing what you like to do. If you are physically challenged, our service may enable you to have a companion dog that you would otherwise not be able to keep. If your family has battles over who has to perform this particular chore, that’s one more happy teenager. If you have thought about purchasing a dog waste composter, be warned the waste takes months to disintegrate—the poop piles up faster than it goes away.

We take care of your yard on a pre-scheduled, regular basis with one of the lowest priced scooping companies in the country. We take the waste away to a sewage treatment facility—we don’t leave it in your garbage. Many municipalities have by-laws which prohibit the collection of feces in the garbage and disposing of poop in the garbage is an environmental hazard. The Scooby’s disposal system (collected waste is disposed of at a sewage treatment facility), is both lawful and eco-friendly.
the Doggy Doo Wagon Yard Cleanup Pooper Scooper Services In Nanaimo & Surrounding
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Nanaimo And Surrounding Areas

The Doggy Doo Wagon is pleased to offer services to doggy day cares. In addition, we are happy to ensure pet waste removal for the following pet playgrounds including, but not limited to:Kennels, Groomers, Apartment Buildings, Strata Complexes, Parks and Playgrounds. Please contact us directly to discuss the removal of waste in your pet´s unique playground.

The Doggy Doo Wagon is pleased to offer Gift Certificates for the pet owners in your life. Perfect surprises for birthdays, house warming celebrations or for that pet owner who has nearly everything; our Gift Certificates can be created for any dollar amount.

The greatest compliment a customer can give us is the referral of one´s family and friends. If you are satisfied with our services, we invite you to please consider referring us to your family and friends. For every new customer we receive from you, we are delighted to offer one complimentary week of your regularly scheduled service.
Poo - Ch Pet Removal Services: Canine Waste Removal In Durham Region, Ontario, Canada
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Areas Of Operation Include: Durham Region, Ontario, Canada

Poop Scooping business and also have custom canine apparel, some dog walking. POO - ch Services. If POO is becoming a pain in the grass and you're worried about what your children are tracking into the house -- Call us! (905) 728-0473. POO - ch Services.

When it comes to taking care of 'serious dog business', Pawticular Paws has the answer your home and pets can depend on. We can give you a quality, clean smelling environment for you and your pet/s to play in. We will pick up all the dog waste, take the waste away and disinfect all tools with an ecofriendly cleaner which will prevent any cross contamination. Don't let your darling's dog droppings get between you and your neighbor. Give us a call! (905) 728-0473. Remember 'We Love Your POO-ch!'
PetMaid - Cleaning Pet Pooh Is What We Do Ontario, Canada: Mississauga Oakville Georgetown Milton +
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Ontario, Canada: Mississauga Oakville Georgetown Milton Halton Hills +

PetMaid offers just about every type of pet waste removal imaginable. Of course, they care for your canine companions unmentionables. But did you know they also pickup and clean cages for birds, small animals and your feline friends as well? Solid service from a reputable company that has been supporting the pet owning community for many years in Ontario, Canada.
Poooh Busters: We Scoop the Poop, Pet Waste Removal Services In Calgary, Alberta
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Calgary, Alberta (Canada) Based Canine Poop Scooping Company.

Poooh Busters offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one-time cleanings. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate! We offer additional services:move in/move out clean-ups. Cleaning for special occasions. Spring clean-ups. Commercial service. We offer a service no one else offers. We will also take away your bagged up kitty litter along with the doggie waste from your yard. Just set it out the day we are scheduled to clean your yard and we take away the used kitty litter too!

Gift Certificates available to give the gift of a happy, healthy family, pet and yard. If you are a current Poooh Buster’s customer and have been for at least one month, you are eligible to take part in our special referral program! We Offer Discounted Rates For: Seniors, Disabled, Working dogs, Law enforcement, Firefighters and E.M.S. workers.
The Dog Doo Doctor Pet Waste Removal For Residents Of Swift Current, Saskatchewan
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Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Tired of cleaning up after your dog? Spring melt going to uncover a mountain of "treats"? Dreading the weekly poo pick up? Worry no more, the Doctor is in! Now offering services in Swift Current, Saskatchewan , the Dog Doo Doctor will help with Spring time clean up, weekly, biweekly and monthly cleanups. whenever fits your schedule best. No contracts, no hassle , just a poo free yard!

Dog Feces is laden with bacteria and germs. It is not much fun to step in either.. Help protect your shoes, kids, guests shoes and the embarrassment of having the land mines in your yard. We will come in and clean the poo and take it with us, where it will be properly disposed of. We will also monitor your dog's dropping for blood or other abnormalities, and alert you to any changes or issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using the above tab!
Little Scoop Of Odors Dog Waste Removal Service In Campbell River, Canada
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Campbell River, Canada

Little Scoop Of Odors has been keeping Campbell River's yards clean since 1998 at an affordable rate. We will maintain a high-quality service and a high standard of cleanliness, while providing a stimulation and rewarding working environment for all employees, while achieving a level of profitability that allows us to continually improve and grow.
We arrive promptly on a scheduled basis. We meticulously service your property to find and pickup the waste. Upon completion of your property we haul the waste away with us, for proper disposal, at no additional fee. Have you experienced the unpleasant effects of geese and other wildlife's waste on your property. Little Scoop of Odors also specializes in the waste removal services of these special wildlife situations.
Super Scoopers Canine Waste Removal Service In The Greater Toronto Metro Area, CA
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Toronto, Ontario Canada

One of the most respected dog pooper scoopers in Canada, Super Scoopers business has been picking up ever since created in 1985. Yes, 1985! The Beagle family has without a doubt become one of the most successful and influential pet waste removal companies in the world today. Dog waste removal and sewage plant disposal is offered in Toronto Metro area: Mississauga Vaughan Richmond Hill Markham Ajax Pickering Whitby Oshawa Guelph.

Dog poop scooping in Uxbridge, Aurora and Newmarket is now available! Contact Colleen your Newmarket, Aurora and Uxbridge dog poop scooper! Super Scoopers Uxbridge scoops your dog poop! A 15% discount is available for seniors and physically challenged people. Cash Payment is required at time of service for all large Spring clean up jobs. Complete Customer Satisfaction! Guaranteed! You will not be disappointed! Your dog's business is our business, since 1985!
Poop 'N Scoop Pet Waste Cleaning Services In The Greater Toronto Area By Clean Yards (416) 829 - 29
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We are located in Ontario, Canada and run our dog poop-scooping business routes in the GTA - Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and North York.

We are a Pet Waste Removal Service that is dedicated to pets and pet owners by making their homes a happier, safer and cleaner place to live. We clean residential and commercial properties of dog waste and haul it away so you never have to deal with it again. We offer one time clean ups, twice weekly, weekly, bi weekly or monthly service visits. Visit our website to check out our affordable rates. In addition to our poop and scoop services, we offer dog walking, snow shoveling, pet taxi services and leaf removal, all at affordable rates. We are located in Ontario, Canada and service the GTA - Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and North York. Clean Yards Pet Waste Removal Service, Poop And Scoop! Please inquire about our additional pet care services in the Toronto, CA areas of Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and North York.
The Doody Hunters Dog Poop Scooping Edmonton, Alberta Canada Pet Waste Maintenance
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Edmonton Professional Dog Pooper Scooping Business Services

The Doody Hunters is an environmentally responsible pet waste management company dedicated to helping pet owners reduce their carbon paw print by collecting and composting our customer’s pet waste.

Doody Hunters has a mandate for people, pets and the environment. As the pace of life picks up and families start having children cleaning up your pets waste on a weekly basis can become a hot button for many families. Doody Hunters can provide that helpful assistance to any pet owner’s life, while respecting the environment at the same time. We all love the outdoors and being good stewards of the earth is something we all need to work at and understand how serious the impact pet waste has on the environment if not disposed of properly.
Nature Calls Pet Waste Cleanup In Ontario Canada. Dog Poop Scooping Ontario +
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Ontario, Canada Dog Fecal Matter Cleaning Services

For the Pet Waste Removal service, Nature Calls will clean your home's backyard (or other part of your property as desired) on an agreed upon routine basis so you never have to scoop dog waste EVER AGAIN. We remove the pet waste from your property and then dispose of it properly to clean up the mess your canine family members left behind. Nature Calls Pooper Scooper Company uses antimicrobial solutions to clean our unique equipment after each use to prevent cross contamination of germs. We don't believe in contractual obligations so you can start or stop your dog’s services as you like.

Just Imagine all the fantastic benefits of using our services…
* No more spring clean-up.
* No more arguing whose turn it is.
* No more stepping in dog poop.
* No more embarrassment when guests arrive.
* No more wondering if the kids really picked it up.
* No more going out in the cold or heat to clean the yard.
* No more dealing with dog poop EVER AGAIN.
Give Me Your Poo Dog Waste Scooping Service For Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia
Company Details

Each Cleaning Visit Krissy Will:
* Clear the yard of dropping
* Dispose of droppings
* Check the dog's water
* Check gates
* Hose paved areas if necessary
* Spray disinfectant on paved areas if necessary
I can do an initial clean up if it's been left a while, or even a 'one-off' if you have a special reason like an 'Open House' or a BBQ.

* Use a pooper-scooper, disinfected before & after use; clean towels for each job.
* Droppings are wrapped in environmentally friendly newspaper.
* I quickly hose paving if necessary, followed by a light disinfectant spray.
* Choice of how droppings are eliminated: bin, compost, worm farms or taken away.
* A receipt calling slip let you know I've been and collected the money you've left.
Dog Poo Pickup And Pet Waste Removal In Sydney, Australia
Company Details
Sydney Australia By Poo Patrol Service Techs

Poo Patrol of Sydney, Australia will clear your yard of dog do using a combination of our Poo-ver where we can, and the ole fashion poop scoop. We use "specialist equipment" that the public wouldn't normally have, this allows us to do a more thorough job. Our "poover" was made right here in Australia, and allows us to vacuum the lawn, removing any dog poop.
Unlike traditional methods, it doesn't strain the poo through the grass, it sucks the dog poo straight up leaving no trace of what was once there. When all the waste is sucked up into our doo buster, it gets emptied into doubled biodegradable waste bags and then whisked away to a secret faraway destination......(aka the dump), not in your wheelie bin. So every time you put the rubbish out you wont pass out! We also offer franchise opportunities for those of you who love the pet care industry and would like to join our network of affiliates.
Scoop Dogs Pet Waste Removal for Calgary, Alberta And Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Company Details
Alberta and Ontario Pet Waste Removal Of Dog Waste. 2. Greater Calgary area (Alberta), Windsor-Essex County (Ontario). 3. Calgary, Okotoks, High River, Chestermere, Airdrie, Langdon, Longview (Alberta); Windsor, Amherstburg, LaSalle, Essex, Harrow, Leamington, Cottam (Ontario)

Scoop Dogs pooper scoopers will clean your yard and free you of landmines your dog has left behind. Our pet waste removal is one of the cheapest services around, with rates starting at $8.00 a week for dog waste removal. Our service is usually for one visit a week up to 3 dogs, if you require more visits or have more dogs this is no problem just contact us and will be happy to set something up. We offer very flexible payment options which include pre-pay, monthly billing, and weekly billing. Forms of paying include Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, Amex, PayPal.

We cover a lot of ground at Scoop Dogs we service Calgary, Alberta and Windsor, Ontario greater areas. List of places we cover (but not limited to): For the greater Calgary area we service places like Okotoks, High River, Chestermere, Airdrie, Langdon, Longview. For the greater Windsor area we service places like Amherstburg, LaSalle, Essex, Harrow, Leamington, Cottam.
Feel free to call us Calgary (403) 909-7672 Windsor (519) 257-5044.
A1 Pooper Scoopin' Pet Waste Removal Poop Scoopin for Dogs & Cats In Calgary, Alberta Canada
Company Details
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Serving Calgary & Area since 1994. One Time Poop Clean-ups, Spring Clean-ups, Larger Areas, Acreages, Condos, Guard Dogs & Kennels. Services for cats as well. A1 Pooper Scoopin' has gift certificates for the person who you fell has everything....including too much dog poop on their hands. Figuratively and literaly. Check the website for current rates and any discount offers you may avail.
Scoopy Doo Canine Waste Removal Inc.: Professional Dog Poop Maintenance In Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Company Details
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

"Our firm professionally handles one of life's more unpleasant tasks! Snow, rain, heat, mosquitos, winter, spring, fall, summer: we pick up where your dog left off. We are the only full-time waste removal company in Winnipeg. To protect your canine companion, we disinfect our equipment, tools, and shoes with a veterinarian-approved disinfectant between each of our scoop assignments."

Outstanding dog pooper scooper company that has been offering niche pet care services in Winnipeg since 1998. Additionally, Scoopy Doo shares their vast knowledge about dog health and general care by writing canine specific health & welfare articles for various publications.
Paws to Bark Professional Pooper Scoopers Of Ontario, Canada
Company Details
We Provide Dog Owners And Commercial Properties In The Following Areas Of Ontario Canada Pet Waste Removal Services: Hamilton Stoney Creek Grimsby Mount Hope
Binbrook Caledonia Burlington Waterdown Dundas Milton Oakville

Spring clean up rates starting at $49.00 (March-May). One time clean up rates starting at $39.00 (June-February). We do not scoop frozen dog poop adhered to the ground. Have more than 3 dogs? We do offer scooping services for 4 to 5 dogs too! These rates can vary due to size of yard or number of dogs. Ask about Commercial Property cleanings In Ontario, Canada. We have a team of dog walkers as well at the ready that would also help dog owners with this necessity in addition to all your hone pet waste removal needs.
K9 Scoop & Walk Calgary Pet Waste Removal And Routine Dog Walking Services In Calgary, Alberta
Company Details
Calgary, Alberta Canada Dog Pooper Scooper Services And Dog Walking

In need of a friendly and experienced pooper scooper? Do you need an affordable solution to keep your yard clean? Call Nicole at K9 Sccop and Walk today! Phone: 403-860-3680. Do you need an experienced dog walker to give your dog the excersixe it needs each day? Call Nicole at K9 Sccop and Walk today! Weekly, ongoing services for your dog companions are available as well as Senior and Handicap Discounts. Please call and get details as they are not currently listed on our website as of yet.
Poop-B-Gone Poop Scooping Services In Ontario, Canada
Company Details
We Scoop Dog Poop In And Around

Enjoy your yard again without all the messes and health issues. For more information on our services and rates, see below for link. We clean up after your dog so you don't have to. Why spend time deciding on who is going clean up after the dog. We can come once or twice a week, bi-weekly or monthly. Our rates are very reasonable and there are no contracts to sign. If you start using our service and decide it is not for you, all we ask is that you give us a two week notice.

Spring is the time that most dog-owners dread when the doggy doo has accumulated over the winter months in the yard. Leave the dirty work to us and request a Spring Cleaning. One time cleanings are available for the same rate. We work all year round, weather allowing, same rates, billing, and conditions apply. We would like to thank you for considering Poop-B-Gone as your pet waste removal service and for your efforts to keep our environment clean and safe for everyone.
Paws To Bark Dog Poop Cleanup Services In Ontario, Canada
Company Details
We Service The Following Areas Of Ontario, Canada: Hamilton Stoney Creek Binbrook Grimsby Ancaster Dundas Waterdown Burlington Oakville And Mississauga

We are a young couple located in Hamilton, Ontario that decided to take a chance on a dream. Who would have thought picking up after a dog would be something you dream about? Spending time doing what we enjoy and around animals just makes our job even better!
+ We have friendly uniformed staff
+ We scoop and dispose of Waste
+ We Close access gates and lock any doors after completion.
+ We require payment every month
+ We work in rain and weather permitting snow
+ Ask about commerical services
Scoop The Doo - The UK's Pet Waste Removal Service Cleaning Up After Canine Companions
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United Kingdom

Scoopthedoo provides a professional, all year round dog waste removal service to domestic and commercial properties as an ongoing service in the UK. We clean up and dispose of your dog's waste so that you don't have to. To arrange an appointment for a FREE quotation, call 0800 915 1574

Your property is cleaned by a highly trained member of our company who will effectively collect the waste from your yards and gardens, using professional equipment. All our staff are uniformed and all vehicles are fully labeled so that you know when we have arrived at your residence.

Dog Waste Placed Into Biodegradable Bags
Your dog's waste is then collected into biodegradable bags and disposed of safely into your bins using proper equipment, or disposed of somewhere else if you have an alternative.

Disinfectant Sprayed On Lawns, Patios & Paths
Your yards and gardens are then sprayed with our special sanitizing disinfectant, which removes any remaining waste which could not be collected. This ensures that no harm can be caused to your family or pets and that no parasites can spread. Our staff then disinfect all of their equipment and footwear to ensure that no diseases are carried from one property to another.
When Doody Calls Pet Waste Removal Services For Yards In The Cowichan Valley Regional District
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Canine Waste Maintenance Services For Lawns And Homes Of The Cowichan Valley Regional District Of British Columbia, Canada.

Pet waste is considered hazardous waste and cannot be put in your regular garbage. In addition to our routine pet poop pickup, we also have a intermediate service that allows the homeowner to scoop the poop and leave it in a bucket we provide. We will then routinely come and haul it off for you. In other words, we can do all of the cleanup work for you, or only part of it as you desire. Services can be once a week or more frequent for those of you with multiple dogs, kids that are in the backyard or folks that desire a very clean yard. Take a look at our website and choose one of our service plans to keep the poop out of your yard routinely and then give us a call for service.
The Poop Group Dog Poop Pick-Up Service In Calgary, Alberta Canda Poop Scooping For Dogs
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada Pet Waste Collection And Removal Services For Pet Owners

Simply call us at 1-866-THE-POOP. Cash, Cheque, Visa and Mastercard accepted.
The Poop Group Dog Poop Collection Company offers dog waste removal services to residential and commercial customers in Calgary. We can routinely visit your home or commercial type property where dogs visit and do the dirty job of picking up what your dogs leaves behind. Never concern yourself again about dog waste on the lawn.

We offer this unique pet care service based on the number of dogs you own at your home. Between each service visit, our employees spray all tools, equipment and footwear with a disinfectant solution that is safe and biodegradable, but kills the microorganisms that cause parvovirus, rabies, kennel cough, foot and mouth disease, corona virus and distemper.

We are fully insured and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with your service, we will come back to re-clean your yard within 1 to 2 business days. Going the extra mile is something that is very important to The Poop Group. Pet feces are not a fertilizer. It contains too much nitrogen and phosphorous and can "burn" your lawn. We cover all these gross brown spots with our organic based fertilizer spray (Only $1.99 per visit). We leave your lawn cleaner and greener.
Woof Woof Dog Services Provides Poop Scoopin For Dogs In Alberta, Canada
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Alberta, Canada: Grande Prairie And Cities Surrounding

Gift Certificates Available: Wow!!! How cool would that be to receive a gift certificate for one of the worst jobs for the pet owner! You can purchase a gift certificate for a neighbor, elderly person, your husband, your child, or for yourself! Extra Charges will apply for larger lots or acreages, long grass in yard or excessive poop. Prices are subject to change.

No contract – If you want to stop services, just call or email me prior to the scheduled cleanup.
Clearly marked truck so neighbors will know who is in your yard. For your dogs safety, all equipment is disinfected including my shoes after every cleanup. Poop is bagged and placed in your garbage bin. If your bin is not outside, I will leave the waste by your garage door. If this is not suitable for you, please discuss with me a poop removal service. The cost is $2 extra for removal and $5 for large loads. I work in rain unless there is a lightning storm or extremely heavy rain. Should this happen, I will call or email to reschedule the cleaning.
International Pooper Scoopers Servicing Various Areas Outside The U.S.
Attention Dog owners. Relax and never have to worry about playing Mr. Pooper Scooper around the yard ever again. If you own a dog, then you know dog poop happens. I’m sure you would agree that picking up after your dog has got to be the worst chore of dog ownership. I should know, I’ve owned several beautiful dogs over the last 33 years. But somebody has to do it! Whether you’re simply too pooped to scoop yourself, or you have found more important and better ways to spend your free time than walk around picking up dog poop and cleaning cat litter boxes, there exists a better means of handling this smelly chore. It’s simple. Hire a professional pooper scooper service and let the pros take care of all your home’s pet waste removal. No, I am not kidding you. As a dog owner, you know how frustrating it can be to come home after a long week at the office and have your weekend backyard romp with the kids and dogs rudely interrupted by a hidden “dog bomb.” That’s dog poop for you feline aficionados. “When shoe meets pooh.” Sounds like this years “feel good movie of the summer”. Describing stepping in dog feces at your own home while trying to enjoy a pool party or afternoon family get together as “uneventful”, would be an understatement. I strongly believe that the word “unnecessary” is more fitting now that we have the services of a few dozen professional pooper scooper companies offering this long overdue service around the world. Where only a short time ago you simply couldn’t find anyone to hire and take care of your home’s dog poop weekly pile up, several entrepreneurs have now made these pooper scooper services available. There are pooper scoopers in Canada, Australia, England, Ireland and I’m sure many other countries I’ve yet to discover.

“The professional pooper scooper… they take crap, (all day long) so YOU don’t have to!” Literally. Professional dog poop pickup service companies go anywhere your dogs go.” Matter of fact, as availability and public awareness of this unique service has grown, pooper scoopers are finding themselves regularly servicing larger commercial properties in addition to their routine residential homes. Consequently, many of these dog waste removal services continue to branch out and are now even successfully securing contracts with larger corporate properties. Homeowners associations, property management companies, city parks, apartment complexes, as well as “pet friendly” dog parks are but a few of the larger, commercial size properties that are now hiring and benefiting from these dog waste removal companies. I don’t know about you, but I take more than enough crap at work to have to take it *also* when I get home. Using a professional pooper scooper to regularly clear your backyard of dog feces is a fast and affordable way to improve the appearance of your property while giving you more quality time to spend with your family and pets. So just relax and enjoy your yard. Let the pro’s take care of the dog poop and cat liter box for you.
International Pooper Scoopers Servicing Various Areas Outside The U.S.
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