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Pooper Scooper News
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Utah´s Dr. Scoopy Poo Dog Waste Removal Service
A March 7, 2006 article in the Desert News paper interviews Tom Barry and gets the scoop on this man´s adventures into canine poop mines. More specifically, how well he has faired over the past 2 years since starting his dog pooper scooper company and miscellaneous thoughts about this niche pet care "business."
See Article. Utah

Massachusetts Based Doody Calls Franchise In The News
This is an article in the Patriot News written by Brad Kelly on April 21, 2006. When Milton resident Paul Delaney and his wife Angela bought the first Doody Calls franchise in Mass. a year ago, they joined a fast-growing industry of pooper scooper services. Delaney discusses his dog pooper scooper operations in southeastern Mass. & Greater Boston.
See Article. Massachusetts

Doodie Duty Of Sacramento In The Sac. Business Journal
Business of picking up animal waste is picking up for 4-year-old firm. Sacramento based Doodie Duty is owned and operated by Janie Foydl since 2002. This happens to be one the better news article on the pet waste removal industry in some time and includes feedback from several other poop scooping firms. Written by Mark Anderson July 14, 2006.
See Article. California

Steve Potts Of Southern Maryland Pet Waste Removal Story
Potts, with the help of Lisa Johnson, runs Southern Maryland Pet Waste Removal Service. Potts and Johnson will come to residential homes and businesses to clean up and remove pet waste. Gretchen Phillips of the Southern Maryland Online Newspaper gets the "scoop" from this enterprising couple of modern day canine waste wranglers.
See Article. Maryland

The Pooper Trooper Co. Hits The Back Yards Of Seattle
Bill Walters, who started Pooper Trooper 3 years ago, isn´t too cool to scoop the stool in Seattle. He collects 500 to 700 pounds of canine waste every week from about 125 clients. Walters is at the forefront of commercial dog waste management- that is, scooping poop. Read a great article Seattle Post-Intelligencer about his dog poop enterprise.
See Article. Washington

Delaware Pooper Scoopers Owned By Shyla Vosket Omorogieva
July 8, 2006 news article in The News Journal By Gary Soulsman. Omorogieva owns Delaware Pooper Scoopers, which has more than 100 clients in the region, many of them time-deficient families sweating for quality time with Fido & family. Families who just assume to keep their fingers out of Fido & Fifi´s backyard dog poop piles.
See Article. Delaware

Annette Doucette of Poop, Scoop, & Away News Article
Joe Cox Of Hippo Press Newspaper talks to this Bedford, NH woman about her professional pooper scooper firm. The article written in 2006 puts forward some of the best reasons going why this niche pet care service is not only "up and coming", but also sorely needed.
See Article. New Hampshire

Steve Relles Of Delmar Dog Butler Interviewed
Relles, one of a rising number of Americans seeking new opportunities as their work shifts to countries with cheaper labor, has spent the past year making his living scooping up canine poop as the Delmar Dog Butler Co. May 9, 2005 interview by Staff Writer for Reuters.
See Article. New York

Milwaukee´s Poop Scooper Burns Of Scoops Pest Waste Removal
OMC Staff Writer Molly Snyder Edler interviews Mike Burns in this article published May 10, 2006. Burns comments, "Burns says he enjoys the work because it allows him to spend time outside and because the customer appreciation is so genuine." But how does he deal with the unpleasantness of the task?" One pile at a time!
See Article. Wisconsin

No More Poo: Interview With A Pooper Scooper
This interview was conducted 02.09.2006 by a staff writter for the very popular website It´s safe to say that this interview with Ellen of No More Poop Dog Waste Removal was intended to take an exceedingly humorous slant on this particular pet care subject. Enjoy.
See Article. Outside the USA

Doggie Doo Cleanup Is Big Business
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette News handles the honors here in this concise synopsis of the professional dog poop cleaning service industry. The article was posted online on July 14, 2006 and written by Peter Leo. Interestingly, the article references the need of a "dog poop patrol" in Paris due to the overwhelming problem dog owners have created.
See Article. Pennsylvania

Brett Latray Chats About His San Diego Company Poo Busters
This article was printed in The San Diego Union-Tribune on Sept 27, 2004 & written by Mark Sauer. Latray is a professional pooper scooper, part of the burgeoning pet care service sector that capitalizes on the fact that there are 65 million dogs (04) in the US & plenty of dog owners with disposable incomes who would rather pass on this dirty work.
See Article. California

Dan Williams Of Scooperman Pet Waste Cleanup Sponsors Driver
April 27, 2006. Exciting news from the USAR(United Speed Alliance Racing)team of Woodley Motorsports as Dan Williams signs on as a one race sponsorship for the 98 car driven by 18-year-old Bobby Joe Woodley. To our knowledge, Dan Williams of Scooperman Pet Waste Lawn Cleanup Service has become the first Scooper company to sponsor a pro driver.
See Article. North Carolina

Australians Take Notice Of Growing American Poop Scoopers
I happen to personally enjoy this article. Dated May 24, 2006 and written by Carolyn Johnson by way of Australia´s The Sydney Morning Herald, this writeup mentions several pooper-scooper companies. Included: DoodyCalls in Boston, Dog-Gone-It in New Hampshire, Your Dog´s Business of Rhode Island, & Doggy Doody Disposal scours the Pioneer Valley.
See Article. Outside the USA

Judy Shadwick Of Florida´s DoGPile Patrol Talks Poop
Jan Glidewell of the St. Petersburg Times, interviews Shadwick in this July, 2002 writeup. Fun, yet brief article here about how she has faired with her new business over its first few months.
See Article. Florida

Pooper Scooper Debbie Crowe Of DoodyCalls Interviewed
Dogged Pursuit of a State of Serenity written by Staffer Libby Copeland of The Washington Post. Crowe is one of several happy professional pooper scoopers a part of the DoodyCalls headquartered main division in the Washington D.C. area. Copeland tags along and gets a worms eye view into the day and life of a "canine landmine removal specialist."
See Article. Virginia

Dog Cleanup Business Picking Up For Lucky Dog Pooper Scooper
Annemarie Moody of The Arizona Republic talks with Carol Gordon, owner of Lucky Dog Pooper Scooper Services In AZ. Written Apr. 14, 2005, this news article discusses how Gordon´s niche pet care service has faired since its inception some 3 years earlier. She also relates her thoughts on hiring an employee as her "business" continues to grow.
See Article. Arizona

Al Rosetti Of The Dog Waste Removal Company Clean Paw
Michelle Park of the Arizona Business Gazette, gets the scoop from head pooper scooper Al Rosetti in this Aug. 31, 2006 printing. The owner and general manager of Clean Paw, which offers pet-waste cleanup services to Valley residents between 120th Avenue and 120th Street, Rosetti has cleaned people´s yards for nearly a year.
See Article. Arizona

Jennifer Hanrahan Of Doody Free In Connecticut Interviewed
Article written by ED Dzitko March 12, 2006 for the online Republican-American. The is a well written, long interview with upstart professional "doody mistress" Jennifer Hanrahan of Doody Free Canine Poop Pickup. The article discusses the great gratification she experiences running her own business relative to past jobs.
See Article. Connecticut

Professional Pooper-Scooper Ian Munroe Of Mine Sweepers
The article is dated Mar. 17, 2004- written by Danielle Picard for The Online Reporter of Ontario. Picard meets with Munroe & gets the scoop on his new pet care service he started in Nov. Munroe notes the spring cleaning season for dog poop removal makes "business" more interesting. What´s Left Behind Pet Care Services owner adds her thoughts.
Ontario Canada. Outside the USA

The Poop On The Guy With The Scoop
Rick Wells of Tulsa´s KOTV Channel 6 interviews Professional Pooper Scooper Co. owner Curt Gilling. This article is very curt, yet worth a quick look or a three minute read. Article links to Gilling´s Tulsa area dog poop scooping corporate website where he can be contacted.
See Article. Oklahoma

Backyard Butler Pet Waste Removal Of MA. Interviewed
Undated article written by The Enterprise correspondent Theresa Knapp Enos. David Taylor created the Backyard Butler, a dog-waste removal company that cleans your yard for a reasonable fee after he lost his job as a customer service manager for a furniture company last year. Taylor attributes his success to reasonable prices and good word-of-mouth.
See Article. Massachusetts

It´s a Ruff Job: Pooper Scooper Business Not a Waste
J.M. Barol of Scripps Howard News Service writes this article on July 14, 2004 after quick chat with Ken Simmons Grandpa´s Pet Butler professional pooper scooper service.What is of particular interest about this conversation is Simmons thoughts on his secret to his own company´s success.
See Article. New Mexico

LoveToKnow Business Talks About Starting A Poop Scoopin Biz
Although there are far better sources of information of starting up a pooper-scooper service biz, this artcile provides concise synopsis some aspects of the industry to consider before taking the plunge. The article understates the potential income of this type of business however.
See Article. Outside the USA

Diane Blanchard Calgary´s A1 Pooper Scoopin´ Interviewed
Published Jan 24, 2005 & written by Kerry Williamson of the Calgary Herald. Blanchard has been picking up dog droppings for close to 8 years, running Calgary´s A1 Pooper Scoopin´ business. While performing her "dooties", Blanchard, the owner of a giant St. Bernard & 2 Labss, has been bitten more than a dozen times. She says it goes with the job.
Calgary Canada. Outside the USA

Alex Gomez Of Pet Waste Services In Central FL Interviewed
Scott Fais, Central Florida News 13 handles the dirty chore of discussing all things poop with Gomez who has been running his canine waste cleaning maintenance service for the past year.
See Article. Florida

Randy Byrd Of Cincinnati´s On Dooty Pooper Scooper Service
WLWT Eyewitness News 5´s Tony Gnau reports on 1 man´s desire to turn dog land mines into gold mines. Byrd works evenings as a cable TV salesman & has recently started his own niche pet care service during day hours. If you guessed he picks up where dogs leave off, you´d probably be a dog owner yourself. News on his entre-manure business adventures.
See Article. Ohio

Dawn Essery: Pet Waste Problem Solver Interviewed
Written by Tom Killin Dalglish of The East Bay Newspapers dated March 23, 2006. Although short, this is a solid article for those that want a quick read about the day to day opreations of running this niche pet care cleaning service. Essery, of Rhode Island, elaborates on who her average customer is, tools of the trade, techniques and more.
See Article. Rhode Island

Kate Morris Of Doody Duty In Vancouver Canada Interviewed
Published on 05/28/2006 in Vancouver´s North Shore News, Joanna Habdank chats with Morris about her "dirty business." Morris is the founder and CEO of the three-month-old North Shore business Doody Duty. Morris said that while business is now picking up, starting it was incredibly scary. Yet, she knew she had to give the idea a go.
Vancouver British Columbia Canda. Outside the USA

Poo-B-Gone´s Rhonda Letteer Of Colorado Springs Interviewed
Published in the Colorado Springs Gazette July 19th, 2004. Bill Vogrin chats with Poo-B-Gone´s CEO as well as half a dozen other pet care companies to see how the industry has faired in the past few years overall.
Colorado Springs. Colorado

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The Latest Press Coverage And Relevant “Poop” In The Pooper Scooper Industry
Current And past pooper scooper relevant news coverage is available for your reading here. Some of this coverage concerns my own pooper scooper business ( However, much of what you’ll read here is actually a concise synopsis of articles that have ran in the past on *other* dog waste removal firms servicing the rest of the country. Some of these companies have been performing dedicated service to their client base in their respective market for well over a decade. Wow is right. And to think that only moments ago you never even knew this professional service was even available. I can personally assure you that this service *does* indeed exist and is well on its way to becoming as ubiquitous as the professional gardener. Get a closer look through the eyes of each news reporter on what life is like to focus all your attention on keeping #2 your #1 priority. Yeah, it’s a smelly job but someone’s got to do it. My hat is off to all my dog waste removal colleagues. Nice work guys. Keep spreading the good news because nobody can “doo the do” quite like you guys do.  
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