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O.C. & California Animals
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LA Pet Memorial
The Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park is a pet cemetery situated on ten landscaped acres in Calabasas.
Los Angeles. California

Monterey Bay Memorial Park
The Park is situated on the beautiful original four acres nestled in the rolling foothills of Monterey County near the small town of Prunedale.
Monterey. California

Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park
Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park, overlooking the world famous "Wine Country" in the Napa Valley, 2 miles beyond the Silverado Country Club, was established in 1971. Over 10,000 pets are at-rest in permanently zoned burial grounds where gardens are cared for year-round.
Napa Valley. California

Pet´s Rest
Founded in 1947 by Earl and Julia Taylor, Pet´s Rest serves pet lovers of San Francisco and the Bay Area. To date, over 13,000 pet animals have been laid to rest in this peaceful quiet setting of lawn, shrubs and trees.
Colma. California

Dedicated Animal Welfare Group
An incredible organization working out of Mission Viejo and Laguna Niguel (yet reaching all of OC), they are there for you when you need care for a sick, injured, abondoned and abused dog or cat. They can help with medical costs, surgery, foster care, Special-Needs Animal care, and alot more. They are always open to donations & shelter volunteers.
Mission Viejo Orange County. California

Pet Travel Relocation Specialists
Worldwide pet relocation services animal transportation is this company´s specialty. They also offer related services to transportation of your pets including: complete flight arrangements, door to door delivery, and airline kennels.
Los Angeles. California

JetPets Equine Transportation
They provide Pick-up & delivery service from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Equine import & export quarantine. Their facility is bonded for transit or Customs hold animals. Transit livestock & birds can also be taken care of in their isolation area. Experienced also in equine transport since 1967.
Los Angeles County. California

Canine Today
Good resource for all things related to the canine world. Plenty of articles on dog specific illnesses, dog rescue listings nationwide, dog breeder and veterinarian schools.
Nationwide. Minnesota

San Diego K-9 Security And Protective Services
Canine security and human patrol in well marked security cars providing security to residential and commercial markets. They are now offering pet sitting services in San Diego and North County.

San Fernando Valley Dog Herding Association
"Herding is the country´s fastest growing dog sport...and no wonder due to the challenge and fun involved. Combining friendly competition, the outdoors & loads of fun, herding is one of the best things you and your dog can do together. We´ll get you started with complete training classes & first class practice facilities here at the Drummond Ranch.
San Fernando Valley Los Angeles County. California

Mammoth Dogs - The Definitive Guide To All Things DOG
A great directory guide for all you residents of Mammoth Lakes as well as anyone visiting in need of canine specific services and supplies. They have pet care services listed for dog training, pet grooming, and several dog frendly lodges too. Get some chow in one of their pet friendly restaurants or call a pet sitter if out on the town alone.
Mammoth Lakes. California

"Helping You Raise and Train the Best Dog You´ll Ever Have!." SuperPuppy is a great book that was published way back in 1977 and is closing in on 1 million circulation and counting. The book´s emphasis is set on helping you raise the best puppy you possibly can. Includes discussion on crate training, exercise, socialization, barking & alot more.
Escondido San Diego. California

Orange County Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals
The Orange County SPCA has so much going for it that I am challenged to even list 1/10 of their public services. Assistance for low-income pet owners, breed rescue directory in OC, cat and dog adoptions. The Animal Rescue Fund provides help for sick & injured/unwanted animals, and assists low-income pet owners with emergency veterinary care.
Huntington Beach Orange County. California

Guide Dogs For The Blind, Inc. Of Orange County
Completely supported by donations, Guide Dogs For The Blind provides blind people enhanced mobility through the unique skills of the dogs that are developed, cared for and trained by a professional staff & nurtured by dedicated youth and adult volunteers. Their Guide Dogs school welcomes applications from blind men & women in the USA and Canada.
Orange County. California

The California Rescue Dog Association(CARDA)
CARDA is the largest and one of the oldest volunteer K-9 Search and Rescue organizations in the USA. Their canine rescue teams have participated in over 2000 successful search & rescue operations. CARDA provides highly trained volunteered search dog rescue teams for diverse missions. CARDA also exists to further public knowledge in search dogs.
Southern Central And Northern. California

Animal Ambulance, Inc. Emergency Pet Care
Diverse level of pet care transportation for your injured or ill pets including ambulance and air transport. Certified Animal Emergency Medical Technicians are uniquely trained when sudden illness or injury happens to your pets. They will transport both you and your animals. Emergency animal care at the scene as well as in route.
Southern Ca.. California

Guide Dogs of America
Guide Dogs of America is dedicated to providing guide dogs & their use for visually impaired people of the USA & Canada. "Before it is time to match the guide dog, the guide dog recipients have gone through an extensive application & review process that has allowed our trainers to know a great deal about the needs of that person in a guide dog."
Sylmar Los Angeles County. California

Los Angeles Search Dogs (a.k.a. SEB Search Dogs)
The dog search team responds to situations throughout Southern Ca. and consists of Civilian Volunteers and Reserve Deputies of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. In 2000, the Team responded to 279 requests for help, drove 60,000+ miles & donated 7,500+ hours searching for missing hikers, drowning victims, & criminal suspects +.
Los Angeles LA. California

Discovery Dogs: Assistance Dogs That Make A Difference!
Training and making available assistance dogs for physically challenged people is the name of the game at Discovery Dogs. "The program offers fully trained assistance dogs and dog training support & advocacy to individuals with mobility limiting disabilities interested in participating in the assistance skills in training their own dogs."
San Rafael San Francisco Bay Area Marin County. California

Redbarn Pet Products
More interesting pet food products than you can shake a tail at! Braided Bully Sticks, pig ears, & beef hooves. The cornerstone of Redbarn Premium Food for Dogs is fresh, high quality, hand selected ingredients like choice human grade cuts of fresh meat and wholesome grains (no corn, soy or beet pulp). I´d like to visit this pet food store!
Long Beach Los Angeles County. California

Animal Care Career Training In Los Angeles
In addition to offering various pet care services, this facility provides professional level dog care schooling for humans. They have several programs including: Dog Obedience Training, Veterinary Assistant Program, & Behavior Therapist. They also have career training as a Pet Hygienist, All Breed Dog And Cat Grooming & Poodle specifics.
Los Angeles LA. California

San Diego Pet Memorial Park
Aftercare services for companion pets in SD since 1962. Cremation and burial services for dogs, cat, horses and exotics. Our beautiful five-acre burial grounds are continually expanding to provide a full selection of available plots, caskets, markers, vases, and flowers. You can also select as you wish individual or private cremation services.
8995 Crestmar Point San Diego, CA 92121-3222 Telephone 858-909-0009. California

Pets Unleashed: All Things Pets In San Diego
Helpful directory and general guide for places and things to do for you and your pets while in San Diego. Website includes calender of local events, SD´s pet friendly hotels and motels, animal assistance contacts and listings of pet care services in the area.
San Diego City. California

Search Dog Foundation
SDF search teams have been called upon and mobilized by state agencies across the country to serve as 1st responders to numerous disasters including hurricanes, earthquakes, train derailments & building collapses. Major national disasters or ones closer to home, SDF teams stand ready to serve. Just an incredible service these pros provide to us.
Ojai Ventura. California

Woof Wilderness Finders Search Dog Teams
"WOOF is a non-profit volunteer service unit whose primary objective is using trained dog teams to find people in trouble & give medical aid. WOOF is a non-profit organization staffed solely by highly trained volunteers. If you, your child or a loved one becomes lost, or is a victim of a natural disaster, our teams are prepared to search for you."
Northern. California

Guide Dogs For The Blind
"Guide Dogs for the Blind is a nonprofit, charitable organization with a mission to provide Guide Dogs and training in their use to visually impaired people throughout the US & Canada." They have training facilities in SF, San Rafael, & Boring, OR. Guide Dogs for the Blind currently has more than 1,000 volunteer puppy raisers throughout the US.
San Rafael San Francisco Bay Area Marin County. California

Monterey Bay Search Dogs
"The members of the Monterey Bay Search Dogs work together to prepare canine search dog teams to respond to lost person searches for the Ca. Office of Emergency Services & FEMA. Their certified members include: Topper & Pat Grant who searched at Oklahoma City, and Teka & Carol who searched at the 1996 rock fall at Yosemite National Park."
Monterey Bay. California

Placer County Police Canines
"The Placer County Sheriff´s Dept. fields 15 police canines & their handlers throughout the county. Deployed in the Field Operations Div. on Patrol, the Corrections Division working in the Main Jail & North Lake Tahoe. The teams specialize in locating, controlling & apprehending criminal suspects, crowd control, locating missing persons, & more.
Placer County. California

Princess Petwear
Affordable small dog clothes for boy and girl dogs, from stylish swimsuits, panties, bathrobes, to adorable bright sun dresses. Located in Riverside county ca.
Riverside. California

ORANGE COUNTY K9 The King of Custom Dog Beds
Custom dog beds, memory foam dog beds, dog couches, orthopedic dog beds, crate beds, car dog beds, suv pet bed, dog training, dog contests, dog photography, detection dogs for narcotics, bomb dogs, mold detection dogs, German Shepherd Importing, German Shepherd Puppies,
Orange. California

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