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Dog Breeders And Purebreds
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DJ Bulldogs
Excellent Bulldog breeder in Orange County, Ca. BIS, BISS, CH. DK´s Cool Dude is Sire of ten champions, including 1999´s #1 Bulldog Bitch. There is a full line pedigree schematic of Cool Dude as well as various pictures of their current and past puppies.
Orange County. California

Mrs. Dixie J. Howell-Hirsch has got quite a site here and several outstanding examples of Irish Wolfhound Pedigree lines. Website includes an extensive background and biography of Dixie (the breeder) - peace of mind for anyone seriously considering this particular dog breed. The dogs are available for viewing in Silverado Canyon, Orange County.
Orange County. California

Sunstrike Great Dane Dog Breeder Of Orange County
The Sunstrike professional breeding facilty for Great Danes is the brainchild of Pat & Joe McGoldrick and Jill Swedlow. It´s been a labor of love for this united team since 1972.. & some 25 champions later they are still at it. Website is packed full of exciting info on the Great Dane breed, past and present puppy litters & discussions of health.
Yucaipa San Bernardino. California

Sun Country Labrador Retrievers
Julie Brady has been operating her successful hobby kennel since 1987, is a Member of The National Labrador Retriever Club, and has created a very helpful online resource for Labradors. "The goal at Sun Country is to produce quality working dogs with excellent temperament, soundness, intelligence and type for home companions and/or show prospects."
Yorba Linda Orange County & Carmel-By-The-Sea. California

vom Haus Gochi German Shepherds (Breeder)
Fred Gochuico is a professional breeder of the German Shephard dog (GSD) in Orange County, California as well as Santa Clarita. The company breeds 100% German Bloodline, German Shepherds & Sell them at a very affordable price. Why? Simple. So that those of you who love the breed, have the opportunity to own a 100% German Bloodline, German Shepherd.
HUNTINGTON BEACH, Orange County. California

Wee-R-Yorkie & Maltese Breeder
Sandy Grizzell has been a Southern California Lake Forest,Orange County breeder of AKC Registered Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese dogs for over 20 years. Her Yorkies and Maltese puppies are AKC registered, Vet health check & additional documentation is provided. Sandy has a knack for breeding her Yorkie dogs so that they are extra small (beautiful).
Orange County. California

Admiration Standard Poodles Dog Breeder
Admiration pure bred beauties are all AKC registered champion lines. All of their poodle dogs are fed all natural, organic food to help them stay healthy & give them the best start in life possible. Grooming and housebreaking start at 4 weeks of age for each dog so that your pup has a head start on what will become a life-long routine.
Anaheim Orange County Southern Ca.. California

Mountain High Miniature Schnauzer Breeder
One of the largest photo galleries of Miniature Schnauzers online, their pictures have now reached 550. Find Schnauzer dog breed Information, Stud services and most importantly, beautiful puppies for sale. Website includes many of the championships their dogs have won, detailed information on their past and current lines and expected litters.
Orange County Southern Ca. California

ABC Golden Retriever Breeder
These are show quality pet companion Golden Retrievers for sale. Several are adult dogs that have matriculated through extensive obedience and advanced training skills. There are typically more Golden Retriever dogs available than what their site displays at any given time. The breeder has been providing skilled dog training since 1979 as well.
Newport Beach & Huntington Beach Orange County Ca.. California

Donlee Bouviers
Very selective (as opposed to excessive) breeder of Bouvier dogs. The company has a smaller keenel & focuses on only producing a couple of high quality Bouvier litters each year. Reba & Rick Donnelly have been breeding dogs since the early 1960´s. Donlee pups are raised and socialized in a loving family environment with an emphasis towards beauty.
Orange County Ca. California

Merriment French Bulldog Breeder
Rebecca Sazegar only breeds for a very select few of interested and committed buyers each year. Some really top quality examples of French Bulldogs are available through this woman (opinion). As with any breeder, take the time to interview them and inspect their litters and parents. Rebecca encourages this and welcomes your contact.
Orange County. California

RanMor Akita Breeder
The Morimotos have been owned by at least one Akita since 1988. Their Akita dogs are OFA good, Normal CERF, & Normal Thyroid. Local Akita club - Inland Empire Akita Club and the national parent organization - Akita Club of America. Marilyn is on the National Show Committee & has worked hard to bring Akita fanciers a larger National Specialty Show.
Huntington Beach Orange County Southern Ca. California

Meadow Run Irish Setter Breeder In Orange County
Anne Pellette breeds her Irish Setters for termperment and health. She has produced AKC conformation Champions in the past 20 years of her dog breeding career in Southern California. Website includes resource links to further learning about the Irish Setter breed.
Long Beach Los Angeles County Southern Ca. California

Von Ruelmann Rottweilers Inc
The company has been breeding & importing Europe´s finest Rottweilers for 25 years now. Some very impressive victories in the show ring for several of this company´s Rottweilers that are 100% American owned. Yet competed at the highest level & awarded championships right along side their German bred counterparts. Lots of Rottweiler puppy photos.
Riverside Southern Ca. California

Au Dela Des Mers Bouvier Breeder
Over 30 years in the Bouvier fancy. And over 20 years of repsonsible breeding with typically only one litter each year. All-Breed Groomer since 1978, Professional Handler specializing in the Bouvier des Flandres and Conductor for Grooming Seminars in many states in the USA. Active participants in more professional dog clubs than possible to list.
Riverside County Southern Ca. California

Bacchanal Kennels & Ranch Breeding
Newfoundlands and Clumber Spaniels originally from Sweden and Finland are the emphasis of this dog kennel located in Gavilan Hills, Riverside County California. This site is particularly resourceful for researching not only pictures of Newfoundland dogs, but also the challenges and rewards of dog ownership of this breed.
Riverside County Southern Ca. California

Of Afrikka Rhodesian Ridgebacks Breeder
Contact them at OF AFRIKKA KENNELS if you desire information and learn more about their ocassional breeding of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Full pedigree chart of their previous and current offerings and some outstanding Rhodesian Ridgeback photos. They have spearheaded some impressive health resources and have helped elevate the standards of RR health.
Perris Riverside County Southern Ca. California

Eveningstar Kennels Champion Golden Retrievers & Labradors
Victor and Gaila Brickus also breeds Weimaraners in the mountains of Southern California as well. "Our dogs and puppies are among the healthiest and the most well socialized you will find in Southern California." Breeding beautiful dogs with an emphasis on canine companions that are free from hereditary health problems.
Aguanga Riverside County Southern Ca. California

Hob Nob Border Collie Breeder
Absolutely one of my favorite overall family companions, Hob Nob has been producing some exciting examples of the Border Collie breed for years. A recent Steeplchase championship by Sybil is the icing on the cake for this now well known breeding company in Riverside, California. Janice DeMello offers agility, herding & dog obedience training too.
Riverside County Southern Ca. California

LS Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breeder
Website mentions an invaluable fact about Corgi dogs - "Both Corgi breeds make smart, friendly pets; they also compete in obedience, agility, herding, tracking, conformation, flyball, and just about every other imaginable dog event." Good to know for those researching this breed. LS Pembroke has bred many Corgi Champions & have some for viewing.
Perris Riverside County Southern Ca. California

Lundborg - Land Kennels German Shepherd Breeder
The lines that the Lunborg´s specialize in today exemplify their choice for the "perfect German Shepherd" dog for both work and family play. They breed the German "SV" way with only titled, hip certified German Shepherd Dogs. They are members of Schutzhund USA, SV in Germany & the GSDCA, German Shepherd Dog Club of America as well. See awards page.
Perris Riverside County Southern Ca. California

MQH Patterdale Terrier Kennel (Breeder) Riverside, Ca.
Company has been breeding top quality Patterdale Terriers for over twenty years. Website includes detailed history of the Patterdales and Fell Terrier dogs. "Best Pedigrees, coupled with a lifetime of working with animals, decades of breeding experience, & a true devotion to the breed, make MQH Patterdale Terriers Heads & Tails above all the rest.
Riverside Southern Ca. California

WildHeart Bullmastiff Breeders
Some incredible photos of Bullmastiff dogs dating back to this company´s ownership of the breed in 1959. Wildheart´s 1st homebred Champion, from their very first litter, won 69 Best of breeds, and went all the way to #2 in the nation! Their Bullmastiff "ROCK" has recently won Best In Show at the Palm Spring International Show. They rescue as well.
Yucca Valley Riverside County Southern Ca. California

The Ilmanen´s Welsh Springer Spaniel Information Center
This Riverside, Ca. based Welsh Springer Spaniel breeder provides online information to the Official AKC Breed Standard for the Welsh Springer Spaniel and a breed information synopsis for prospective buyers. Sandra Ilmanen provides photos of her dogs, tips for new owners and her dogs pedigrees with photos. Grooming and general care are discussed.
Riverside County Southern Ca. California

Von Wrinkles Chinese Shar-Pei Breeders
Maria and Tim Harris operate a homebred Chinese Shar-Pei business in the Corona, California area. Their breeding emphasis is in producing Chinese Shar-Pei dogs for both show and family pets. See photos of their champion "Crystal". Website includes photos of current puppies as well as history and discussion of the proper care of this breed.
Corona Riverside Southern Ca. California

Subira Saint Bernard Breeders
This Riverside County, California Saint Bernard breeding couple established their business in 1943 and have been breeding top flight dogs ever since. They have a hall of fame, puppy photos of their bitches and stud dogs, and explain their previous experience as professional dog handlers. They breed their Saint Bernard dogs ocassionally.
Banning Riverside County Southern Ca. California

Ranesaw Saluki Breeder Of Riverside
Ron and Jackie have gone to great lengths it appears to provide a well documented pedigree linking amongst their Saluki dogs (opinion). Same as well for their Champion lines. Some interesting head studies accompanied with photos are depicted. Puppies are offered, stud dogs and brood bitches. See their very long list of Speciality Winners.
Riverside County Southern Ca. California

Rockypoint Labrador Retriever Breeder In Riverside
At the risk of sounding redundant, yep this is another one of my favorite breeds (Labrador Retriever). As a long time owner, I can say that Labs are some of the best family dogs bred today. The SUV of dogs in my opinion. They can do it all. Field or family! Check out Rockypoints current litter offerings as well as their heart warming testimonials.
Riverside County Southern Ca. California

Les Ombres Valeureux Beauceron Breeder
Website discusses how the Beauceron is a distinct French breed of herding dog, the dogs character as well as AKC association & history. Beauceron pups are sold with a written contract & guarantee for peace of mind. Ask if they have any Malinois for adoption as they do provide rescue services. They are typically exceptional dogs. Litters & more.
Aguanga Riverside County Southern Ca. California

Old West Australian Shepherd Breeder
Old West offers quality home raised Australian Shepherds, since 1984. They have a virtual laundry list of glowing testimonials from those who have bought their Australian Shepherds. Very inspiring - not to mention reassuring when searching for just the right dog breeder to do business with. Incredibly huge Australian Shepherd photo album to boot.
Nuevo Riverside County SoCal. California

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Many Dog Breeds Available By Local Dog Breeders in Orange County Los Angeles (LA) San Diego Riverside +
Dog Breeds and Dog Breeders. This is a resourceful database to assist you in your quest to find that perfect dog breed to bring home with you. Included are dogs for sale from breeders offering puppies, adult dogs, as well as canine stud services where available. Most of the links you’ll find her are fairly good representations of professional show dog breeders as well as hobby operators in the Orange County, Los Angeles and surrounding California counties. Dog breeders from other states may also be included for research purposes. One Caveat: DO YOUR RESEARCH. And please do not ultimately choose a particular breed due to its physical appearance. This is by far the most common mistake.

Equally as important is the dog breeder in which you choose to obtain your new canine pal from. Just like the research that was required to find the perfect, compatible dog breed to match your personal interests, I further suggest to do your due diligence in interviewing the dog breeders you may be considering. Reputable dog breeders will usually be more than enthusiastic to tell you all about their particular dogs: the breed itself, provide descriptions & documentation of the dogs parents/bloodline, extensive dog pictures, references to other dog owners where they have placed their pups, and any and all pet health records. Consider this just a start when researching dogs for sale.

Some last thoughts. *Please* don’t forget that we are blessed with an abundance of local dog rescues and shelters that have some BEAUTIFUL dogs which love more than anything to come home and be a part of your family. People really need to think of these sources of dog adoption as a *first* choice in many cases as opposed to a last resource. Never felt like a hero? You WILL if and when you find a compatible dog or cat to adopt and light up your life. I’ve adopted two dogs myself and they have really benefited my life beyond words. As usual, use your discretion when also researching and getting to know your “pound puppies” and rescue/shelter dogs.
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