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Adopt A Saint Bernard - Located In La Mirada
"To act as a shepherd for Saint Bernard dogs & puppies that are without suitable caretakers & are in need of help." Wow, they have some real beautiful Saint Bernards available right now! This beautiful, life like size breed is hard to come by. Take advantage of the hand full they have now and visit them to learn more if a Saint is in your future.
La Mirada. California

Small Breed Dog Rescue - Serving Southern California
"We are a rescue organization centered in Orange County, CA. We have no kennel facility, our animals are in foster homes and part of someone´s family until they find a home of their own." Interested in adopting a smaller dog...say under 20 pounds of love? Check out the photos of dogs that are living in foster homes, patiently waiting for YOU HERO!
Orange County Dog Adoption. California

Dachshund Rescue In La Habra, Orange County Southern CA
Dena Delgado is fanatical about the Dachshund dog breed & has allocated a substantial investment in locating great homes for the homeless pups & adult dogs in her area of Orange County. She truly has some incredible Dachshunds for adoption and using donations to improve their lives. Just take a look at beautiful special needs "Penny." AMAZING!
La Habra. California

St. Anthony´s Canine Rescue (LA/OC)
Lots of dog adoption events that they frequently hold at the PETsMART in Yorba Linda. Foster homes are needed for the rescued Pembroke Welsh Corgis they have that are awaiting permanent homes. They have a diverse bunch of good looking adult dogs and young pups. Give them a look, go down there for a looksie and shmooze with a great companion breed.
Lomita OC LA. California

Orange Coast Bull Terrier Club & Rescue
They have quite a few dogs in rescue that need homes! " After you have educated yourself with regard to owning a Bull Terrier, and you´re ready to adopt one, please complete the adoption application. Our adoption fee is reasonable and you will be providing a needy Bull Terrier with just what he needs - a new family."
OC. California

Give Pugs ´N Pals A Helping Hand
They have some great puppies and adult pug dogs. Even a one eyed, beautiful dog named Paco. Man, dogs just don´t complain. This is a fun breed to have as an indoor dog. Very family oriented and the ones I have known were real playful family clowns. I am seeing at least 25 dogs up for adoption. Just don´t know why. Their loss, your gain!
Newport Beach, Ca.. California

English Springer Rescue America
"We do not have a shelter or kennel, and our ability to continue rescuing depends on whether we have a place for the dogs to stay when they are released to our rescue group. We exist entirely on donations & adoption fees, so it is difficult for us to board an animal in a kennel or vet´s office since most foster dogs are in our care for 2-6 weeks."
Los Alamitos OC/LA. California

OC Pomeranian Rescue Of Southern California
"Organized efforts for Pomeranian rescue were initiated for the purpose of finding homes for those Pomeranians who are unable to stay in their original homes and for those who end up in shelters and pounds. All Pomeranians who are placed through rescue are spayed or neutered." Any contributions would be greatly appreciated to help place the dogs.
Brea Fullerton City Area Of Orange County, Southern CA. California

German Shepherd Rescue Of Los Angeles
Save a German Shepherd shelter dog! Take a quick look at the page on their website dedicated to those dogs who have happily found "forever homes" with their new adopted families. Impressive list! They really have some amazing stories here about the German Shepherds rescued and all the love & effort that they receive looking forward to meeting YOU.
Burbank LA OC. California

A. V. Dalmatian Rescue And Pet Adoption In Antelope Valley
"You can help to make a difference in the life of a homeless dog by making a donation to the A. V. Dalmatian Rescue. All donations go towards food, vet bills & fees paid to save them from death row in the pounds." I´m not kidding when I say that these are the finest looking Dalmations in one place I´ve seen for adoption!
Lancaster Antelope Valley. California

Border Collie Rescue Of California
"Where No Border Collie Goes Unwanted!" I´ve worked a little with the Border Collie breed myself. Let me tell you, if you desire a very, very active dog for frisbee play, fetching and herding insticts..take a close look at this dog breed. They´re insatiable energy to play is not for everyone though. Consider an adult as well.

Southland Sheltie Rescue, Inc
"Southland Sheltie Rescue Inc. is a non-profit organization originated by Tri Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club. We are comprised of caring volunteers who give their time, abilities, and their homes to help place shelties where they will be well cared for and loved. We are located in Southern California, from Orange County to Ventura County."
Orange County To Ventura County. California

Shih Tzus & Other Rescue
Volunteers desperately needed to foster these Shih Tzus short term while they await folks to come forward and adopt them on a permanent basis. "Shih Tzus & Others is a small group of volunteers involved in the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of furry kids in need. Would you believe so many end up in Shelters. They only have a few avaialble.
Lancaster Los Angeles County. California

Beverly Hills Los Angeles Dog Rescue Ace Of Hearts
"Fostering a dog can ABSOLUTELY save a life! We have no shelter & rely upon fostering families to provide temporary homes for our dogs. Our dogs are kept in foster homes until they are placed in their own happy home. We have very limited foster homes, as a result we often have to turn animals in need away because there is no one to foster them."
Beverly Hills LA. California

Akita Buddies Rescue Dog Rescue
"There are so many Akitas who need our help, and many of them need urgent medical treatment. Often, the decision to save a dog´s life can boil down to our ability to pay for their medical bills. This can become very expensive, & can quickly drain our resources. But when a dog needs help, we do our best to get them the treatment that they require."
Canyon Country. California

Alaskan Malamute Canine Rescue In Southern California
"Our rescued mals integrate nicely into new homes & we feel as if we are giving back to a breed that has filled our lives with many years of enjoyment & pleasure. They are awesome to look at, affectionate, and playful Alaskan Malamutes! Check out the malamutes in shelters & give them priority over buying a malamute or taking 1 of our rescues."
SoCal. California

All Retriever Rescue Foundation, I{nc
Dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Flat Coated Retrievers, and Curly Coated Retrievers in the Southern California area. They rehabilitate lost and given up retriever dogs and pups to be comfortably placed in approved homes with loving homes. They are THE companion.
Redlands San Bernardino County. California

The Amanda Foundation - Save A Cat Or Dog Life!
"Every year, Los Angeles County´s 28 shelters are forced to destroy well over 200,000 pets. These animals were either strays or brought into the shelters by their owners. We believe they all should have a 2nd chance & we´ll work diligently to rescue as many as possible." They rescue dogs & cats who are spending their last days at City Shelters.
Los Angeles County LA. California

American Rat Terrier Rescue Corporation, ARTR Corp.
Devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of rat terriers of all ages. Great care is taken to ensure that the new home meets the specific needs of the individual Rat Terrier by providing a loving and safe haven for this new family member.
Isleton. California

Stray And Orphaned Animal Rescue
Plenty of good looking German Shepherds and other breeds that can viewed when linking over to petfinder. "We are an all breed rescue. We always have dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages available. We rescue our dogs from shelters, where they are awaiting Euthanasia, and also from owners who can no longer keep their dog for any number of reasons."
San Bernardino. California

Animal Avengers Dog & Cat Adoption In LA
Los Angeles County based animal rescue organization dedicated to rescuing and placing homeless pets, reducing pet overpopulation, promoting responsible pet guardianship and preventing animal cruelty. This is a real well layed out, classy website that goes the extra mile in assisting you in adopting just the right cat or dog for your family.
LA. California

Animal Samaritans "no-kill" Shelter & Animal Adoption
ADOPTION PROGRAM - Animal Samaritans SPCA maintains a licensed "No Kill" animal shelter. The shelter houses adoptable animals until a responsible home can be found. In 2004, 560 homeless animals were adopted. Animal Assisted Therapy dogs are also sponsored here & available to hospitals in the Coachella Valley. Also a Animal Disaster Team!! Wow.
Coachella Valley. California

Animal Rescue Foundation Of Contra Costa County
The ARF Rescue Patrol visits the public shelters in Contra Costa and the Central Valley looking for dogs and cats suitable for re-homing who have run out of time and will be killed if they are not taken back to ARF´s Walnut Creek headquarters." They have a great adoption program that saves many, many beautiful cats, dogs & rabbits that await YOU.
Walnut Creek Contra Costa County. California

Aussie Dog Rescue & Adoption In Southern California
Aside from being a great resource in finding just the right Australian Shepherd adult dog or pup, this website also provides a lost and found section for Aussie dogs to boot! This is probably the best website I´ve come across for viewing 100´s of Australian Shepherds all in one place. The dogs are actually at shelters throughout SoCal. Plz hurry!
Southern CA.. California

Australian Terrier Rescue In Palmdale
"Our primary role is to ensure that Australian Terrier dogs are placed in warm loving homes where they may live out their lives bringing joy and companionship to their new owners."
Palmdale Los Angeles County. California

Medfly Project Basenji Rescue Of Southern California
These guys are doing some real blessed breed specific rescues surrounded around the beautiful, barkless Basenji dog breed. Check out the page on their website which display photos of past Basenjis that have been adopted. Hey, they have a few each month. So get over there or give them a call and see if there is a lover there just waiting for YOU.
Acton. California

Basset Hound Rescue Of Southern California
This Long Beach, CA Basset Hound rescue organization has become so effective at finding forever homes for the dogs they rescue, that they may only have one or two at any given time. If you desire to adopt a loving breed that will definetly love you the rest of their life, please consider the Basset Hound. They´re happy family clowns.
Long Beach SoCal. California

Burbank Animal Shelter Volunteers
This animal shelter has dogs, cats and bunnies too that are ready for adoption. All kinds of great fund drives and animal events going on that are sponsored by these caring volunteers. Please make this shelter one of your first stops if in the Burbank area and seeking to save a pet. Time is of the essence here and they need you quick. Yes, YOU.
Burbank & Glendale LA. California

Los Angeles Basset Hound Connection Rescue & Adoption
The Basset Hound Ranch saves this breed just so you can adopt them into your homes in the Palmdale, Lancaster, Mojave, Antelope Valley areas. At the moment I am seeing at least 30, quality Basset Hound dogs available for adoption. The website has excellent photos of them all as well as VERY helpful background descriptions on each.
San Fernando Valley Los Angeles & South Bay. California

El Monte Pet Adoption Beagle Shelter Dog Rescue
Beagles & Buddies from my perspective is a tip top dog rescue, shelter & adoption center offering more than just the Beagle dog breed. They have page after page of dogs just waiting for you to come by & pet them. Wont you? Facility is fanatical about providing superb care & an even better facility to care for the pups while waiting for adoption.
El Monte LA County. California

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Find A Dog Humane Society, Animal Shelters Or A Dog Adoption Facility In Orange County & Los Angeles +
Dog Adoption. For the love of God, PLEASE consider ADOPTING a dog before you consider paying a breeder $500+. The idea of adopting a dog from a animal shelter, humane society or specific dog breed rescue organization is a concern that is near to my heart that I pray others will also become passionate about. I have nothing at all against responsible, reputable dog breeders. They obviously market a valuable service. If I simply can’t convince you to adopt a dog from an Orange County animal shelter or elsewhere, well then I reluctantly can refer you to the Dog Breeders Page. More importantly, if you had any idea of the euthanasia rates (% killed) at some of the animal shelters in the Los Angeles and Orange County dog kennels, I think you would think more positively about finding your next best friend at “the dog pound.”

I want to remind you that there are some very specific dog breed rescues that you may be interested in as well which are represented here. For example, many greyhounds are surrendered after they are no longer used at racetracks. Those dogs graciously find their way to greyhound rescue groups that are very familiar with that particular breed. Through the tenacious and diligent work of these type of breed specific rescue groups, many of the dogs are thankfully adopted into new homes and receive the love they deserve. So again, if you are looking for a specific dog breed you have two avenues to find it. Go to the many shelters and humane societies that are here in the Southern California area, or use this page and other resources to research whether the dog breed you desire has a local “rescue” organization set up near you. Me? I whole-heartedly have by far found the most fun in simply visiting different animal rescue shelters with a real open mind and intuitively feeling if there is a certain dog I simply can’t leave without. It can be a lot of fun. It does however help reinforce your decision on a dog choice when you have researched your desired breed and are familiar with the behavior typically associated with that particular breed.

The specific duties and objective of ALL these dog shelters and rescue organizations is the same--TO FIND A LOVING HOME FOR THESE DOGS AND CATS. As far as costs of dog adoption, they’re very nominal and are often well below $100 and occasionally include a free visit to the veterinarian. Lastly, please do not think that these shelter dogs are “problem dogs”. The opposite is actually typically the case. Although the reasons for giving up a pet are as varied as the amount of dog breeds, I think it’s imperative you understand that a VERY large portion of them are surrendered because their owners can no longer afford them or take them with them when they move. As example, I adopted my Retriever from a family that was worried “Tabby’s” new home in Denver would be much too cold for her. I’m smiling. Their lose, my gain. As strange as it sounds, the sad truth is THE MAJORITY of dog owners give up their dogs and cats because they are moving to a place where they can not take them, or due to new financial restraints, can no longer monetarily afford them. Terror dogs? I’m sure every shelter has a few. They’re far out numbered by beautiful, loving dogs that are waiting for you to come and throw them a ball. “Won’t you come play with us?” How often do you get the opportunity to save a living, breathing Life? Make a difference-.PLEASE. An animal doesn’t have a fighting chance if you don’t go to the shelters and at least look. Hey, that’s all these pups are asking for- A SECOND CHANCE. "Until there are none, rescue one."
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