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Orange County Dog Pound & Animal Care Services
Yes, this is probably the place you are looking for if you desire to make a difference in the life of a dog or cat. Be a HERO! Yes, YOU. After thoroughly researching your breed of choice´s temperament, etc., go down there, ask questions, visit multiple times and bring home a life long pet you feel you simply can´t live without. Donations accepted.
Orange County. California

Los Angeles Dog Pound Animal Services In LA
Yes, this most likely is the website you seek if you are searching for the perfect pet in the Southern California area. The website consists of 6 LA dog and cat shelters you can search through online consisting of the North Central Shelter, South LA Shelter, West La Shelter, East Valley Shelter, West Valley Shelter, and the LA Harbor Shelter.
Los Angeles. California

County Of San Diego Animal Services Dog Pound +
Covering SD and the cities of Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas, Poway, San Diego, Santee & Solana Beach, this is the place to view all breeds of beautiful dogs, cats, rabbits and more for adoption. See animals online from 3 different animal shelters including: the Central Shelter in San Diego, North Shelter in Carlsbad and the South Shelter in Bonita.
San Diego. California

Riverside County Animal Services & Dog Pound
If you reside in Riverside County, yes this is probably the place you are looking for. Some good things happening at this Inland Empire animal shelter for dogs, cats and other pets. See their pet gallery for helpless pups that need YOUR help. Website also discusses the procedure for locating lost pets, future meetings and public forums and more.
Riverside County. California

San Bernardino Animal Services & Dog Pound
Phenomenal site for those of you seeking a lost pet or one to provide a forever home to. 24 Hour help line and directions to all 3 facilities including: the Devore Shelter, the Big Bear Shelter and the Rancho Cucamonga animal shelter & adoption. A PDF file links to several other San Bernardino rescues in Redlands, Upland, Victor Valley & more.
San Bernardino. California

Animals in Distress, the charity that cares 24 hours a day
Donations to the charity give people an insight into the 24 hours/365 days a year rescue work that is carried out at the two sanctuaries to provide strays, abandoned, neglected, injured, sick or old animals & unwanted pets in the northwest England, a better quality of life for them, either through finding a caring new home or long term shelter.
England (NorthWestern). Outside the USA

Better Dog Network and Humane Society in Manitoba Canada
Connecting people and pets. Not for profit, all breed dog rescue network based in Manitoba, Canada connecting surrounding provinces and states.
Canada. Outside the USA

The Pet Project Foundation Of San Clemente/Dana Point
The San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter joins the ASPCA & Petfinder to invite you to adopt 1 of its lovable dogs, cats, rabbits & other animals. Over 28,000 animals have come through our shelter where they are safely housed & loved until permanent homes can be found. A humane philosophy ensures that no adoptable animal will ever be euthanized."
San Clemente Dana Point Orange County. California

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue In Orange County, CA
"Coastal German Shepherd Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned German Shepherds. You can help! We are in constant need of volunteers! Please help us make a difference in a German Shepherd´s life. Foster Homes: Can you help foster a dog back to health? Transporting of dogs and fundraising."
Irvine OC. California

Animals For Adoption Rescues In Orange County
This is not only a great website to look through potential dogs you may be interested in adoptioning, but they also have a newsletter I believe that they print too. They have a pet classified section that you can list your pet in for adoption. Well maintained with some high quality dogs that are ready to come home with YOU from day one!
O.C.. California

Underdog Rescue Of Trabuco Canyon
WOW, although I am not seeing too many dogs up for adoption on this site, I am sure they have plenty more than listed. By the time you read this, I´m sure "Cowboy" the Jack Russell will be snatched up by some lucky Mama & Papa. Can you say happy and playful?! Sorry guys, but I no longer see much reason to pay $500++ for a purebred pet companion.
Trabuco Canyon South Orange County. California

The Seal Beach Animal Care Center Animal Shelter
"The Seal Beach Animal Care Center is an animal shelter formed to provide a safe haven for the dogs & cats lost within our city limits. Our valued volunteers ensure the animals in our care are kept as comfortable as possible until they can be placed in new adoptive homes." One of my best friends Luke (dog) is here 8/10/05. Grab that handsome boy.
Seal Beach Orange County Los Angeles County Border. California

Pet Pro Life Dog & Cat Adoption In Huntington Beach +
Lots of lookers here! Plenty of beautiful, loving dogs and cats too just from. Even brand new, hot off the press kittens to boot. I see some good looking Border Collies ready for frisbee fun, Australian Cattle Dogs for herding fun, and a rare Carolina breed availabe that you rarely see. These folks are often showing the animals at local Petsmarts.
Hunting Beach & Fountain Valley Orange County. California

National Cat Protection Society And Adoption/Rescue
"The National Cat Protection Society has 2 locations in Southern California: Newport Beach & Spring Valley. Both locations are managed by staff/volunteers who share a tremendous love for cats. Each location also handles adoptions & retirements. We take in cats who are homeless and need a place to stay while homes are sought."
Newport Beach OC. California

Modjeska Ranch Rescue Pet Rescue Organization South OC
Weekly Foothill Ranch Petsmart showing of dogs and cats up for adoption. They also bring their very popular dog and cat rescue resources to other Petsmart stores in South Orange County as well. Be a hero and rescue one for yourself and befriend a loyal companion that will last your pet´s entire life time. They have had well over 1300 pet adoptions.
Foothill Ranch Modjeska Canyon South Orange County. California

Little Bow Wow Rescue For Dogs
Hey don´t overlook this pet rescue if you are looking for a large dog. Sure, they focus on smaller dog breeds, but look through their website´s pup photo gallery and you will come across some larger dogs as well. Michele is very appreciative all donatins that are offered to continue her efforts towards medical bills for the rescued animals.
Orange And Whittier Orange County. California

New Beginnings For Animals Pet Rescue In Mission Viejo
"We rescue and adopt out dogs, both large and small, puppies, cats, and kittens. We are a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to rescuing animals from shelters. We give the rescued animal appropriate immunizations, alter them as necessary, validate their temperament and socialization abilities and make them available for adoption."
Mission Viejo OC. California

Friends of Orange County´s Homeless Pets In Orange County CA
" Friends of Orange County´s Homeless Pets (FOCHP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making unwanted pets in Orange County more adoptable and providing them the opportunity to find lifelong families." This may be a great place to advertise your pet care business on their website for a reasonable donation to their pet rescue efforts.
Orange County, CA. California

Cuddly Canines Dog Rescue And Adoption In La Habra
Take a gander at all the high quality dog offerings this little rescue organization has mustered up. Website always updated with smiling faces and wagging tails. They are currently in desperate need of puppy food & old blanket donations! Give them a call and scan through their site to see if they have a dog or puppy you just can´t live without.
La Habra Heights Southern CA. California

Irvine Animal Care Center Pet Shelter & Adoption
You can now view the Irvine Animal Care Center´s available pets online! They´ve got some beautiful pets for adoption in the Irvine and Southern California areas. Judging from the photos and descriptions, looks like the staff take pretty good care of the pups and kittens. You can also find the city of Irvine´s Pet License Application on their site.
Irvine Orange County. California

Capistrano Animal Rescue Effort & Pet Adoption
" As each dog or cat arrives into the programs of CARE, all necessary veterinary care is provided by CARE. All animals are checked by one or more of the Veterinarians helping CARE with a hands on check up including internal parasites, fleas, and ear mites. Today all of our dogs and cats are placed with CARE foster families, if 1 is available.
San Juan Capistrano Southern CA. California

Animal Assistance League of Orange County
Whoever is writting the dog and cat background descriptions on EACH of these "waiting for forever homes" pets is really one caring person. Read through the available dogs & cats they have waiting (sometimes for multiple years), and you can´t help but want to snatch a new friend for your home. Donations are well deserved here. Be a hero.
Midway City OC. California

Pups And Pals Pet Adoption Of Los Alamitos, Orange County
Pups And Pals has a whole slew of littens and pups ready for a "forever home." Please take a look at all the friendly faces they have currently just waiting with bated breath to get to them in the nick of time! Don´t wait another minute, click on the "Available Dogs" link which will take you to petfinder.com local Los Alamitos dogs for adoption.
Los Alamitos Orange County. California

Mission Viejo Animal Shelter For Orange County Pets
The folks at Mission Viejo´s pet adoption facility have done a phenomenal work in maintaining the facility and assisting dogs and cats in finding their new life long parents. They would love nothing more to see you come on down and take a look at all their fury friends. Maybe even take a dog or cat home that you feel you just can´t live without.
Mission Viejo. California

Little Dog Rescue In Orange County, Southern California
Francois and Susi Cahn look like they have a great thing going for those who are interested in adoptioning a dog that is more along the lines of a small breed. "We are not a shelter. This is our home and everyone that comes into our home has the run of it. (We have a lot of tile!!) No kennels, no cages, just warm comfy couches, chairs and laps."
OC. California

Orange County Humane Society Animal Shelter
My hat is off to the folks at the OC Animal Shelter? Why? Because, while it is great to view & seriously consider all the 1-3 year old pups at other shelters, mega kudos to these big hearted folks here for generating public attention in dogs that are older than 7 years & much older. Consider providing a happy home to a dog in his last years.
Orange County Southern CA. California

Possibly The Best Nationwide Pet Adoption Website
No pet rescue, shelter or dog adoption list would be complete without one of the best on the net - petfinder.com. With typically over 200,000 dogs, cats, rabbits and more avaiable immediately for viewing and adoption, I´m confident there is a dog in your future here. Need some companionship? Try unconditional love on for size! Dogs rule!
Orange County, CA And Nationwide!. California

Needle Nose Crew, ("NNC"), A Greyhound Adoption
"NEEDLE NOSE CREW, ("NNC"), a Greyhound adoption information organization, began as a grass roots volunteer group in 1994. The mission of the NNC is to assist Greyhound adoption and rescue agencies in the placement of ex-racing Greyhounds in loving homes through public awareness programs, shows, special events, and advertising."
Irvine Orange County. California

Greyhound Pet Adoption At Fast Friends In OC &LA
An EXCELLENT organization whole heartedly dedicated to the specific focus of pursuing and placing retured track Greyhound dogs to new, loving homes. And let me tell ya, their success at doing it is no accident. If you are searching to adopt the Greyhound breed, this should be one of your first stops in acquiring further info and availability.
La Habra Height Serving LA Metro OC. California

Greyhound Adoption Program Of Hemopet In Orange County
A Pet Life~Line for the Greyhound dog breed. Something to keep in mind if you are a big fan of Greyhounds....As a 501(c)(3) charitable org., donations are tax deductible. " An estimated surplus of 20,000 unsuitable or retired racers is the annual legacy of this practice. There are not enough homes for most of these dogs. Visit their facility.
Garden Grove. California

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Find A Dog Humane Society, Animal Shelters Or A Dog Adoption Facility In Orange County & Los Angeles +
Dog Adoption. For the love of God, PLEASE consider ADOPTING a dog before you consider paying a breeder $500+. The idea of adopting a dog from a animal shelter, humane society or specific dog breed rescue organization is a concern that is near to my heart that I pray others will also become passionate about. I have nothing at all against responsible, reputable dog breeders. They obviously market a valuable service. If I simply can’t convince you to adopt a dog from an Orange County animal shelter or elsewhere, well then I reluctantly can refer you to the Dog Breeders Page. More importantly, if you had any idea of the euthanasia rates (% killed) at some of the animal shelters in the Los Angeles and Orange County dog kennels, I think you would think more positively about finding your next best friend at “the dog pound.”

I want to remind you that there are some very specific dog breed rescues that you may be interested in as well which are represented here. For example, many greyhounds are surrendered after they are no longer used at racetracks. Those dogs graciously find their way to greyhound rescue groups that are very familiar with that particular breed. Through the tenacious and diligent work of these type of breed specific rescue groups, many of the dogs are thankfully adopted into new homes and receive the love they deserve. So again, if you are looking for a specific dog breed you have two avenues to find it. Go to the many shelters and humane societies that are here in the Southern California area, or use this page and other resources to research whether the dog breed you desire has a local “rescue” organization set up near you. Me? I whole-heartedly have by far found the most fun in simply visiting different animal rescue shelters with a real open mind and intuitively feeling if there is a certain dog I simply can’t leave without. It can be a lot of fun. It does however help reinforce your decision on a dog choice when you have researched your desired breed and are familiar with the behavior typically associated with that particular breed.

The specific duties and objective of ALL these dog shelters and rescue organizations is the same--TO FIND A LOVING HOME FOR THESE DOGS AND CATS. As far as costs of dog adoption, they’re very nominal and are often well below $100 and occasionally include a free visit to the veterinarian. Lastly, please do not think that these shelter dogs are “problem dogs”. The opposite is actually typically the case. Although the reasons for giving up a pet are as varied as the amount of dog breeds, I think it’s imperative you understand that a VERY large portion of them are surrendered because their owners can no longer afford them or take them with them when they move. As example, I adopted my Retriever from a family that was worried “Tabby’s” new home in Denver would be much too cold for her. I’m smiling. Their lose, my gain. As strange as it sounds, the sad truth is THE MAJORITY of dog owners give up their dogs and cats because they are moving to a place where they can not take them, or due to new financial restraints, can no longer monetarily afford them. Terror dogs? I’m sure every shelter has a few. They’re far out numbered by beautiful, loving dogs that are waiting for you to come and throw them a ball. “Won’t you come play with us?” How often do you get the opportunity to save a living, breathing Life? Make a difference-.PLEASE. An animal doesn’t have a fighting chance if you don’t go to the shelters and at least look. Hey, that’s all these pups are asking for- A SECOND CHANCE. "Until there are none, rescue one."
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